Sunday, December 16, 2012

The Deep Heart, Birthing a New Humanity

                                          May we all be as children, reaching for the Light~

With the recent events in Connecticut, it is fairly safe to say that the heart of humanity is being laid bare. All around the world we mourn the loss of innocence, we feel the seemingly random and nonsensical loss of lives, the shattered families in Newtown, CT… and our hearts are raw. There really is not an emotion big enough to fill the space of this horrific tragedy, it goes so much deeper than voids we know how to fill or respond to. When I personally felt the impact of this event, everything went still, it was like a vast vacuum had sucked all air and thought and known response from the moment, and existence fell still. I hung out in that numbed nothingness for a couple of days, observing, holding a spaciousness far outside the perimeters of my mind, determined not to allow my thoughts to rush in with opinion and judgement. I knew more than anything I did not want to contribute any more separation and pain to the grief that had begun a ripple around the entire planet. So, I went inside. I did not ask why, I did not demand answers, nor have I for one moment felt anger or despair. I held the experience in trust and the deep heart of existence, until I found peace and was able to connect with the greater story that these beautiful Souls in Newtown, CT participated in in such a profound and selfless way.

There was not evil in that elementary school on December 14th, 2012, nor some disgusting and heinous crime. To view it as such denies the strength and wisdom of Unity Consciousness, as well as our collective responsibility in this magnified moment of the human struggle. To shift the perspective from a myopic 3rd dimensional consciousness to a more expanded understanding and peace is to take the Soul that was Adam Lanza into the same heart-space and compassion as the 26 Souls that agreed to serve the greater purpose that lies within the tragedy here. His pain had to have been pretty tremendous to go to such lengths to eradicate it. And we must be willing to look at the greater story of who he was, who his parents were within the context of societal roles and expectations. What role did our societal structure and the drive to derive meaning from things and status versus our ability to truly see one another play in this event, and to what end? What is the greater story? Will we “get it” and step up on behalf of all who have suffered loss and endured incomprehensible heartache, in the way we resume our lives?

The Sandy Hook tragedy took place exactly 7 days prior to a much prophesied date in human history, the potential of which is a new earth humanity. The metaphors of this incredibly profound, even wise event in human history are many, metaphor being one of the primary ways the Light communicates with  consciousness still bound by separation and fear. There are no coincidences – everything is exacting and perfect in the Consciousness of Love. A school environment represents the opportunity for knowledge, a place to experience growth and expansion of consciousness. The type of school reflects the level of learning. Stepping back from this and engaging the whole moment from a higher level of trust and connection to Eternity, the question enters in, are we ready to mature in our understanding of what it means to be human in these times – of what it truly means to love? Can we consciously pivot from judgement, from the belief in victimhood and sacrifice and suffering to a new paradigm where these old constructs no longer exist? Our planet and the Collective of humanity is currently magnetized into an incredibly vast juncture of space and time wherein we have the opportunity to jump the old timeline into new creation. And it is all about the heart. It is all about Love. Can we lift high enough above the ego’s persuasion to personalize  everything outside of itself with anchors of disbelief and the tears of endless suffering – to make the “NewTown” history one of truly lasting meaning and significance for our world?

Pay attention new humans of a new world now dawning! In the frequency of love, the consciousness of Unity and Oneness, imagine a force so compelling and strong, inviting us into new existence that would allow for such a seemingly unconscious event to bring the whole world to a place of great surrender. So that as many Souls as possible could make this leap and dare to live different lives. It was additionally not lost on me to see the greater majority of the Soul’s that transcended last Friday to be female. There is no greater strength, no power more fierce and dedicated than that of this new feminine Light, Sophia, the Great Mother. Let us celebrate those beautiful little cherub lights in a way that honors who they truly are. There is nothing and no one that is separate from God’s love, that is less than the fullness of God’s creationary power and desire for peace. From a vibrational perspective, the earth cracked wide open last Friday with an evolutionary invitation into the deep heart of existence. Take a deep breath and hold it, in utter stillness. Feel the nothingness there. That is the heart of existence – where there is no suffering or death and timelessness holds the breath of Eternal life. If you contemplate it deeply enough – you will feel the joy of each Soul in this holiest of days last Friday in NewTown, CT.

 “And the children shall lead you….”

 In this one moment we can find more of the same to validate an old paradigm of belief, or take this moment into our own deepening heart and rise up from it with a new sense of understanding, a new wisdom, and hearts open wide to new life. Innocence lost? or innocence gained! May hearts be filled with the greater Truths of our existence here.

The New Human Paradigm 2012

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

We Are Each Other's Keeper

Thank you for your teaching efforts ;your message is provocative, fascinating, and so far in my experience, frustrating as I attempt to expand my reality by integrating the info. you teach, into my life. I, no doubt am not a good student; but I keep "tuning" in, wk after wk for over a yr now. my intent is to pass on to my adult children, that which I learn from you. I would hope this to be my legacy to them. I suspect at this point ,the general 'reaction would be 'POPS' is into some new age weird stuff. They know I've  always felt we understand very little about the capacity of human consciousness. so, this is my goal, to learn through my personal experience and then pass it on to them. this is the context in which I return wk after wk. I'm afraid that if I was to be graded on my success at 'feeling' the growth or expansion of my consciousness ,or heart consciousness, it  wouldn't  be a passing grade; but I'm determined to keep on coming back, your message resonates.
you are what I consider one of of earths 'beautiful' people. admittedly, you blow my mind
thank you
JB from Maine

Dear JB,

I encourage you not to sell yourself short… look how brave and persistent you are, writing in to give voice to your experience and tuning into these new harmonics so consistently. You know, all that is really required of us is that we keep showing up! That we trust the process and greater mystery of existence beyond the endless reasons we have to doubt and settle and resign ourselves to complacency! Your intention to evolve and connect to expanded life is stronger than you might allow yourself to imagine. I feel it here and am getting affirmation from the higher realms as well, on your behalf. Your rudder is facing the new horizon, your sail is being guided by the winds of change and your "work" is to keep allowing the changes that are occurring, stepping out more and more with your voice and heart and desire to help humanity SEE. 

