Friday, January 25, 2013

A New Earth Shambhala, Entering A New Era

The last few months of 2012 have proven to be an unprecedented quickening for humanity and planet. With triple dates and Solar Eclipses, as well as the long anticipated and much prophesied 12/21/12 birth of a New Earth, it will take some time for all that has come to pass to settle in and take new form in our world. But a New Earth, indeed, is emerging. The tragedy in Newtown, CT and the tropical storm not coincidently named Draco thrust us into Zero Point at this time of turning with hearts and fears laid bare. These events, as with many such tragedies and nonsensical phenomenon along humanity’s evolutionary trajectory, were influenced by unseen forces with a greater purpose and wisdom than can be comprehended within the old paradigm of mental reasoning and control.

A critical shift in our movement to a New Consciousness and awareness of our Selves, is the understanding that absolutely nothing occurs that is not part of a greater story, a greater plan that Love is ultimately at the center of. There are no victims, no loss, sacrifice or limitation within the higher realms of consciousness and energy. Neither do we have to suffer and endure tragedy to evolve back into our light essence. These are learned conditions and ingrained beliefs within the human psyche. When we witness something that is perceived as horrific, tragic or even evil, we are observing from a very limited consciousness of understanding, a consciousness controlled by fear and survival instincts. The beautiful souls that agreed to be part of the Newtown event did so for the greater purpose of getting as many of humanity as possible into states of Heart Consciousness just prior to the New Earth alignment on the 21st of December 2012.

It is so important at this time in our Collective evolution that we begin observing and interpreting all of existence through a consciousness where there is only Light, and trust that without exception. The 3rd Dimensional reality is but a pinpoint in an incredibly beautiful, infinitely expanding spiral of Light and Consciousness. As the spiral widens and consciousness expands, victims become co-creators with the Light, willing participants in worlds that transcend emotional attachments and illusions of suffering. In truth, suffering and illusion go hand in hand, co-conspirators of a consciousness bound by fear. At the higher ends of the consciousness spectrum, there is only Love. Nothing is separate from that Love and all shadow is consumed by the transparency of unveiled realities, of which there are many.

There has been an incredible crescendo building since the onset of the 21st Century on our planet in 2001, the final thrust of a twenty-five year convergence of Light and awakening for humanity. I’ve had the honor and good fortune of spending five of those years, thus far, on radio with a weekly transmission of the New Human, New Earth energies. And now, with the transition from 2012 into 2013, we aren’t just moving from one year into another, we are leaving an old cycle and entering an entirely new era of existence for planet Earth and humanity: a Golden Age of Light.

An unparalleled confluence of Light illumined the little blue planet on December 21st, 2012 with a glorious Galactic Alignment, lifting humanity and all life into a new octave of being: that of Unity Consciousness. This was a grand, culminating event for our planet and species, equally so an ending and a beginning. There was a lot of turbulence and unstable weather activity on the Winter Solstice of 2012, reflecting the consciousness of those anticipating destruction and finite interpretations of end cycles. But for those attuned to the heart and consciousness of this Cosmic Light, waking up to the new dawn on December 22nd felt like Christmas morning. There was this palpable sense of innocence, wonder and trust in the awareness that magic had occurred, that something wonderful had happened with an abundance of gifts yet to be opened. I personally woke filled to over-flowing with the following wisdom directly from the Shining Ones:
                                           Beautiful Life

Every moment of existence is brand new - and never has that been more true and powerful than this beginning cycle of humanity beyond 2012. Static, unchanging reality only exists in the mind. You are as free as you allow your Self to be, as you believe you are! JOYOUS reality hovers just outside your doubt and questions!

Once you dedicate your life to living~ to that gift and power,
and trust who you are in all of Eternity…
each day becomes an open door to everything your heart desires.

The great secret of this life is that you are and have always been free -that your joy and creative purpose is God’s expression in the world. Open up your heart and allow life to fill you - be courageous in your denial of mediocrity and GO OUT AND HAVE LIFE! YOUR LIFE!! Live it well. Live it free. Live it in Love! Leap to the new Sun of an evolved and united reality - lifted in the Consciousness of One Love. 

And so it is that we enter 2013.  Can you feel it? Suspend your mind and just feel the new and invitation that is here to step into. Joy is a frequency second only to Love and surely there is a joy not of this known reality present as the Cosmic cycles come full circle and Earth shines as a new star in the heavens. There is an atmosphere of excitement about nothing and everything all at once as the new reality begins to take form.

