Sunday, September 22, 2013

Star Of Wonder

The image you see here is an actual newborn star in our Galaxy, captured August 19th by the European Southern Observatory’s New Technology Telescope. The orange and green jet streams cannot be seen in visible light, but the pink and purple jets shine brightly in visible light.

The minute I saw this image – which was no accident – it took my breath away and I was drawn into the intelligence and gift it reflected for our current world and species. Newborn star ~ newborn beings of light, waking up in a once shadowed reality. There are no coincidences! That some of the star’s beauty is visible to the naked eye and other aspects remain hidden reflects such a beautiful metaphor for the manifold ways humanity is waking up to Itself.  The light is shining brighter within and without, yet, there is so much more to uncover and discover about our Selves and life and the mysteries of infinite worlds.

Everyday, the routine and known of the denser planes lures
us into the old belief and perception that we are somehow ordinary, non-exceptional and have but a brief moment to experience the perpetual motion that was in place long before we came and will continue long after we are gone. Yet, equally and perhaps greater so are there signs, so many signs coming into awareness for this humanity of how special we are and how great the Existence is that we are a part of.

I recently had a couple of exchanges with emerging new humans that I felt reflected a lot of the current themes humanity is negotiating in the present ascension passage. The egoic self and mind have a lot of questions – questions that cannot be answered by the same consciousness, the same aspect of Self that asked them. We must continue to venture deeper into the psyche, deeper still into the unconscious and subconscious mind until there are no longer questions that separate the individual out from what is being observed – only stillness, only feeling and the understanding that when we stop asking questions and seeing other, the light shines brightly on the Truths we carry within. And we become those truths.

Hi DeAnne,

Thank you...I've listened to your recent audio on the worldpuja for over 8 times now. You brought up the concept: "THERE IS NO OTHER. ONLY YOU. ONLY LOVE".  Earlier in the recording you mentioned a man who resented paying for "spiritual services" Also you cited an example of a family at a dining table, their attention taken up by their cell phones.

How does the identifying a man and a family tie in with "there is only you"?

Could it be that your recording reflects back to me my vacillation between 3D & 5D aspects?

How will social venues like websites and facebook transform as I live more and more in 5D?

As I release the impulse to call on the angels and ascended masters for their intercession, does it make sense to cease imagining there are "other less enlightened beings" who might need my help? Does it make sense to put a closure on my "teacher" and "healer" self images? There is after all, NO OTHER.


Dear S.M.

If you've listened to the show for a while you know that it is not a sharing of one perspective or opinion, but a field of energy within which each chooses and finds their way to what is true for them.

Identifying the man and family has everything to do with "there is only you and only love" - and within this new awareness, the understanding that we choose and operate at different levels of consciousness. Our tendency as a humanity to fixate and separate ourselves out with busyness prevents the experience of Oneness - and we must all see and own our part in that equally so - yet understand that we have a powerful influence in shifting the imbalance. So, yes! It is all you, it is all me. And in any given moment one can choose to join in the “what is” and become a part of the consensus consciousness or step back from and observe the choices being made outside the Self to determine if those choices align with the wisdom and consciousness residing within. If you remember, in the same show I used the metaphor of kaleidoscope and how as we gaze around us at the many reflections of One World – it is ours to choose what version and consciousness of Self we desire to engage and express in any given moment. There is no judgment, there is no lesser or better way of being – just levels of awareness and choices of consciousness, each of which, determine a very different experience of reality and our Selves.

There are no lesser or greater beings - just different reflections of One - different choices of consciousness and energy. In the highest expressions of Self, we move through life with loving kindness and compassion, assisting where we can yet recognizing that even in distressing circumstances that each person is a light-being, never separate from the Light and with the capacity to find their way from the shadow back into Light.

In the wisdom of this New Paradigm, “I AM the greatest among these and the least among these, all at once. And in developing and focusing my energy and strength on remembering and my own Mastery – I do as much to set others free as my Self.” Ultimately - everyone is finding their way home. There are longer paths and shorter ones - yet all will return, once again, to Oneness. 

As for Facebook and social media – again – EVERYTHING is ENERGY. It matters not what others are doing or choosing or experiencing – your experience of the reality around you is a reflection of the energy within you. I know there is a lot of discontent about FB and the like, yet for me, personally, I use
FB as an extension of the energy and intent that is expressed in the show. As such, the people I engage with there are like-mind and like hearts, the energy is expansive and of love. So, as with everything else, we have a choice. We get to choose the experience we want to have and are capable of maintaining 
the higher frequencies within an experience, even when everyone else is choosing otherwise.