The shows engage energy in a new way - an expansive way really. I purposefully leave a lot of space around certain points and information streams - because true teaching is not a directive  - it primes the pump and leaves room for gathering/ gaining personal insight. There is a lot NOT SAID on the show - and filled in with Light codes and tones that remain working with your field ongoing. I know each person is affected differently with each show, receiving attunement and encoded information that meets each where they are. Certainly each show is an invitation to more, even as it creates bridges to walk out of old structures and into new ones. I trust the energy disseminated is interfacing with each person in the way that will allow energy to keep moving and expanding for each. Have you ever suggested listening (i.e. the show) to your children… not with any rhetoric that would raise their skepticism meters - just share from your heart the peace you find there - that it is something meaningful to you that you would love to share. Simple and sincere. 

I appreciate SO MUCH your kind and heartfelt words. I have the same fragility and challenge as the next person - that is our humanity. I am just choosing to live my divinity as out of the box and boldly as I can…. pretty soon the gifts of meaningful pursuit and authentic life far outweigh the sacrifices and fear. That's a promise! :-) Determination and devotion are the beginning seeds of our becoming. I'd say you are well on your way!

Gratitude, Joy, One Love,

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

In The Light of My Being, I AM.... on politics, diet and the pineal body

As many of those attuned to the New Human Paradigm are aware ~ I have been traveling a lot of late. I’ve shared on the shows that it very much feels that the movement and purpose and geographic design of these travels, as with the show itself, is serving to both anchor and connect new grid points of activation on our planet ~ not via DeAnne, but the intention of this New Paradigm of Consciousness and Energy for humanity. What I know for sure is that the Oneness Principle, reunions and recognition at a Soul level are being amplified through our willingness to step out of the old paradigm, comfort zones and knowns of a conditioned reality, and into creative purpose. And it is important to understand that creative purpose and expanded awareness of our new roles here cannot be accessed from the attachments and perceptions, beliefs and conditioning of the egoic aspect, the conscious thinking mind.

As we edge our way toward the culmination of spiritual thought and ancient prophecy with the turn of another calendar year on our planet – both sage and factory worker alike must ask; are we ready for an evolved world? Have we gathered enough and truly learned from the disharmony of a reality that functions and turns and thrives in separation? To what extent has it benefitted the whole of our world to amass material wealth and intellectual credibility when our “home”, the planet we collectively dwell upon, finds the greater majority suffering and in lack? As long as any portion of the “community” around us is still in shadow, lending their faith and trust, belief and understanding to a system that values prestige and profit over human beings, it is for each of us to continue disengaging that system. Maya Angelou reminds us, “when a person (entity) shows you who they are, believe them.” And so it is with the government and political system, so called leadership and overall agenda of the system that defines 3rd dimensional life on Earth…there is not a something or someone in this reality or any other that is going to help us out of the dilemmas we are faced with in our current world. We must learn from our history and take that wisdom to heart, literally! That means no longer giving our time, energy, hard earned monies and cultivated minds to a reality that is not now nor will it ever be conscious.

With another political event on the near horizon, we must consider that in rallying around certain candidates, investing in their promises and even in the act of voting itself, we are aligning our intention and spiritual light with a dying system. I’ve asked countless beings from mainstream America and abroad… if we voted out every figure of authority in our government and voted in all new faces to the political arena near and far – would things be different? And from grandmothers to college students, blue-collar workers to those with advanced degrees all-inclusive, there was a unanimous and resounding NO! So why do we continue to support them? Why do we keep giving so much of our selves and lives, energy and hearts to a system so caught up in its own deception, it is increasingly consuming it’s own Soul, as well as deeming to take the Soul of our Country and world down with it. We must bring consciousness to each and every moment and ask, “Is this what I want for myself, my loved ones, the future of our planet?” The only thing the system is good at is protecting what it does wrong. Sadly, you cannot believe or trust anything anyone says within this system because they do not belong to themselves. Instead of depending on our Government to do the right thing and rescue the economy and working class, reform the financial, educational and healthcare institutions as we know them, perhaps it is the people who must rescue and restore the original declaration of We The People, For The People, By The People. And we do that one person making one conscious decision at a time to no longer play a game where a few will always win at the expense of the many.

The cadence and heart beat of an ancient wisdom echoes across the environment of our world, drumming out a new rhythm in alignment with the deep heart of a new human family. In the stillness of a free mind, you recognize the constant pulse of your own heart as part of the same pulse of every human on our planet. It is a steady and eternal pulse that hums in the rotation of the Earth; that prompts the seasons to change and the birds to migrate and the Sun to come up over the horizon each day. It’s ALL ONE Creation that we are each responsible to. It is for each of us to accept that responsibility and repurpose our lives to a greater meaning and participation at this time and that begins with the determination to live more consciously; each day to begin finding greater courage in refusing to participate in things or relationships or systems that disconnect us from inner wisdom, that bring harm to the earth or allow us to ignore the many and powerful ways we can and must be stepping up to effect change…. for the sake of all.

As we continue the migration of a species transitioning from a known and increasingly destructive reality (3D,) to the mystery and harmony of a 5th Dimensional World, it is ALL about inner you, knowing yourself truly and beginning to take seriously the attunement and maintenance of an aware and conscious being. Two topics that I have been posed often as I travel and in working with individuals from the awareness of consciousness and energy, concern the pineal body and diet.

The pineal gland or “3rd Eye” in metaphysical understanding, is the connecting link between the physical and spiritual worlds, a doorway to everything and the record keeper of one’s own inner akash. The pineal gland’s location is deep in the brain and seems to intimate hidden importance. Today it is widely accepted as the physical eye that can see beyond space-time, the single eye of the heart associated with the 6th chakra, but it was once considered a mystery (even to the sciences) and linked to superstition and mysticism. Understanding and learning to nurture the pineal gland is essential for those wishing to develop their multidimensional perception and re-member the wisdom of the ancients. The pineal gland will naturally make its own DMT when fully operational, enabling us to remain in a visionary state most of the time! An awakened pineal gland brings the ability to consciously astral travel, explore other dimensions, foresee the future and receive communications from advanced and loving dimensional beings. Consciously working to eliminate things from your diet will enhance your pineal capacities while simultaneously increasing the frequency of your Light-body and expanding consciousness. The Universe is an efficient organizing system that has in many ways provided for our movement into mastery, but it is for each individual to meet these innate capacities with spiritual action if we are to evolve to a higher dimensional potential. Human beings were intended to be visionary beings and able to tap into information in other realms and dimensions. This dimensional perception transcends the ego and rapidly heals our suffering, conflicts and thus, karma.

