Monday, April 30, 2012

Entering In

Entering In 

There is a path before me, there is a path behind me -
and I stand at the intersection of the two… brand new.
All around me is fertile ground - an environment rich with vital life force, constantly renewing itself. Beauty before me, above me, all around and within me. Unlimited, unconditional, 
uncompromising in its quest for life, to live and gather and restore and renew.

I understand now that I must come to this place as child… innocent, in wonder, without need, unafraid… that to enter in, is to remain conscious and to remain conscious is to truly trust who and what I am: a child of god, an inextinguishable Light, an indomitable Spirit and powerful creator of Life.

There is a path before me, there is a path behind me…
I AM the stillness in between and all around me is peace.
The New Human is a New Consciousness and the invitation is always extended.


Blessings to you, DeAnne.

I'm not sure what quite to ask.  I had an experience of Authentic Self on Saturday after listening to your show Letting Go of 3D Ego on Saturday which was very unique for me.  And during the experience I felt that I wouldn't have known how to integrate what I felt I was as Authentic Self with my EGO "story".  I am working with some energetic tools/intentions/exercises from Kumari and Judy Satori from World Puja, but not feeling as vibrant or grounded the last few weeks.  My focus isn't as great.  Being present is more illusive.  It is a busy time of the year with more stress with my position at the school I work which I think is part of it. I guess a question or area of issue would be at this point in my journey, is there something specific, an area greater than another, a block bigger than others that I need to clear to be more present and energetically vibrant and expansive.  OR really whatever comes to you to tell me I would imagine would be just perfect.

P.S. Thank you so much for your wonderful presence and generous sharing you do each week through World Puja.  I used to live in the Asheville area, and try to return to visit a handful of times a year.  I hope to ask for your service when I'm up this summer. 

Peace. Elena

Dear Elena

These past couple of weeks have shifted UP in a profound way - requiring more integrity ( living your truth in each moment, being the light in each moment) and less attention on the constant pull/distraction of the 3D self. MANY new intersections of reunion and alignment with a truer reflection of your Light are happening and quickly. MAY will be a HUGE - FAST PACED - UNCOMPROMISING month with the greater purpose of getting us ready for the June Solstice! Who we are and how we experience the June Solstice will determine the experience of the ride through the 2nd half of the year and into December - 12/21/12! One path is vibrating very distinctly with 5D - the other with 3D and an increasingly chaotic spin of dismantling density. Make know mistake about it - the Light's presence and intelligence grows stronger each day - which is creating more noise and frantic confusion in the old constructs of reality. 

So lots happening - lots going on! I can say to you that the Guidance is very present - it is easier to get clear answers and feel a sense of direction in this now. For everyone! So….. when I hear "my focus isn't great - I am feeling less vibrant - there is more stress," etc. THAT is guidance - information that you need to do something different. I do not know Kumari and Judy Satori - I do know that occasionally someone will tell me that there is a similarity between the experience they have with Judy's show and mine??? The most important thing is - YOU are changing everyday - especially so if you are receiving the weekly energetic transference of the New Human transmissions. The shows are attunements working directly with your DNA - and cellular structure. The work of this new paradigm is not of the mind, for the mind, about the mind…. the disciplines are much different. So - if you have spiritual practices or are participating in anything that is "entraining" and working with the mind as a discipline - that will be less and less effective for you - for what is opening up in and for you at this time! AGAIN - this possibility, new direction for you is supported by the fact that you had this experience- a felt and real experience around the ego - authentic self - on the show. The guidance here is that it is time to really start working more with your light body - with consciousness and energy - which means that ultimately your entire reality will change! I can speak to that personally! An often scary notion to the ego but a necessary pivot if you are truly wanting to actualize the potential of living a 5D life experience - with all the JOY and freedom and meaningful purpose that entails. 

You asked - "is there a specific area that needs to be cleared more than another" - and my first WITHOUT THOUGHT response is - you already know the answer to that. Every being on the planet has an inner compass and intuitive voice within…. yet the attachments to the outer world, how things look, fear of loss and/or failure, dependence on the illusion of 3D security - etc. ALL these things block both your own innate wisdom as well as drain your energy of the capacity to move in a direction that is unknown. It just cannot be underestimated that there is a vibrational matrix, grid that acts as both a cap on your expansion process and also is very sticky and gooey. Operating within and making choices based on 3D information is like trying to move within a spider web…. there is no freedom, light, air or even possibility for expansion and connecting with greater supports while maneuvering within the 3D structures. They are dense and designed to keep the human individual trapped, dumbed down and enslaved

My second response would be that you must clear away the things that are "shoulds" - "obligations" - things that drain your natural joy and inspiration for life…. the integrity I spoke of earlier means we can no longer - for example - stay in a relationship or job for convenience or security if it holds you back in anyway. All aspects of our life must keep expanding with us. You mention that you work at a school?? All institutions and constructs within 3D are operating off a very old model/old paradigm of what it means to be human. They are not fulfilling and will not be sustainable in the very near future. A part of you has already begun to pull away from the old paradigm and structures - internally - so any place in your life where you are still functioning in them and DEPENDENT on them - will be less and less satisfying and tolerable at best. Eventually it will be a detriment to remain in anything old - when you are being made brand new. 

So life these days needs to be revolving around a lot of stillness - a lot of "you" time - time in nature connecting with Gaia and her wisdom - her natural rhythm of renewal and continual rebirth… and of course her unconditional love. One thing I would ask is - do you have positive mirrors around you - people who can see and hold space for "true you?" Something is ready to shift for you - to break free from the shell of what has been. What has been has been perfect up until this point - but you are on a conveyor belt - a moving staircase that is distancing you from the old paradigm - the 3D sensibilities and density - what is valued there with meaning placed upon. Those still in the thick of it - they are not less than us - it is just not their time. We agreed to this process in stages  - so that as I continue to evolve and grow my light vibration - someone then steps into my vibrational space - as you move on/up into your next highest version of self - then someone can step into where you are now. This is the ascension model of what it truly means to love - Self and one another. 

To evolve - which is why ANY of us are here in the earth zone - is to keep moving. And that movement is always about inspiration, imagination, new ideas, creative ingenuity, joy and greater life! So I suggest that you begin, with compassion and love, to honestly look at the places, experiences, relationships in your life - that have kinda served their time… that are in need of renewal and new life and a greater love than we know here in 3D.  Always come from the space of - what do I want? What brings me joy? How can I love more and be of service to the Light, to my Soul, at this time? These are the questions of your Spirit - Authentic you. When you hear, "what do I do? how will I make money? what will people think? These are the questions of the 3D ego - conscious thinking mind and will take you deeper and deeper down the rabbit hole - especially now. Just to hold them side by side and begin to discern the difference - will create more space in your field and assist you in getting new information - inspiration and ideas. The mantra of the moment I extend to you is: "It doesn't have to be complicated - I get to have what I want." These are not selfish or simplistic - when they are remembrances of spiritual you. 

This now is about REUNION - coming together with our familiars…. it is a joyful and purposeful time. As we are surrounded by mundane and routine and sameness - you will feel trapped and unsure, there will not be clarity. Use your observer often in truly getting in touch with what in your life is ready to "move on." 5th World is all about allowing. Begin there - begin big or small - but begin. You are standing at an open door Elena - you don't get to see what is on the other side - until you step through. No excess baggage allowed. Trust this space  - pay attention - allow and keep saying yes. You are on your way to the "other side - and it is everything you could imagine. And then some! 

Much Love and Bright Light on your path….
DeAnne and the Shining Ones