Thursday, January 27, 2011

Reflections from The New Human Consciousness

Hi DeAnne....

What do you do with all the emails and forwards etc. on all kinds of news with "fear" and "negativity" regarding planetary changes? I know there are very difficult to deal with changes going on here on the planet..... and many people are having personal major life struggles. I acknowledge those. And we have had many in FL, though not pressing at this moment. But for right now, I don't fit in that category so to speak. I'm doing ok, focusing on making changes for myself and supporting my children on their journeys. I will never know when or how or if any of that will change drastically. But for now, I don't even want to read those emails or watch the videos etc. It's not my experience, even though it's all connected.

So what do you do with any of that that comes your way?


Dear Janine -

You are in the "inbetween" - I use to call it "hanging in the dangle"! It is a critical place really - because the energies and you are in a dance that will either pivot you forward - or serve to hold you in a consciousness that is stuck, unyielding. And "serve" is really a great verb here because the energies are in service to us in a way - always giving to us exactly what we believe, desire and vibrate as our Truth.

I don't get emails and forwards or see negative videos - because I do not even entertain that consciousness. And frankly - just don't have TIME for them. These things are very real, do exist and are very real probabilities that can/will likely happen in certain realities - realms of consciousness - to the degree that they are given focus and consideration. And as you stated and KNOW - these potentials are connected to a dying system and world - but there are whole other dimensions of space and time that many in this dimension are pivoting to - SEEING, ALLOWING, TRUSTING and BECOMING with body, mind and spirit.

We are in a serious 'crunch time" - the spiral of ascent is tightening and the passage becoming more narrow - imagine that those who carry their extra baggage, debries of fear and ego, deception and attachments, unwilling or unable to let go as they cling to various reflections of illusion - that they cannot pass through an opening that is refined and free of that heaviness. Choices, choices, choices, in each moment. All are evolving in their time, all are masters and all is one of many shades of love. We are ONLY responsible for our own awakening - no thing is more important. In stepping up and beyond the fears of our own journey, we light the way for others. To remain in indecision or trying to manage the illusion in anyway - all stay stuck.

I would say if this is "pressing on you" - consuming your thoughts so to speak... that the higher realms are nudging you to action. We just don't have TIME to wait Janine for things to line up with what the ego and 3rd dimensional reality reflect as "ok" - safe, etc. There is ONLY this moment and EVERYTHING is present and we are being asked - given a GIFT really - to make a choice - make a statement of intent and belief and trust that reflects what we "say" we want - who we "say" we are. And to STOP entertaining the illusion.

All support and love is with you - you just have to trust who you are, your wisdom and then let go of your own fears. Once you do so - NONE of that old density will outpicture in your reality - because you will be FULLY in the Light - new MIND, new BODY, new HEART that is fearless in saying YES to the unknown reality, the mystery, wherein our creationary power takes flight and we expand effortlessly into more!!!

The greatest power you have is to go within and only within, there, everything is known to you and you need not participate in the insanity of the separation any longer. That reality is complete. The mind wants to know more than this now moment - the heart feels into each moment and trusts the wisdom within and only that. You are no longer creating from without. Call the energy of the mental and emotional body back to Center, back to Self and your ability to know as a Sovereign Being of Divine Light. The Shining Ones are present with chords of remembrance, activating from within the deep heart and DNA Codex of this humanity. In each moment you are reborn into the perfect power of Supreme Mind, the high mind of god as a living intelligence through you. You are the return of the Light to this world. It has always been you and it has always been LOVE. I encourage you to recommit everyday to that which you will give your energy to... bring awareness to all your moments. Everything is brand new!


Hi DeAnne~

Wondering if you can add anything to what you have already said about Pres. Obama. Last night's speech ( 1/25/11) was so old paradigm. How can we hold it. So many of us wanted Barak to break new ground and lead the new way.

Thanks so much for your inspiring guidance. I appreciate you soooooooo much!


My dear Dianne God Being....

A part of you is not HEARING, taking in, the initiative and liberation that is SOOOOOOOO present!