When The New Human was first published in 2008, I felt
a distinct and strong presence around the final chapter, Bridge Across Tomorrow. The title seemed to vibrate the intention of not only the Shining Ones, but of beings from every star nation; a shimmering presence of Interdimensional Unity forelighting the potential of a very different future for our world and the greater Solar System. This bridge, both symbolic and vibrational, refers to the essential cooperation and partnership of our Earth with other planetary systems and intelligences in our Galaxy.

At the same time The New Human consciousness and energy anchored within the Earth Grid in book form in 2008, there was a powerful, albeit little known ceremony occurring on the island of Moorea. This final ceremony of the birth of a brand new human consciousness grid on Earth was led by Drunvalo Melchizedek and included the indigenous elders of this ancient and captivating land. The island is triangular in shape, consisting of the ruins of a half-eroded volcano, rugged mountains, lush streams and fertile soil. Drunvelo, a respected teacher and author of the New Age movement described this remote island northwest of Tahiti as one of the most beautiful scenes he’d ever experienced.

You can read in depth about this ceremony in his latest book, The Mayan Ouroboros, but I felt it important to weave in this sidebar of information because it helps to illuminate the driving momentum and evolutionary intention of 2013. It is time to come together and join forces in our planetary endeavors. The new cycle begins with the gathering of tribes. I do not know Drunvelo Melchizedek personally, but there is not a doubt in my mind that we are connected by a greater intention. That ceremony in Moorea and the publishing of The New Human on opposite sides of the world was, in effect, one event, expressed through different individuals. And it is important here to lift this awareness higher than the conscious thinking mind, higher than ego. Because this new paradigm is not about individual personas – this sharing is not ultimately about Drunvelo Melchizedek and DeAnne Hampton. It is about this something greater that is ready now to become a new expression in our world.

All over our planet for the last quarter century, many dedicated, pioneer light workers have been putting Spirit first and living on the fringes of society for the sake of Divine Purpose and Planetary Service. Somehow, in someway, all these individuals have been tuning different notes of a new song for humanity. There is only One Truth. So, even as these individuals, strategically located around our globe, appeared to be doing their own thing, each was serving to anchor certain coordinates so to speak, new harmonics in what would eventually be the New Earth Grid of a New Human Consciousness. The next phase as we enter the Golden Age of Aquarius, (which is, at its heart, about freedom and humanitarianism and expansion of higher mind technologies), the beginning steps within the Unity Consciousness Grid of a New Earth, is the gathering of the new tribes of humanity. With our sovereignty intact and the seeds of our individual missions planted, we must now merge these foundational pieces into a new human system of cooperation, community, creative vision, equilibrium, right use of power and sustainability for the sake of the whole. We have done all we can do in separation, now we must move as One into Heart Consciousness. I encourage each of you reading these words and considering the implications of this next shift, to meditate on this emergence of new human tribes, the joining together of forces for the Light sans ego and ownership. Imagine the beginnings of New Earth meccas of Light with each bringing what is theirs to bring, a joyful meeting of the minds for those ready to build a New World. Imagine. As this new Light, new consciousness and energy begins to anchor more fully into the new Earth Grid and find expression in our world, it is for each of us to create the space and devotion to discover what is ready now to emerge, individually and then collectively. This is the way forward.

Many refer to this Golden Age as a new renaissance for our people and planet. Deeper still, within the Cosmic Heart of our Earth Mother and all Creation, I feel the pulse of a New Earth Shambhala. As the Mantle of Consciousness shifts on the planet from India to Peru~ the legendary secrets of Shambhala are vibrationally shifting, as well, to a time this ancient and pure land may once again exist for the species of humanity. Throughout our history, the myth and ideals of Shambhala have influenced everything from spiritual traditions to popular culture. And in every instance, the prophecies emphasize a time in our evolution when the decline into war and greed on Earth would necessitate a worldwide shift in the consciousness and energy of our species, precipitating a Golden Age. Shambhala, as with the ancient to future teachings of the New Human Paradigm, is a remembrance; it is a vibrational attunement that exists as surely as we have greater, as yet untapped capacities as a human species, a human family of Light. Though Shambhala, as a consciousness, vibrates higher than the 3rd dimension, it is possible for us to experience and recreate it in physical form. It is a pure land in the human realm that each individual has the potential and choice of lifting to vibrationally.