So, some basics for increased vibratory capacity and enhanced pineal activity are the necessity to rid the body of mercury, heavy metals, fluorides and foods containing preservatives and toxins. Mercury tooth fillings are toxic and should be either avoided or removed. There are holistic dentist out there that are helping to marry consciousness with traditional dental practices. All medical vaccines are also mercury tainted with critical consequences to brain activity, not to mention cellular function and intelligences. Mercury is in many commercial fish sources including tuna and shrimp. Mercury can be removed from the body by daily use of chlorella, wheatgrass and spirulina. Cilantro herb taken daily can help remove mercury from brain tissue. The eco- light bulbs? if smashed, release mercury vapor into a room, which is then inhaled. Take care with their disposal for your sake and that of our planet.

Fluoride, though once advocated for prevention of cavities, is actually a heavy-duty toxin. Fluoride free toothpastes and water are essential for optimal health of cells, pineal gland and increased vibratory capacity. With all the traveling I have been doing I am asked what I do about water and diet when I am not at home. I ALWAYS have food stashes, healthy organic snacks and nuts and dried fruit with me in case there are not healthy options where I am. I avoid drinking water in restaurants, hotels, any public place I cannot verify the source. On my recent car travels I took gallons of water from home so I could refill my own bottle. Which in turn cuts down on waste. When I travel by air, Figi water is one of the best sources to buy and can be found fairly easily!

An organic diet is increasingly important! The SAD diet (Standard American Diet) is just that. Sadly, we cannot trust what we are eating or what is being put in foods when we eat in commercial chain restaurants and/or grocery stores. Non-organic meats, fruits and vegetables are being genetically modified, altered in ways we don’t want to imagine I am sure. The use of pesticides in making foods look good and last longer is an egregious act of an unconscious system that cares more about profit than human beings. Do not doubt that the pandemic of disease on our planet today is related to the food and toxins we consume. Please take care with what you are putting into your body. I enjoyed a childhood of going to Red Lobster or McDonalds after church on Sunday…. I also drank water from a water hose regularly. Unfortunately, we do not live in that world anymore! If a label has a LONG LIST of ingredients or anything you cannot pronounce… it is most likely toxic. Artificial sweeteners, white sugar, commercial deodorants, cleaning chemicals, dental mouthwashes, perfumes, air fresheners, etc. These products are not aligned with your innate health or wisdom. They destroy cell and pineal function and render the body incapable of healing itself. 

Educate yourself with the enthusiasm of one remembering Self Love on the many and marvelous super-foods on our planet. Raw chocolate, raw cacao, kelp, chlorophyll, bee pollen, food enzymes, goji berries, Acai, maca root, daily probiotics, Amazing Grass has a GREENS Superfood I just love as a quick and tasty supplement – just a few things that come easily to mind. If you are a coffee enthusiast and would like a fantastic supplement to appease the mental and emotional body around this stimulant, there is a product called Dandy Blend – that when mixed with a coconut milk creamer for instance, tastes just like a latte! Dairy is really hard for the body to digest, as well, so limiting or eliminating it from your diet will result in physical and psychological changes that will astound you! And your body will be grateful.

Think – PLANT BASED DIET! The more “raw” you incorporate into your lifestyle the better. It will restore your heath and energy and make you feel REALLY good! If we STOP FEEDING the old paradigm with our resources and monies – they will necessarily have to stop feeding society in a way that keeps them sick! Can you imagine your body communicating directly to your mind, everything it needs? Because that is what it is designed and capable of doing. The physical body is the container of your Soul. Treat it with care and reverence and it will remain whole and capable of sustaining longevity.

Alcohol and smoking are needs that go along with emotional attachments and addiction. We live in a very addictive world. Even shopping and the accumulation of things is a reflection of displaced need. I talked recently on the show about the rise of population in mental health facilities, the use of and dependency on medication and an increase in food addictions. We know in our heart how to heal our world and ourselves, to begin truly seeing each other anew and living in constant practice of loving-kindness. People are desperately grasping for something new. The more we turn inward and begin to engage heart consciousness in our choices versus an unconscious participation in the reality around us, the greater the energetic statement we are making to the Universe that we are ready for True Life, to live in harmony once again with Creation and one another. Ours is the power we step into. Ours is the power we take back from those who do not have nor understand the best interest of the “community” that is our world.

This is our time ~ choose wisely! The future starts now and is as different as we willing to create it: consciously and with love. Make the healing of your heart and reconciliation of your past a priority, among the things of greatest importance – so the things of lesser importance may fall away. This will go a long way to raising your overall vibration and opening the inner eye to see life as it really is; something wholly beautiful and truly special! Simplify, simplify, simplify! When we shift our needs and dependencies from an outer focused reality to an inner driven devotion, everything changes. Remind yourself often, “ In the Light of My Being, I AM.” Everything we need to begin anew and live consciously is present. We just need to trust ourselves to live from this inner awareness and Light and to do so, NOW!

The New Human Paradigm 2012

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

On Independence and Sovereignty~

The spiritual journey is often times a lonely one~
yet as I journey across the United States this week leading into the 1st full week of July, I feel the radical shifts of early Summer 2012 deeply in my being and heart. The earth mother is singing a new song, the atmosphere around us has a new gravity and from deep within the rhythm of these new planetary harmonics, I am reminded "there is no reason to carry any of the old layers unless you just want to." As greater numbers of humankind awaken to a more  sovereign vibration of consciousness, many are passing through what may seem like an endless hall of shadow mirrors. Everywhere you look you see another and another, the conditioned self is trying desperately to outwit the eternal one! At some point, (and sooner than later for those devoted to spiritual life) we will be whimsically amused at the horrors we put ourselves through. 

On this day that celebrates independence as a nation of peoples, I invite you to consider not only what it means to be free~ but also to reflect on this humanity's movement from independence as a form of separation to interdependence and the co-creation of a new earth reality. If you read these words and are intent on listening to the reverberations expanding in your heart-space, know there are beings waiting for you - ones that you've agreed to share joy and creation and passionate existence with. Each and every one of you. It is possible to know much love within the chaos and separation here. And from someone who has known both sides of this equation, I can say not only is it well worth enduring for the sake of - but it really is our only option when all is said and done! 

As you gaze into this beautiful sunset of a journey from Albuquerque to Asheville, Venus bright in a 4th of July hued sky - ask yourself; how can I engage and live a new level of independence this mid-summer holiday? Greater still, what small measure of my daily habits and perception might I shift from a conditioned exclusion to Universal inclusion and gratitude for ALL peoples, ALL experience and ALL existence? How may I know my Self as a Shining One and live free from the turmoils here while embodying my greater service to humankind?"