This is a time to bring our Light into… not close ourselves off, from other. True transformation is not in isolation! As the Light continues to expand on our world, so too, must each of us bring our Light into the various reflections of reality around us each day. When I see a family in a restaurant texting rather than engaging one another IN THE MOMENT – it is not mine to judge or have an opinion about that scene. It is for me to first, take it inside of me – into my heart – feel if it resonates with transparency and seeing one another and Unity Consciousness. And then set about bringing more Light, insight and self awareness into my own life and choices and actions. Me determining to be truly present to what ever I am doing – to catch myself if I am texting and doing something else at the same time and then determining what activity is the most worthy of my attention in that moment, etc etc etc. This is how we love the broken fragments of humanity back into the Unity of humanity one conscious choice and action at a time.

Hi DeAnne,

Couple of Tues ago I logged on to my email and I was notified that someone tried getting into my account.  Google sent me the ISP of said Chinaman and so began a week of daily changing my password on many accounts.  The next day I got on my iPad and it was acting funny.  I wasn't allowed to change password/my secret questions weren't accepting my I called Apple.  I got it fixed but someone had gotten into my Apple account.  Not my programs, but account in which they could charge iTunes, apps, etc to me.  As I was in my settings this guy's email came up and I'm sure it was the guy who tried hacking the day before.  How in the devil he knew my IOS and all....but all is well.  I was told to contact my police about this.  Police directed me to FBI page to file a complaint.  I didn't as of yet cause do I want to draw attention to me from FBI?  I dunno...


Dear CB,

All that bother with the hacking - spiritually - was about identity. You are done with one identity, the 3D self- it's really no longer valid - you are not there vibrationally. Yet, neither have you committed and stepped into the other side. Back in 2000 – (the year from hades in my 3D life - 3 moves in 9 months! - couldn't find a place to be that "fit") -my purse was stolen. In the midst of that ordeal and upset my credit was used to rack up around 25 grand worth of goods from here to GA!! It was all resolved - caught the people - had to sign affidavits about all the false charges etc - but the whole thing was really about IDENTITY: the shift from one aspect of self to another one. When you are in between and undecided - there is NO ONE occupying the space and so it is like the blue light special at KMART - hey - look at the easy mark and sweet deal over here!!! 

Along with the hacking experience, you share a lot about miscommunication with your brother, concern about your niece, distancing from your son and a lot of opinion about
how your family in general is behaving and turmoil over it not being how it “should” be. You talk about how tired you are and your energy crashing and deciding to close out your social media accounts in the midst of all this crazy activity. And what is really important to take in and understand is that ALL of these experiences, seemingly all over the place and random, all are connected to YOUR identity.

Brother/Son/ Niece/ family – Identity, Identity, Identity!! These things are coming up because of identity. Who are we? What version of Self are our decisions and perspective and feelings based in? In your relay of the experience - I did not hear, feel, see much upward thrust with the energy - taking the 3D details to the vertical dispensation and wisdom and insight. You can call police and get your energy all tangled with LAW and ENFORCEMENT and RETRIBUTION - but that will not serve your path or keep you safe from it happening again. Things are never what they seem in 3D - something is ALWAYS trying to get your attention   - not the attention of your ego but your higher mind and the wisdom of your Soul. The greater lesson here is bigger than the “what” of what happened - it is about IDENTITY. WHO IS WHO? Are you a Light being remembering herself and intending to love and witness all other from a neutral position - OR are you your 3D identity relating as a sibling with all that entails - with opinion and judgment - seeing what everyone else needs to be doing yet not always so keen at looking, keeping the focus closer to home? This is what ego does - then it never has to change because it is always so busy fixing everyone else's life!!

The best you can do for your niece and your brother and son and SELF - is to offer loving kindness - praise for what is being done right - offer to be there if your help is needed - but keep your energy really close to Self and your consciousness real intent on getting your Self free. Because your challenges and blind spots are your brother’s and your niece’s, your son’s etc etc etc - they are ALL THE SAME energy - the details just take on different guises. The more you think about your biological family and why things are the way they are - the farther away you are from pure Source energy that could help you see it ALL CLEARLY and make choices based in Light versus attachment! 

