Friday, June 6, 2014

You And The Tipping Point

In the heart of our being and the love of our Soul, we are REJOICING at the times we are in. Everyday, within the swirl and quickening of the outer reality and especially so when I am in nature - I find myself saying thank-you, thank-you, thank-you for the immensity and fulfillment of this NOW!

This Tipping Point theme seems to be emerging, coming to Light - as the focus, the center-point and teaching remembrance for the next transmission of this New Paradigm on June 12th - just in time to harness and honor the energies of the Full Moon. Even as we know in our hearts what is true, even as we carry on in our devotion to the expansion of our world, we all have questions that linger as to what we are DOING and WHY. Almost daily I am fielding questions about where all the squirrels have gone, the amplified song of the birds, the greater purpose and meaning of the seeming acceleration of TIME and why it is so very important that we return to the Earth in every facet of our lifestyle choices. This new lifestyle pivot of consciousness and energy will be the ongoing theme of the 5D Forum on DeAnne Live beginning this first week of June. I am creating the space - and the many of you are invited into the discussion as we co-create, learn, remember and love one another back into a balance of harmony and peace for our individual lives and the healing of our world.

In my meditations, when I wake in the morning and as I lie in bed at night the Shining Ones are showing me so many facets of the very real tipping point that humanity and earth teeter on in this moment in all Eternity -  and how each one of us is empowered to effect the shift in balance on our planet at this time. So, come join us on June 12th @ 11:11 am eastern for another relevant webcast of transformational energies in support of our transition to a 5D World.

As you grow in your awareness of what your personal relationship is to the Tipping Point of this planetary ascension process, you will be able to affect real change in your personal challenges and in the greater crises of our world. And there will be JOY in the journey - promise! :) The webcasts are scheduled in alignment with the greater movement of energies to anchor key frequency passages... but members of DeAnne Live may listen to the archives at any time, for your convenience.

I look forward to being with you all as we each hold the Light high on our beautiful planet and greater human family! We are the many, returning to ONE!

Much Love,
DeAnne and the Shining Ones