There is a new fullness in the in-between spaces of what we thought we knew about existence and love…the reality I see and the song our beloved Gaia vibrates communicates clearly that the end of 2012 for our species will be inspiring and peaceful as we truly lay down our attachments to the conditions that have sacrificed our earth and her sentient beings. There is a Guidance at work in Galactic terms, a Guidance I speak of often on the show each week as we re-member how to reside in this New Paradigm for humanity. A transformation of profound things is at work, unseen for many years, yet it is in play. As the sun sets on one history and the earth star repositions herself in an infinite Cosmos, may we all find the courage and conviction to move with her into a new possibility of interdependent Unity, Oneness and Peace for our world. 

And so it is!
The New Human Paradigm (c) 7/4/2012

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Conscious Choice

If each journey begins with a single step - this NOW for an evolving
humanity is a moment whereby we can choose to step in a new, conscious and empowered direction of existence. The new human prayer of a new earth is to the future I AM - that we may embody and begin to live our highest light, NOW. A future based not on hopes nor destiny nor miracle, but each of us agreeing to change the inner and outer structures of our conditioning. This prayer of remembrance is that every facet of our world be understood as a relative I AM - One with all that has been, so that we may now take the Light forward into all that can be; for you, for me, for our planet and the peoples of the earth. 

The New Human Paradigm

Question from a listener to The New Human on World Puja:

2. Is it possible that entities who originated in this solar system at it's creation have enslaved Mother Earth, and all beings living on or within her, in order to feed off the energy produced by these beings while in a lower vibratory state? (this would explain why we need to raise our vibration now, and always) 

Well I imagine anything is possible… only a fool would suggest an absolute about ANY thing! (or at least one who is still quite attached to ego!) The battle of Light and dark, good and evil, "who can get the most toys and gain ultimate power" has long been present within our solar system and beyond. What we see and can witness here - is present elsewhere, as the whole of creation is a hologram. But #1 - even if this were true (above) - I have no concern of them or for my well-being because these type of forces/entities would only have power over those who fear them, whose thoughts linger in the question, "what if it were true, what will become of me, what will become of the earth?" THAT is their entry point - IF "they" exist! 

The greater Truth, and you know this if you are PAYING ATTENTION to the transmissions each week :-) is that THERE IS ONLY LOVE - ONLY LIGHT. Anything other than that purest and most powerful frequency, exists in a vibratory realm that is held in place by belief, by thought form and/or ignorance i.e. - those perpetuating the illusion by their adherence and participation in it. What I KNOW is that if there is an aspect of the earth that is enslaved and being held captive - that force has no power over me - because I am not vibrating with or even visible to it. And that ultimately and always - Gaia IS in power. She IS in rebirth and she will achieve her new position in the galaxy. Please don't hear what I say as audacity so much as INFORMATION - that we have choice, there is ALWAYS choice. Nothing can enslave us, nothing has power over us unless we have lost our connection to Source and believe ourselves lost, less than. Your connection to Source, to the Shining Ones and even to this New Paradigm of Consciousness and Energy - IS protection from bottom feeders of a lesser intentionality. It matters not if you are Joe the Farmer or a inbred alien race, you have no power over someone that stands in the frequency of Love - that lives in devotion to the Light. Period. 

***We are not raising our vibratory rate because of impending consequences if we don't do so….. no no no no no! lol That speaks ultimatum, it vibrates separation, it is movement to GET AWAY FROM! Christopher - are you paying attention?? maybe you missed that class of New Human 101~ :-DD Anyway - we are raising our vibration out of LOVE - out of DEVOTION - because we are ready to return home - (home being alignment with SELF) this is a movement TO not away from!  It is implicated in our CELLS to EVOLVE - grow, expand. achieve greater and greater states of beingness. AT-ONE-MENT. The separation - duality - polarity consciousness - it all served its purpose. Imagine a god, creator, ultimate consciousness that not only empowered us with choice - but desired communion with all aspects of Itself - - - - from that very same power of choice. So we devolved into this experiential plane to learn and gather in an arena of EVERY POSSIBLE experience  - with the ultimate objective that when the time and possibility came once again - we would choose love. And we would believe in and trust and KNOW that love so completely - that the lesser intentions and beings would be stripped of their illusive power. The times of chaos on our planet - the "fall from grace" and devastation of Atlantis and even the disappearance of really advanced Mayan civilizations were each a result of the desire for power - over Unity. That one decision and vibration of consciousness - became a slippery slope of deception, greed, separation and tyranny. And humanity lost its way for a time. But the Light as ALWAYS been present. And you know what they say about one tiny candle in a very dark room? I'm all about - BE the candle!

in each moment. 
It is a simple yet essential pivot from the lure of those things the mind is entrained to -to what the interior life knows is true. We are EVERYTHING and nothing in EACH moment… when we can find peace in the center of that awareness - no harm can come to us - we are free!

LOVE and Gratitude for your support of the show… 
DeAnne ~

Monday, April 30, 2012

Entering In

Entering In 

There is a path before me, there is a path behind me -
and I stand at the intersection of the two… brand new.
All around me is fertile ground - an environment rich with vital life force, constantly renewing itself. Beauty before me, above me, all around and within me. Unlimited, unconditional, 
uncompromising in its quest for life, to live and gather and restore and renew.

I understand now that I must come to this place as child… innocent, in wonder, without need, unafraid… that to enter in, is to remain conscious and to remain conscious is to truly trust who and what I am: a child of god, an inextinguishable Light, an indomitable Spirit and powerful creator of Life.

There is a path before me, there is a path behind me…
I AM the stillness in between and all around me is peace.
The New Human is a New Consciousness and the invitation is always extended.


Blessings to you, DeAnne.

I'm not sure what quite to ask.  I had an experience of Authentic Self on Saturday after listening to your show Letting Go of 3D Ego on Saturday which was very unique for me.  And during the experience I felt that I wouldn't have known how to integrate what I felt I was as Authentic Self with my EGO "story".  I am working with some energetic tools/intentions/exercises from Kumari and Judy Satori from World Puja, but not feeling as vibrant or grounded the last few weeks.  My focus isn't as great.  Being present is more illusive.  It is a busy time of the year with more stress with my position at the school I work which I think is part of it. I guess a question or area of issue would be at this point in my journey, is there something specific, an area greater than another, a block bigger than others that I need to clear to be more present and energetically vibrant and expansive.  OR really whatever comes to you to tell me I would imagine would be just perfect.