When I attune to the shift in the mantle of consciousness in our world from the legendary mysteries of the Himalayas to the spiritual distinctions and myths of the Andes, I see Light moving across the Earth plane in the way a searchlight penetrates darkness, seeking the lost and weary traveler. Energetically, this shift from the highest to the longest mountains on the planet suggests a more widespread and inclusive reach of the Light on Earth as the balance tips once again from the lower ends of consciousness to the higher potentials of mind, heart and physical capacities for the human species.

The energies and influences of Shambhala, along with a beautiful history and presence of Ascended Masters, have long influenced our world. It has always been the spiritual vision and wisdom that we would reach the maturity of embodying it, thus allowing Peace to return to planet Earth.
Our inner light is a reflection of the light in our world. As we grow that inner capacity to live free from limitations and conditioning, as we are able to integrate, assimilate and maintain this rarified Light of the Divine Feminine as a body of One, a Collective co-creating as One, we grow Shambhala as a new utopia that will reveal powerful truths about how we may transform our world – together – as a human family of Light.

With so much vibrational support and Light emanating onto and within our Earth, there are many who are spiritually aware and sincerely care for our future, yet still feel uncertain in their direction, the chatter in their head garners more attention than the still small voice within and they long for a more tangible, real partnership with their guides and higher realms. And the resounding response from the Shining Ones around this gap is that we must step up our level of commitment. Humanity, as a whole, has not begun to understand, much less experience, what it is to live with commitment; to live as committed beings in committed lives on behalf of a committed intention to our planet and one another. In the 3D zone of reality, commitment is a form of attachment. Think about it, the things we commit ourselves to and understand as commitment in the 3rd dimensional plane, we do so because of what is promised, what the rewards or payoff will be; hence there is expectation. That level of commitment is conditional and automatically affects who we are in that circumstance. There are provisions in the contract, so to speak.

Spiritual commitment, on the other hand, is an internal compass – an eternal compass, as well. The new humanity is a future oriented species – and the nature of that compass is Love. We came to have life, experience wonder and nurture ourselves with the many gifts of an evolved existence: a living, beautiful planet, rich soil to plant in, abundant waters to provide infinite resources, vast spaces of exquisite nature to fulfill our natural love of beauty and a human family within which to find community and join together with in new creations. This New Paradigm for humanity is, in many ways, a giant leap for our species; it is the intention to live consciously, to bring conscious awareness to every moment and detail of our lives. All negativity must be put aside. That we carry burdens, suffer inequities, are unworthy or forsaken, these are all misconceptions perpetuated by our willingness to give our power away, entrust the gift of our lives to an unconscious system. Everything perceived as negative or deficit is ego and that is what must be transcended to know our Selves as Light.

The New Human Paradigm is a fluid intelligence, a consciousness pivot from that which is no longer working to a new frequency of Light that is here to co-create with us, problem solve and restructure our current way of life toward sustainable, inclusive solutions for our world. It takes courage and integrity to look at what is no longer working in our individual lives. Yet, in order for the greater Light Bodies/Merkabas of Mother Earth and the collective human family to activate and transcend the denser vibrations of an old paradigm, each individual must consciously step into greater transparency within their personal lives while doing the work to increase the pulse of their own Light Body Merkabas. You are a spiritual being, your Light is the Light of this and many worlds. Whatever experience you are currently manifesting is a reflection of the belief of self you most identify with in any given moment. Celebrate the individual work you have done thus far, but understand you are never done with evolutionary endeavors. As you continue to choose and be Love above all else, living your Light and spirituality in every facet of your life, you help recreate reality and build a new world in a very real and positive way. 

Ultimately, ascension is an act of Self Love. It is the movement from thoughts about a new Earth and possibilities for more meaningful existence, to the consciousness of our hearts. That is the true wisdom piece. True happiness and the freedom of that vibration is found in the simple gratitude of waking up to the Light of who you are and living in the Truth of that Light, everyday. We must cultivate the trust that we are part of something greater, that we are not the only beings inhabiting this vast universe and then begin living as the unlimited, eternal beings of Light that we are. When this becomes the most important thing in our lives here, everything changes.

The Shining Ones are here, now, the relationship I have with them is yours. In the highest expressions of the Source of all Life, God, the Shining Ones, you, me, every star nation and each Ascended Master are essentially One. There is no other. This book and greater visibility of the Shining Ones comes to you now because we are ready, as a species, for greater relations with our Cosmic Family. Will you step up to that evolutionary commitment? New minds, new bodies, new hearts, in harmony with Mother Earth and the living Universe has triggered the Cosmic DNA of an evolving species of Light.  And so we venture forth with renewed strength, devotion and resolve. A new awakening and brand new spiritual energy is upon us now, the future beckons. We are the many, returning to Oneness.