To step back from all the details here and observe it all from a neutral place, sans emotion, you can see the vacillation from 3D to 5D and back again. And that ambivalence is why you are so tired. It is why your energy is crashing. You are hanging out in uncommitted space where the cells are not getting oxygen. It is neither 3D nor 5D – so the physical self is collapsing. The part of you that went into fear, distress or concern with the technology mishaps, the part of you so sure your family is making poor decisions and the aspect of self welcoming the relief of your son moving out is not the same aspect of Self that is Walking the Ascending Path. Spirit doesn't seek relief - it seeks resolution. Otherwise the door to the past remains open and old emotion, old aspects of self just reinvents itself. The Light of who you are always gravitates always toward peace.

Much of the outer world may “appear” unchanged… but only to that which is unchanged in you! Everything is different! The task at hand is, stepping into those seemingly old scenarios with NEW IDENTITY and expanded awareness. Life in 5D is ALL about being PRESENT TO - transparently so - Present to what is and transforming what is by virtue of WHO WE ARE BEING. To the people we have known long periods of time, our biological family in particular, we are who we have always been – until we show them something different! Someone new.

The egoic self, 3D energy tends to divert responsibility and is content to stay in the mind, seeing other and judging that other, getting in on the spin of it and lured into the drama of what all is “out there.” To bring consciousness into moments of imbalance and chaos is to ask, “why am I distracting myself with all this drama? Because there is something so much more important and relevant and in the highest interest of ALL that I could be doing.” In the transition of Self, issues of identity can be expected. But they need not be painful or of lasting consequence. Ultimately, it is about deciding who you want to be and then committing to reflections of that Self in the many and various aspects of the life you now know.

The New Human Paradigm 2013

Thursday, September 19, 2013

New Paradigm Classes to begin in October!!

The first in a new series of classes from The New Human Paradigm
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The Science Of Consciousness
Living In 5D

Presented by DeAnne Hampton
October 8th through November 15, 2013

This class will be the first in a brand new series of interactive teaching, learning and remembrance. 
experience each week and on going will be one of transparency, vulnerability and actively co-creating a new world. With a template of The New Human, New Consciousness Paradigm and the loving presence of theShining Ones, participants will experience a new type of teaching that will enable them to begin creating vibrational bridges to new  scenarios of life, build personal power, disengage the mental body and strengthen heart consciousness. 

Understanding The Vibrational World
Becoming Vibrational You

                    Themes to be Explored:                                                                                                                                                              
*Cultivating Your Personal Flower Of Life
*Taking The Reins Of Your Life
*Demystifying The Illusion Around Money
*Evolving Relationships
*Health-care and The Revolution of Well-Being
*Activating DNA with Multidimensional Sound

This course will be highly interactive, a participatory experience that will allow you to stretch your consciousness and tap into your personal Divine Blueprint. It is time to move beyond filling yourself up and gathering wisdoms, to intentionally and with courage opening fully to the Light that is here now and the Light brightly lit, within. Those called to this evolutionary experience will not be called by curiosity, but by knowing. On a higher plane and at another place and time - this course was designed by you, for you. DeAnne will serve as a mirror and activator of an initiation you both chose and are prepared to step into at this time. 

DeAnne is a midwife for the space between worlds.
Reetah Maulden, NC

Dear DeAnne,
For the last 3 years I have not missed one of your New Human transmissions. I am
so inspired by your clarity and profound wisdom. You have touched my heart and
changed my life in profound and lasting ways. I am grateful to you and the
Shining Ones.  Jennifer B., Newfoundland

"She who holds the Light, holds the key - to nature and the mind and harmony."
Dear 5D Sister, I heard these words in a song and couldn't help but think of you.
You are like the pied-piper of the Light, leading all the children to a better world.
Thank you for all you do for so many. Love Tom B., New Hampshire

DeAnne has a rock solid center and a supreme connection to Consciousness.
Jennifer K. Seattle

Your transmissions are like a "how to" for ascension. The remembering and reunion
are bountiful. Thank-you for being a way shower and guide for humanity.
Cindy B. Toronto, Canada

DeAnne's work with the Shining Ones is a true multidimensional union.
She is a wonderful channel.  Every show is a portal to a New Paradigm for Humanity.
I am grateful for the New Wisdom of Light coming from her show, her books and
her heart. Michael B. Leicester, NC

The Science of Consciousness will be presented @ 5pm est on consecutive Tuesdays beginning October 8th, 2013.
The energy exchange for this 6 week course is $300. Each class will be available as an mp3 - though being present for the live class is encouraged.The more present you are and the more you engage the energy being extended each week, the more you will personally gain from this course and in turn, contribute to the greater transformation occurring on the planet at this time.

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The New Human Paradigm 2013


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