P.S. Thank you so much for your wonderful presence and generous sharing you do each week through World Puja.  I used to live in the Asheville area, and try to return to visit a handful of times a year.  I hope to ask for your service when I'm up this summer. 

Peace. Elena

Dear Elena

These past couple of weeks have shifted UP in a profound way - requiring more integrity ( living your truth in each moment, being the light in each moment) and less attention on the constant pull/distraction of the 3D self. MANY new intersections of reunion and alignment with a truer reflection of your Light are happening and quickly. MAY will be a HUGE - FAST PACED - UNCOMPROMISING month with the greater purpose of getting us ready for the June Solstice! Who we are and how we experience the June Solstice will determine the experience of the ride through the 2nd half of the year and into December - 12/21/12! One path is vibrating very distinctly with 5D - the other with 3D and an increasingly chaotic spin of dismantling density. Make know mistake about it - the Light's presence and intelligence grows stronger each day - which is creating more noise and frantic confusion in the old constructs of reality. 

So lots happening - lots going on! I can say to you that the Guidance is very present - it is easier to get clear answers and feel a sense of direction in this now. For everyone! So….. when I hear "my focus isn't great - I am feeling less vibrant - there is more stress," etc. THAT is guidance - information that you need to do something different. I do not know Kumari and Judy Satori - I do know that occasionally someone will tell me that there is a similarity between the experience they have with Judy's show and mine??? The most important thing is - YOU are changing everyday - especially so if you are receiving the weekly energetic transference of the New Human transmissions. The shows are attunements working directly with your DNA - and cellular structure. The work of this new paradigm is not of the mind, for the mind, about the mind…. the disciplines are much different. So - if you have spiritual practices or are participating in anything that is "entraining" and working with the mind as a discipline - that will be less and less effective for you - for what is opening up in and for you at this time! AGAIN - this possibility, new direction for you is supported by the fact that you had this experience- a felt and real experience around the ego - authentic self - on the show. The guidance here is that it is time to really start working more with your light body - with consciousness and energy - which means that ultimately your entire reality will change! I can speak to that personally! An often scary notion to the ego but a necessary pivot if you are truly wanting to actualize the potential of living a 5D life experience - with all the JOY and freedom and meaningful purpose that entails. 

You asked - "is there a specific area that needs to be cleared more than another" - and my first WITHOUT THOUGHT response is - you already know the answer to that. Every being on the planet has an inner compass and intuitive voice within…. yet the attachments to the outer world, how things look, fear of loss and/or failure, dependence on the illusion of 3D security - etc. ALL these things block both your own innate wisdom as well as drain your energy of the capacity to move in a direction that is unknown. It just cannot be underestimated that there is a vibrational matrix, grid that acts as both a cap on your expansion process and also is very sticky and gooey. Operating within and making choices based on 3D information is like trying to move within a spider web…. there is no freedom, light, air or even possibility for expansion and connecting with greater supports while maneuvering within the 3D structures. They are dense and designed to keep the human individual trapped, dumbed down and enslaved

My second response would be that you must clear away the things that are "shoulds" - "obligations" - things that drain your natural joy and inspiration for life…. the integrity I spoke of earlier means we can no longer - for example - stay in a relationship or job for convenience or security if it holds you back in anyway. All aspects of our life must keep expanding with us. You mention that you work at a school?? All institutions and constructs within 3D are operating off a very old model/old paradigm of what it means to be human. They are not fulfilling and will not be sustainable in the very near future. A part of you has already begun to pull away from the old paradigm and structures - internally - so any place in your life where you are still functioning in them and DEPENDENT on them - will be less and less satisfying and tolerable at best. Eventually it will be a detriment to remain in anything old - when you are being made brand new. 

So life these days needs to be revolving around a lot of stillness - a lot of "you" time - time in nature connecting with Gaia and her wisdom - her natural rhythm of renewal and continual rebirth… and of course her unconditional love. One thing I would ask is - do you have positive mirrors around you - people who can see and hold space for "true you?" Something is ready to shift for you - to break free from the shell of what has been. What has been has been perfect up until this point - but you are on a conveyor belt - a moving staircase that is distancing you from the old paradigm - the 3D sensibilities and density - what is valued there with meaning placed upon. Those still in the thick of it - they are not less than us - it is just not their time. We agreed to this process in stages  - so that as I continue to evolve and grow my light vibration - someone then steps into my vibrational space - as you move on/up into your next highest version of self - then someone can step into where you are now. This is the ascension model of what it truly means to love - Self and one another. 

To evolve - which is why ANY of us are here in the earth zone - is to keep moving. And that movement is always about inspiration, imagination, new ideas, creative ingenuity, joy and greater life! So I suggest that you begin, with compassion and love, to honestly look at the places, experiences, relationships in your life - that have kinda served their time… that are in need of renewal and new life and a greater love than we know here in 3D.  Always come from the space of - what do I want? What brings me joy? How can I love more and be of service to the Light, to my Soul, at this time? These are the questions of your Spirit - Authentic you. When you hear, "what do I do? how will I make money? what will people think? These are the questions of the 3D ego - conscious thinking mind and will take you deeper and deeper down the rabbit hole - especially now. Just to hold them side by side and begin to discern the difference - will create more space in your field and assist you in getting new information - inspiration and ideas. The mantra of the moment I extend to you is: "It doesn't have to be complicated - I get to have what I want." These are not selfish or simplistic - when they are remembrances of spiritual you. 

This now is about REUNION - coming together with our familiars…. it is a joyful and purposeful time. As we are surrounded by mundane and routine and sameness - you will feel trapped and unsure, there will not be clarity. Use your observer often in truly getting in touch with what in your life is ready to "move on." 5th World is all about allowing. Begin there - begin big or small - but begin. You are standing at an open door Elena - you don't get to see what is on the other side - until you step through. No excess baggage allowed. Trust this space  - pay attention - allow and keep saying yes. You are on your way to the "other side - and it is everything you could imagine. And then some! 

Much Love and Bright Light on your path….
DeAnne and the Shining Ones

Monday, March 5, 2012

Vibrating a New Consciousness

Energy is space in motion. Space is energy at rest.