I did not listen to the speech - PURPOSEFULLY!

For you see, politics and government, the entanglement and deception of that thoughtform... they do not exist in the reality of our future. The "players" and the "movie" are still there.... because many do not believe it can be anything differerent. What is OLD and perpetuated is not OLD and perpetuated by Obama, the man/President. It is OLD and perpetuated by a consciousness. Do you hear yourself, truly, when you say, "So many of us wanted Barak to break new ground and lead the new way."

He moved into position - many lifetimes of endeavor and expansion to GET to that place - he moved into position and cleared the way for a NEW SPACIOUSNESS of being - - - everything after that - is about the COLLECTIVE!! It is OUR Evolution, not his. He is NOT the Messiah - yet if you really think about it - that is STILL what people want! That it be someone else's responsibility, someone else's job... ever giving our power away instead of standing in the center of creation and recognizing ALL of it - as you. There is a Love - the highest frequency in the known and unknown galaxies... that holds the consciousness of your heart. In that love, we move beyond the separation to forgiveness and mercy, that all are charged and accountable to an incredible expansion of consciousness that will forever alter the light and structure of the Cosmos!

In Truth, YOU are to break new ground - YOU are here to lead the new way... there is no separation. We must STOP looking at and decrying and believing in the separation. SEEING what is wrong is myopic - seeing what is RIGHT - and there is SO MUCH RIGHT - is LOVE!!! What is, is what we give our consciousness to.

WE are the power Dianne - every choice is right here -

bless Obama's heart and Light for agreeing to IMMERSE himself in the DEPTHS OF DECEPTION -

so we could see the truth of it. AND WALK AWAY. That system will not be fixed, it will not change. IT will not be different. But the SPACE, the OPENING of frequencial Light IS HERE - for you to focus ALL OF YOUR BEING AND TRUST AND ENERGY AND KNOWINGNESS ON - and thus CREATE from that Light. No Past. No, "oh why cannot it be different!"

Well, it IS - in a higher level of consciousness!!

I can say to you IT IS DIFFERENT!!! ALL around and everywhere. Why are you still hanging out there sweetie!! An entirely new "system" of humanity is coming into Light - even as the shadow is SO ESSENTIALLY EXPOSED!!! We must allow the energetics in place to PLAY OUT - but the Shift is a New Consciousness that is creating a FREE, empowered, ABUNDANT and love based system of co-creators that are/have re-membered their Authentic Self.... that we are the change, and that EACH PERSON is a master of Light when they are ready to step into that responsibility!

Just think long and deeply on the angst you hold around Obama and his "failure." We have ALREADY MOVED BEYOND - FAR BEYOND the movement he ushered in. Unity Consciousness Is... while he remains in the midst of the insanity that long existed before he arrived on the seen. Instead of watching the address and hooking into the details of his current challenge - I hang out with his higher realms team, I vibrate in and with the LOVE/FREQUENCY/POWER of his Inauguration and the HOPE and Unity of the people there. And I send him my love. In doing so, I am creating from that level of consciousness, that Light, that potential, ongoing!

The goal was, is and forever shall be - GOD! If you are ever looking at the "rock" and wanting it to be a "tree" - you are IN lack - IN the consciousness of separation and will keep seeing a reality that MAGNIFIES your own belief. WE truly are learning what it means to "be god" - that our experience is a mirror of the belief of Self we carry within. THE NEW IS HERE - and as you trust that more and more, as you grow increasingly comfortable with the UNKNOWN of the new earth's future... the sense of self and consciousness and energy that you give to what is not yet visible but very real, the less and less burdened you will be with what the mind interprets as less than ideal. Stay in the moment of YOUR experience - there, everything is known to you.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