 DeAnne Hampton (c) 2013
excerpt from The Shining Ones, Ambassadors of a New Age of Light

Friday, January 18, 2013

Birthing Pains

This is a mini-reading from a listener to the New Human transmissions:

Hi DeAnne, am having a bit of a health scare and need to know what's happening. Have been feeling very fatigued and weak. Saw my doctor today for bloodwork to see if there's a deficiency.  Tried to work out this morning and lasted 30 seconds due to extreme fatigue, and I'm a fit person; was scary.  I think there may be a correlation between this week's events and a 5-week illness last summer with the same symptoms.  

Thank you,

Dear SS,

The most important thing relative to what you are experience is not to "look" for what it is - what is wrong - but to really tune in to what your body and expanded Self is communicating to you via these symptoms.

We have just accomplished the daunting task of passing through the Galactic Core, meaning that our physical body as well as our memory body, vital body, super conscious mind and cosmic body are all moving through a new space time continuum! This is REALLY huge. So, as you have an experience - it is imperative that you do not draw from past or automatically go into fear - because the greater potential and possibility is that you are being rejuvenated - rebirthed from the inside out! Not only is this the highest potential - but it affords your physical aspect more life force and electrical current to burn off lower density impurities! 

When I read that you "tried" to work out and lasted only 30 seconds due to extreme fear - the way I read that energetically is that your body was clearly communicating that exercise was not the zone your vibration was in at the time. So the next  consideration is - are you so disciplined to the physicality - exercise driven from the mental frame of reference that it can override a potential shift in what your body is needing at this time. Sure, you may have been using this point as an example of the extreme condition you were in - but there are no accidents and so I am reading the
energy within the words and example you chose. 

There is no push now Suzie - no drive - no egoic will driven from unrealistic expectation and imagery from societal constructs! It is not a stretch that what each of us needs in each moment will be completely different in the next and next. All routines out the door and thoughts out the window. We must be willing to listen and allow - and NOT automatically JUMP to fear and worse case scenarios - which then creates the very thing we DON'T want! 

The other thing I am getting from your energy field - you expanded beyond the mind - is that exercise is not the only area in your life that you may be "pushing" one identity and role - while something else is getting pushed aside. There is separation in your field - a divide? of some sort between what is trying to emerge from within you and the "habit" of you!! This "health scare" may just be the attention getter (because you already have old programming and fear around it) to a greater need that is trying to get your attention. Something new is seeking new space in you Suzie - needing and wanting to expand. And you are the only one that can create the space and change to allow for that. 

This is the higher realms perspective on what is occurring symptomatically. It will be curious to see what comes back with the blood test. Just as a barometer  - if the same thing had happened to me - the last thing I would do is go to a Dr. and or get tests. That communicates dis-ease wherein the body's intelligence is blocked and even shuts down. There is only Love - there is only Light. The shadow and dense energy gets in and takes over only when we invite it! It is that simple. So, many things to ponder here. All for your edification!

DeAnne and the Shining Ones!

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Year

The new humanity is a future oriented species - 

our compass has always been love. We came to
have life, experience wonder and nurture ourselves
with the many gifts of an evolved existence: a living,
beautiful planet, rich soil to plant in, abundant waters
to provide infinite resources, vast spaces of exquisite
nature to fulfill our natural love of beauty and a human
family within which to find community and join together
with in new creations. 

As we begin another year of what it means to be human, may 
we all start with the simple intention to see the world as a 
child once again. No past to compare and judge, no emotional
scars to define the way we meet each new moment and interact
with others in the human family, no egoic mind to equate reality
in separation and fear. Only promise, only joy and the desire to
experience life in all its many facets and wonders. Look deeply
enough into the eyes of any child and you will see your Self, 
you will see your future, you will see the world as it was meant
to be and a creation evolving out of love and only love. Within
the eyes of every child, is the remembrance of our own Light
and the imagination we began the human journey with. 

Happy Joyous New Human New Year Humanity~ lean into
a new earth existence with all your heart and intent. Dare to
be the One who brings innocence back to the human experience
through the power of a mind free to see all things clearly and
the strength of heart consciousness, capable of holding each
moment in sacred balance.

With the Light of the Ages and the Love of all Eternity,
DeAnne and the Shining Ones 1/1/2013