Consciousness is Light seeking a higher order.

Love is an Intelligence, without need.

In my surrender I become the color of a greater Truth,

in my trust I move beyond the limitations of mind and set my Self free.

Below are experiences we all share in on some level. Energy is moving swiftly and in profound ways for the ultimate objective of getting us to release the lower self, old constructs of limiting belief and understandings. A new light from the Central Sun is entering the earth zone, potentially transmuting all that once vibrated separation and allowing the influences of a new Sun to lift us body, mind and heart, into 5th Dimensional light.

Dear DeAnne,

I am experiencing a lot of persistent pain in my right shoulder... any insights?

Thanks, Uriel

So, had a little conversation - energy communication with your shoulder today... the old energy, old self that is creating the resistance in this part of your body has to do with JOY - or conditioning around joy. Joy is not a vibration of this dimension - it is a frequency second only to LOVE. Just a very high, elation, lightness of being that is a joy not of this world yet one known to our interior light.

This density, discomfort, resistance manifesting in your shoulder represents your ability to carry out experiences in life joyously. We make life a burden by our attitudes when in fact - free from the mind - there is only light and opportunities to bring more light in.

In the Shining Ones woods, if you recall - there is a right hand, left hand and central column trail, representing the vibrational flows of energy on the planet and all around us. I know when I am called to the right hand trail in the woods that I am going to be working on the old masculine, dominant, ego driven will force on the planet - energy that very much needs softening and to allow the light of the feminie instinct and nurturing in. The right side has to do with pushing, the left side allowing. Think on that when you are attuned to your shoulder and what it is communicating with you. Imagine, focus on your heart and imagine that energy flowing out to both the right and left shoulders in equal proportion - notice what you feel and how the mind behaves. Then focus even deeper into the shoulder that is giving you pain and as you infuse and swirl it with green and pink and white - say to yourself:

I choose to allow ALL my experiences to be joyous and loving.

I can assure you that when you get into the spaces where your mind chatters and gets negative - that it is your right shoulder that is processing the energy of that. You HEAR it in your mind - but even after you clear it, the body is still processing. I sense that you are truly shifting and opening up in an expanded way, allowing and trusting what you don't know yet feel in possibility. And as you continue to do so, old disappointments, times of sadness and not being seen and heavy burdens are surfacing to be released. Again, do the above exercise and memorize that new choice above to say ALL DAY, in the shower, at the grocery, to the cats and when you look in the mirror. There is a conditioned you - which we learn to have compassion for as we mature spiritually. Then there is TRUE you that is the very essence of JOY! She is grounding into a new center of Self for Uriel. That is something to truly be thankful for and that all you need do is allow, allow, allow!


Good Day DeAnne,

I love, love your shows on World Puja. Your words spoken are so pure, and resonate deeply within me.

My question is: I am currently involved in a relationship, but I feel there is something profoundly missing. My soul craves to be with someone who believes as I do. I believe I need to be with a man who also believes in the spiritual world, to connect with a man on a spiritual level where we both understand each other spiritually. Could you please elaborate on this? Will I meet this man? And how can I bring him into my world?

Love and Blessings,


Dear Alicia,

I smile and feel the love and compassion of all Creation -

when someone asks me a question it is clear they already know the answer to! Just let that sit a moment and take a deep breath~

All the elements within your question are a reflection of the growth you are now in... we must be seen now, for who we are. Relationships, to be healthy, must be a balance of give and take, both partners coming to the commitment with the same vision and desire. Relationship as we know it on our planet is changing profoundly. We have primarily come to them out of need in the past, which was not wrong, just a lesser understanding of self and other. We now have the opportunity to come together out of strength and in so doing, move forward in the same direction. Not necessarily at the same speed, but again, the same understanding and desire for wholeness, as individuals and as spiritual companions.

Yes, there is a spiritual compliment for you, a partnership and companion of your evolving self. But what fewer than most realize is that there are many "soul mates" and spiritual compliments within each lifetime - for each person. This only makes sense from an expanded awareness. As we grow in remembrance of the true self and spiritual identity, it becomes more and more essential that we be seen and supported as our light versus our shadow. We are done with the trenches and lessons of our many histories - and ready to be now. It is possible for a long term relationship to remain viable in these times - but only if both partners are working on self, making their path the most important thing and valuing the relationship ie- it is not so much each individual coming from "this is what I need" but investing heart consciousness and selflessness into what the relationship needs. "How can we see each other and love each other more" - within relationship.

This gives you an idea of the "new" relationships for our species. My question is - are you able and have you said to your partner that you feel there is something profoundly missing in your relationship? Have you given voice to your needs and concerns? If not, why? If there is not a conversation to have around this - if you are not even on the same page with your interests and desires.... then the question is not "how can I bring a man like this into my world" - but why you are hanging on to a relationship that is not fulfilling? Because as long as you are IN this one... nothing and no one else will be able to attract in - you are vibrating "I am not available." And you aren't, do you see?

You cannot stand within confusion and a space there is no harmony and wish for something else. You must first clear the space. Take care of you - build your own strength and sense of self and get really, really happy, content with your life without a partner.... THEN that partner will see (vibrationally) true you. And he will be a match for true you. Right now you are vibrating discontent, a state of incomplete. Which serves to push away both the partner you are with and the potential of being seen in your joy and Light.

If you feel you are not in alignment with your current partner and you have given him a chance to step up... then the first step toward attracting a new relationship into your world is to work with your self and environment to CLEAR lack, need, discontent, doubt, disappointment... clear away the denser vibrations. Your spiritual partner is an alignment for spiritual you. We meet each other along the journey - compliments of our growth, by our willingness to surrender emotional attachments and need, for service and loving unconditionally.

Gratitude for your support of the show and this Intent Alicia - I know you see yourself within the vibrations here and it is THAT remembrance that will continue to light the way to a new and expanded level of YOU! Trust that. Trust you. Trust the process. Trust Love.



Hello Deanne,

I was wondering if the meditation you did on the last show (2/23/12) where you bring others into your energy field and have them dissolve into it.....can that cause the other person discomfort? I remember when we last talked and you said that my energy can exhaust someone who's energy is lower like my husband. So now I have done the meditation you gave on the show three times (bringing my husband into my field) and he is suffering from lower back pain that just showed up out of nowhere. Is there a connection? He has been hanging out on the Biomat!! We just love it – THANK YOU!