The New Human Paradigm Shift

2012 - Passing Into the Energy Cloud

On Christmas Eve, 2009, the startling hypothesis that our Solar System, the Sun and all its planets, are moving into a potentially dangerous and destabilizing interstellar energy cloud, was resoundingly sustained. In their research paper, "A strong, highly-tilted interstellar magnetic field near the Solar System," published the December 24, 2009 issue of Nature, a highly respected scientific journal, M. Opher et al report on data transmitted from Voyager, the twin spacecraft that have been exploring the outer reaches of the Solar System since 1977.
"We have discovered a strong magnetic field just outside the solar system. This magnetic field holds the interstellar energy cloud together and solves the long-standing puzzle of how it can exist at all," says Opher, a NASA Heliophysics Guest Investigator from George Mason University. He explains that this energy cloud is at least twice as strong as had previously been predicted and that the Solar System has begun to pass into it, adding that this field "is turbulent or has a distortion in the solar vicinity."
In fact, most scientists had either minimized the possible significance of the interstellar energy cloud or dismissed the whole notion of its existence altogether. But not Dr. Alexei Dmitriev, the esteemed Russian space physicist whom I visited in Akademgorodok, a clandestine scientific research city outside of Novosibirsk, Siberia. In my recent book, Apocalypse 2012: An Investigation into Civilization's End, I detailed Dmitriev's conclusions, based on his team's analysis of Voyager data, that the atmospheres of Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune are inexplicably excited -- immense storms, mammoth eruptions, plasma arcs jetting from the planets' surface to their moons. He reasoned that this turbulence is caused by an external injection of energy into the planets' atmospheres: to wit, an interstellar energy cloud which the leading edge of the Solar System has now entered.
The Nature article does not examine the earthly ramifications of moving into the energy cloud beyond suggesting that we could face an increase in cosmic rays, which could affect everything from space travel to rainfall. But the prescient Dmitriev, who has been publishing on the subject for the past fifteen years, observes that passage into this interstellar cloud has already begun to perturb the Sun, causing solar outbursts that are leading to hurricanes, earthquakes and volcanoes of unprecedented ferocity here on Earth. He is on record as predicting that we will face global catastrophe in "not tens but ones of years." When pressed, Dmitriev guesstimates that the Solar System will remain within this turbulent energy cloud for something on the order of three millennia.
The confirmation of Dmitriev's interstellar energy cloud hypothesis marks the third time that major predictions made in Apocalypse 2012 have been validated since it was published in 2007. Much of the book concerned the potential impacts of solar turbulence on climatic and seismic events, on the global satellite network and also the electrical power grid. Lo and behold, in December, 2008, the National Academy of Sciences (NAS) issued a 100+ page report detailing the grave vulnerability of the electrical power grid to solar blasts, which, by scientific consensus, are next expected to climax in late 2012 or early 2013. The NAS concludes that up to 130 million people could find themselves without electricity for months or years due to solar mega-storms shorting out the grid. Without telecommunications, water or gasoline (the pumps are electric), refrigeration, and basic law enforcement or military security, civilization as we know it would be brought to its knees.
Apocalypse 2012 also reported extensively on evidence that the Earth's protective magnetic shield is showing signs of realignment and deterioration, a hypothesis emphatically validated in December, 2008, THEMIS, a squadron of five NASA research satellites unexpectedly flew through a giant, pole-to-equator breach in our planet's magnetic field. The astrophysicists attached to the THEMIS project were utterly astonished by the e data, with David Sibeck, the project leader, going so far as to declare that "it was as though the Sun rose in the west." The shields are down, Scotty, and the Sun is going to begin pummeling us big time in late 2012 or early 2013.

Our space neighborhood is changing, and not for the better. We need to take precautions to defend our home planet, our way of life, starting right now. Lawrence E. Joseph

The New Human Consciousness-Ok - so here we have ONE probability. It IS a probability and it will likely manifest in ONE realm of consciousness and energy. What is IMPORTANT - is that there are MANY probable realities available to us - ongoing! To date, we have PERPETUATED a cause and consequence system based in fear. How many of you stocked up your food rations and water in anticipation of Y2K? And here we are - a decade plus later.... hopefully NOT the same persons with the same mindset and reactive conditioning to a outer directed and created reality, based on the what if's and worse case scenarios of an apocolyptic mentality.

We are a promising species, endowed with SO MUCH creationary power. But are we EVOLVING the part of the brain that tends toward controlling what cannot be controlled EVEN if it PARALYZES a species from emerging as Divine Creators.

