Sunday, December 16, 2012

The Deep Heart, Birthing a New Humanity

                                          May we all be as children, reaching for the Light~

With the recent events in Connecticut, it is fairly safe to say that the heart of humanity is being laid bare. All around the world we mourn the loss of innocence, we feel the seemingly random and nonsensical loss of lives, the shattered families in Newtown, CT… and our hearts are raw. There really is not an emotion big enough to fill the space of this horrific tragedy, it goes so much deeper than voids we know how to fill or respond to. When I personally felt the impact of this event, everything went still, it was like a vast vacuum had sucked all air and thought and known response from the moment, and existence fell still. I hung out in that numbed nothingness for a couple of days, observing, holding a spaciousness far outside the perimeters of my mind, determined not to allow my thoughts to rush in with opinion and judgement. I knew more than anything I did not want to contribute any more separation and pain to the grief that had begun a ripple around the entire planet. So, I went inside. I did not ask why, I did not demand answers, nor have I for one moment felt anger or despair. I held the experience in trust and the deep heart of existence, until I found peace and was able to connect with the greater story that these beautiful Souls in Newtown, CT participated in in such a profound and selfless way.

There was not evil in that elementary school on December 14th, 2012, nor some disgusting and heinous crime. To view it as such denies the strength and wisdom of Unity Consciousness, as well as our collective responsibility in this magnified moment of the human struggle. To shift the perspective from a myopic 3rd dimensional consciousness to a more expanded understanding and peace is to take the Soul that was Adam Lanza into the same heart-space and compassion as the 26 Souls that agreed to serve the greater purpose that lies within the tragedy here. His pain had to have been pretty tremendous to go to such lengths to eradicate it. And we must be willing to look at the greater story of who he was, who his parents were within the context of societal roles and expectations. What role did our societal structure and the drive to derive meaning from things and status versus our ability to truly see one another play in this event, and to what end? What is the greater story? Will we “get it” and step up on behalf of all who have suffered loss and endured incomprehensible heartache, in the way we resume our lives?

The Sandy Hook tragedy took place exactly 7 days prior to a much prophesied date in human history, the potential of which is a new earth humanity. The metaphors of this incredibly profound, even wise event in human history are many, metaphor being one of the primary ways the Light communicates with  consciousness still bound by separation and fear. There are no coincidences – everything is exacting and perfect in the Consciousness of Love. A school environment represents the opportunity for knowledge, a place to experience growth and expansion of consciousness. The type of school reflects the level of learning. Stepping back from this and engaging the whole moment from a higher level of trust and connection to Eternity, the question enters in, are we ready to mature in our understanding of what it means to be human in these times – of what it truly means to love? Can we consciously pivot from judgement, from the belief in victimhood and sacrifice and suffering to a new paradigm where these old constructs no longer exist? Our planet and the Collective of humanity is currently magnetized into an incredibly vast juncture of space and time wherein we have the opportunity to jump the old timeline into new creation. And it is all about the heart. It is all about Love. Can we lift high enough above the ego’s persuasion to personalize  everything outside of itself with anchors of disbelief and the tears of endless suffering – to make the “NewTown” history one of truly lasting meaning and significance for our world?

Pay attention new humans of a new world now dawning! In the frequency of love, the consciousness of Unity and Oneness, imagine a force so compelling and strong, inviting us into new existence that would allow for such a seemingly unconscious event to bring the whole world to a place of great surrender. So that as many Souls as possible could make this leap and dare to live different lives. It was additionally not lost on me to see the greater majority of the Soul’s that transcended last Friday to be female. There is no greater strength, no power more fierce and dedicated than that of this new feminine Light, Sophia, the Great Mother. Let us celebrate those beautiful little cherub lights in a way that honors who they truly are. There is nothing and no one that is separate from God’s love, that is less than the fullness of God’s creationary power and desire for peace. From a vibrational perspective, the earth cracked wide open last Friday with an evolutionary invitation into the deep heart of existence. Take a deep breath and hold it, in utter stillness. Feel the nothingness there. That is the heart of existence – where there is no suffering or death and timelessness holds the breath of Eternal life. If you contemplate it deeply enough – you will feel the joy of each Soul in this holiest of days last Friday in NewTown, CT.

 “And the children shall lead you….”

 In this one moment we can find more of the same to validate an old paradigm of belief, or take this moment into our own deepening heart and rise up from it with a new sense of understanding, a new wisdom, and hearts open wide to new life. Innocence lost? or innocence gained! May hearts be filled with the greater Truths of our existence here.

The New Human Paradigm 2012