Hi Peggie,

The meditation is working with the subtle realms and not directly imposing on the physical aspect. And even then, it is not going to cause discomfort as we are attuning people to their higher aspects versus their shadow. However, as we have looked at, the bigger picture of what you are doing and intending, the intention you are working bringing in more light to your field and environment and that light will continue to expand out. Things that your husband has not looked at or dealt with will potentially be exposed, no longer able to hide in the shadow. Lower back is the manifestation of emotional imbalance around money - fear of money, the loss of financial support, etc. Not trusting the process of life so much but dealing with 3D from the old masculine drive of push to do more and be more. It is a very stressful relationship with money, indeed. So the greater thing to look at here is what is not being said between you... what he is holding onto himself and feeling burdened with. The meditation can only help with what he is going through, because again, it is working with the subtle fields of energy which will help remind him, feed energy into the spaces where he has lost connection with Self. It is REALLY great he is hanging out on the bio-mat... just know that THAT will initiate a deeper detox in him which initially may feel/appear ucky - but is for his highest good in the long run. I would definitely encourage short experiences at first and then to build up to greater time. Doing things to bring in more light will keep bringing in more light - once you step upon that path - you must begin thinking of the whole self that longs to get back in balance.

Keep in touch!

The following conversation stream is a continuation of work between the Shining Ones, myself and a beautiful light being, who has had the lifelong, physical manifestation and challenge of polio in her 3D experience here.

Hello DeAnne!

I wanted to tell you that I woke up Thurs night feeling that some resistance was gone around polio. Not something I'd ever think about making happen... one of those miraculously out-of-the-box events out of mind (is that an applause I hear?? lol). Is the energy of polio a mass of resistance? There continues to be A LOT going on in dreamtime to learn about feeling energy while my mind is out of the way. Such a clever way of Spirit to get around that!! :-) ... the energy is massive. I felt there was an energetic space made. I saw a small, fuzzy ball of white energy at my center. Since then I wake up more rested instead of half-dead. Nerve pain in my right leg has been really bad, but I discovered last evening that if I rotate my right arm out it stops. Sooo, put nerve cream on my right neck/shoulder last night instead of my leg and my leg is calm. WHAT a relief... It's been miserable. I've been rotating my arm/shoulder out periodically today - a balancing act off the armrest - to send a new message into my nervous system. Good things, DeAnne, and none too soon. More calmness about gently leaving my body when it's ready, too, since Thursday. Priceless...

Much love to you,


Dear Elise,

I am sure on some level that polio, as with all disease, is a thoughtform... it has its own grooves within the Collective Consciousness. When we incarnate, we choose a certain and specific energy, gather our energy in a way that creates a certain force. That energetic force lends to certain miasms of potential we then become susceptible to once in form. So, yes - I imagine that polio carries its own schematic energetically within the Collective - the above explains who manifests it and why. That you felt release from some of the resistance of it would suggest that you are lifting your energy body and vibration above the miasm, above the susceptibility. This of course has to happen before any perceivable shifts in the waking reality. I would say a new part of your brain is firing, coming into influence, which indeed, deserves applause in the very least. Do you by chance take magnesium?? For some reason this product called CALM by Peter Gillham popped in just now as I was sharing and running energy . ( I will share that THAT came in before I got to the end of your sharing that said - MORE CALMNESS!) Check it out and see if it resonates... you are in my consciousness field everyday. xxxooo


Hi DeAnne,

I was wondering where your intent comes from? Is it just something that you're wanting (in which case it could be ego) or does it come to you come to you from the heart mind do you set your intention?


Hi Janey,

First off- THINKING!! J but that's ok.

Meaning, if you were still and felt inside - you would absolutely know this answer. Intention is a frequency that vibrates higher than the 3rd dimensional plane - it is a knowingness, commitment and devotion that you came in with that is connected to the higher dimensional planes of existence. What I am doing in the Walk the Path initiative and the show is grounding a higher intent - and what you feel here within this new human paradigm is the remembrance of your own intent within this greater consciousness and energy.

Initially, you are tuning into your heart space, feeling nature, spirit self and greater desire in connection to life and those you love and the world around you - and allowing your intention to come from that space. It may seem somewhat contrived at first, depending on how much your mind is present. But this process will help deepen your connection to your core intention - that which vibrates beyond your conscious thinking mind and Janey aspect.

Each time you engage this process - be aware when doubt and mental chatter come in and observe it as such... then redirect to heart and FEELING - your truer passion and desire to be of service and remember your love for this world.



Hi DeAnne,

I am looking into what it means to really be seen. Can that encompass in the physical world? Like out in the world and really seen? Not sure I understand fully.

Thanks – Tamara

Dear Tamara,

Yes, I can absolutely speak to what it means to be seen in the physical world… I have had a high initiation in this my entire life and it is a pivotal piece of the new human paradigm of existence. The identity we know and wear here is not the authentic self... we assume roles from our conditioning and belief systems, often passed through generations... and accept that when we interact with one another, indeed, the only way we have known to interact with one another, is thru these assumed roles and identities. It is the example you gave me that you are loved and respected in your work environment and good at what you do... but they do not really know you and thus - do not see YOU. They see your Tara role and identity. It is also why we must often go out into the "desert" - all alone and leave our families as Sananda did - because no matter how much work we do to know the SELF - we go home and they see a daughter or sister, etc etc. which is a role. And it is hard to break free from that when you are constantly seen as something you are not.

The more awake we become, the more transparency that comes to our planet, it will be less and less possible and comfortable to live in an “identity” rather than the true self. I was a respected identity within my 3D profession, made good money and had a lot of prestige. Until this time in our evolution - THAT was enough, that was satisfying, we did not know better because consciousness was not lifted enough collectively. I got to the point in my own expansion, as all will and at a quickening pace... that that was not enough, that I knew that was not "me" and thus, "I" was not really seen.

I can say to you, from a position now of knowing I am doing what I came to the planet to do, of feeling my sovereignty and connection to my Soul... that to really be seen is to be in the Center of your Self. The DeAnne that is on the show, holding space and sharing the Light of a new consciousness - she is NOT my identity, ego aspect... she is my true Self. Genuineness. And people recognize that and see me there in a way that I was never seen before I evolved that aspect of Self. Now my whole reality flows around and is supported by this expanded understanding of Self. When people meet and come into my life and know me now... they are seeing ME. And it feels completely different, is a completely different reflection then we get when we are in our "roles". It is like the difference between being seen in shadow - and being seen IN LIGHT! THAT is the gift there is to have in these times.