We only HAVE THIS MOMENT - our minds and bodies are our compasses to fields of expansion or constriction IN EACH MOMENT! Why are we just SOOOOOO compelled and even hell bent to IMAGINE that something utterly devastating will eventually happen and we had damn sure scramble and react and get ourselves ready..... how do you prepare??? for the unknown? The conclusion of this conditioning and expectation is more madness, as I see it, more insanity from a species that has proven throughout its history that INSANITY is a well worn groove.

THE FUTURE IS RIGHT NOW - it is WHO YOU KNOW YOURSELF TO BE, WHO YOU ARE BEING, WHAT YOU BELIEVE AND WHAT YOU TRUST!!! THIS IS OUR TIME TO SHIFT! EVERYTHING IS CONSCIOUSNESS - and you can choose AS a Creationary Being to make your choices and decisions from the higher tears of consciousness. In each moment - YOU can be the game changer. Question is - are you ready to BE THAT LIGHT - with THAT responsibility - because the Ego can no longer play ( or wallow) in the true fields of the gods!

This last week a listener wrote in with concerns about "where she should land" after exposing an uninitiated mind to ALL the MANY what if's and predictions about earth change scenarios - I would like to share a portion of the response that I shared with her:

My encouragement to you is to trust your gut instincts in extraordinary times, as these are. Set your high mind and intention on the ideal situation, and do not deviate from that trust and knowingness within. Do you understand that no one, no matter what their seeing abilities and earth changes awareness can advise you to move or not move, because they would be advising you from the energetics and constructs outside of you and those become secondary considerations to the strength of Self you carry within. I cannot even suggest to you what I would do in the exact cast scenario, because we carry a different vibration and consciousness and as such, we would have a completely different experience, all else being the same.

What I would offer to you is that the world and earth I see and am informed by each day, has no danger or sorrow, nothing to be fearful of, only love. In the frequency and vibration of this earth, you are informed from within in all situations and there is utter peace. Trust your wise knowing that where there is uncertainty, it is best not to tread, to remain still. Take your relationship with the higher realms and the earth deeper, that is the most important task at hand. Set an intent and go within, be still until your mind is so clear and your heart so free that you would leap into the darkest pit of unimaginable fears that no one else dared to consider, because it came from the deep heart of your own Soul to do just that. This is the passage of the new earth and it is golden lit! You are a Universal Being of Light, loved beyond measure and no harm can come to you as such. All that you dream and envision as the earth's new islands of light, they already exist and you will see and be guided to them, not out of fear and a clever mind, but out of your new dispensation of beingness. The new human consciousness I share with the many is a level of consciousness and dimension of being that is informing this humanity each day as we migrate to new realms of space and time. I encourage you to surrender the thoughts of "the rest of your lives" and stay with the feeling and peace of each moment. The rest of your life is this moment and the future is right now! When you truly drop into that space, each moment will continue to inform the Christed One emerging from within all the forgetfulness.

As has always been the case and will continue to be.... WE ARE CREATING IT ALL!!! Right now, there are aspects of you already in lifescapes of freedom and joy, mastery and Love. What reality you are experiencing right now is simply the reality you are focusing consciousness in at the moment! 5th World and the new earth is a consciousness that already exist and many RIGHT NOW are experiencing it in greater degree, right here, IN THIS MOMENT, within ALL the chaos and insanity - by virtue of what they give their consciousness to. The egoic realm and mind and old brain of an old consciousness will CONTINUE TO SPIN - and will manifest EXACTLY what it expects. All the while, another beautiful birth of a species that has finally decided to grow up and BE THEIR LIGHT - is dawning. I encourage you all to focus your high minds and consciousness and energy on LOFTY THOUGHTS - work with your Light Body each day in re-membrance of the path IT is devoted to.... and envision more people waking up in ongoing, not to a doomsday of a perpetuated history but the EVOLUTION of a humanity that sees beyond separation, into a new existence for us all.

DeAnne Hampton
The New Human Consciousness and Energy