Hi there Shining One.

I do have one issue I’d like your thoughts and impressions on. It requires a rather lengthy background…

I have friend I’ve known since my 20’s. His name is John. He’s quite brilliant in many ways. He is also very egotistical, very self-absorbed, and an endless talker. He must be right/know more/be superior about everything. Exact opposite of shy, quiet, unassuming Jay. He tires me out big time.

When I was in the process of moving to California (1984) he was trying to start up a jewelry manufacturing business. I gave him some money then, and on many occasions over the years. I never wanted anything in return; I was just trying to help a guy I thought had so much potential. He never made a success of it.

About 8 years ago he came up with a scientific idea. It was brilliant. But was it practical? I gave him more money, and helped him to write a patent, etc. I patiently listened to his endless talk about it. Of course he wouldn’t take any of my advice.

About 3 years ago I finally broke off my support. He was going nowhere with his idea, and draining me of money and energy. But the energy connection was still there. At times over the years I've felt as if I was under psychic attack.

About 4 months after that breakup, I was listening to a guided meditation tape. The purpose of the meditation was to dissolve victim/abuse type energy. The only example of that type of energy in my life is John.

So in the meditation, I had John’s energy wrapped in a ball and was entering a jade pyramid under Mt Shasta to have it dissolved. At that very moment there was a strong earthquake. Ottawa doesn’t get many earthquakes. And the epicenter of this one was just 5 miles from John’s house in the country!

I had to laugh and say: “oops, I didn’t mean to cause an earthquake!”

I haven’t talked to John since the breakup. So I don’t know what, if anything, happened to him (he does live in a ramshackle house). But even now there is a low level energy connection. It’s like I have this on-going argument with him where I am defending myself.

And there he was again in a rather vivid dream last night. Yuck!

So I don’t know. Is it a karmic past life relationship thing? My Jay aspect wants nothing to do with him.

But he’s still there…

Thanks for your insight!


Dear Jay,

I am familiar with all the currents here, both as personal experience and in my work with others over the years.

I took some time to be still with this, as clearly you are wanting to move beyond visualizations and rituals that may work for a time, but the energies linger.

The first consideration I extend to you is that psychic attacks are a belief system - they exist within a certain consciousness. Whatever reality you believe in, especially so if you have had experience that deeply penetrated the emotional and/or mental body - that reality will keep presenting itself to you until you are done with it. The meditation was effective initially because it gave your conscious thinking mind something to do... but the belief remained.

It is clear to me you care about this guy and yes, you may have a past life connection with him. The difference with THIS NOW - is that vibrationally - we are in a brand new atmosphere and energetic landscape - the slate has been wiped clean and karma is no longer present and affecting us, unless that is your belief. Whatever you belief, fear, concern... whatever gets the primary focus of your conscious thinking mind - YOU ARE VIBRATING. And that vibration is communicating out into the field of possibility - attracting to you your belief and consciousness level. I am not discounting the potential of psychic attack - I am saying to you that that vibration has no power over you unless you allow it to - believing it does.

I had a best friend in childhood - my first best friend and we were inseparable from the 1st grade til around 6th or 7th. She lived in my neighborhood and we went to the same school. A fairly terrible thing happened to me around 11 or 12 years of age because of choices she made that involved my well-being. I know now she was a child and had long forgiven her - but she had not forgiven herself. She began appearing in ALL MY DREAMS - during my 30's - insanely so - like WTF?? It took me awhile to figure out that in her conscious thinking reality and life - LONG after our acquaintance - that she was carrying guilt about her betrayal.

Often times, when we hold onto bad memories on a subconscious level - we can work them out in another reality! We are capable of engaging and transmuting in the dream world what we cannot in our egoic life and reality. This often occurs on a higher level - your higher self or even the higher self of your friend chooses to channel energies through the dream - to help dislodge things that are stuck in the emotional and mental bodies. In just reading your sharing and feeling the energies therein, there is still a lot of ambivalence in your vibrational field about John... you have not let him go. Be it some anger, judgement, care or lingering responsibility you still feel toward him.... you have not surrendered him to the Light, to the mystery, to the greater consciousness which understands the infinite variables of our experience from a much greater scheme. This is what we know about you... no telling what John is carrying around in relation to you. In that, we can understand why the dream reality is endeavoring to allow space for you both to move to a new level of understanding and awareness.

In working with consciousness and energy as this new human paradigm does, we can and do directly effect the vibrational world. The mind is suspended and the work goes directly to the subatomic level of your being where old fragments of the emotional and mental body become lodged, attracting the same or like experiences to come in and continue to haunt our reality. What speaks to you on the show and what has attracted you to this space is not my person - it is the empty space around me - nothingness, clear vibration that allows you to be able to attune to more expanded aspects of Self. My work on the show via transformational energies is to move stuck energy from your field and create more spaciousness - so that it is not your mind ( linear influence and attachments) that is creating your reality but a new and empowered vertical alignment. The ability to THINK NEW THOUGHTS! :-)

The essential piece that is up for us now in this current passage of evolution is ALL about the ego. Which is mind. It is about belief. Letting go of constructs and the attachments around those constructs - being CONSCIOUS in the way we interact and greet the moment vs as a slave to the past. The movement into a direct alignment of our earth with the Galactic Center is for the evolutionary purpose of us GETTING FREE - of knowing ourselves beyond belief - these gamma rays are pummeling everything about who we THOUGHT we were - so we can be WHO WE ARE.

I would imagine (smile) that your coming here in a couple of weeks to spend time with me and Gaia and the Shining Ones is ALL about clearing your field as it has never been cleared before - and creating new space for direct Guidance from your Multidimensional Self, your future aspect and Mastery. Are you ready for that? In the mean time, use intent with your stillness - and before going to bed - to affect dreamtime. You "could" repattern that dream you had that was so "yuck" - whatever the details were, it was energy seeking a higher order. You are the dreamer - redesign the dream to not just affect you - - but the Light in John, his highest potential - for the sake of Oneness. Not sure if you use sound in your meditations - but I could also "guide" you on how to work with the DNA directly through sound. Anyway - just possibilities to consider. You've just opened a door - on the other side of which is a vast nothingness within which YOU get to write a new story from Consciousness vs conditioning.

Where would you like to start??

DeAnne and the Shining Ones

© The New Human Paradigm 2012