Saturday, December 24, 2011

God Technology, Christ Light and The Birth of a New Human Race

As we come to the end of a year of multifaceted change and breathtaking momentum, the Shining Ones wish to share some reflection on this current passage in our ascension process and the inestimable quality of the year just ahead.

The New Human Paradigm is the destined and prophesied graduation to the highest potential of human consciousness this humanity has ever known. This movement and crystallization of the lower ends of consciousness into Christ Light, a consciousness of God Technology, is a vibrational culmination of a species and planet dedicated to reunification, Oneness and Transcendental Unity. For you see, we are re-membering within a Process we ultimately know Mastery, already embody the technology and cellular information to succeed and recognize ourselves once again, as Light.

The greatest impetus of 2011 was liberation, getting ourselves free and clear of the imbalances of the mental and emotional body and reactive mind. To move without thought is the essential attunement to the moment of NOW, the shift from a linear influence of choice and behavior to a vertical dispensation of knowingness and wisdom.

This is the wisdom piece of a new harmonic of existence for our planet and the beings that inhabit her. We are creating the new earth environment as we go. It is not about planning and logic and sound reasoning, no more “getting your ducks in a row” before adding a new duck. It is about following Spirit first. It is the core re-membrance that on a very profound level you are completely in love with the Light and that within that love is a devotion to the purpose you came to fulfill in these times.

The phenomena of this advancing Light (and there are many) as it activates a new part of the brain for an evolving collective, is that each decision made in the Light, informs the next. No more, no less, but trusting instinct and a still mind to act as the new receptor of a new a very different information stream. The movement is present moment. If you get an inspiration, an instinct, don’t think it and qualify or break it into what ifs and shoulds. Trust that feminine light information stream and take action. It is in the action piece, that each next piece is revealed, Creator and Creation dancing together in an agreed upon partnership to manifest a new level of the game.

As we move into higher dimensional light and learn to integrate new levels of frequency and vibration, the egoic, conscious thinking mind is no longer reliable or even capable of seeing what is ahead. The future is an unknown until we step into it, unless we bring the past and thoughtform with us. The manifestation of a new earth is the integration and assimilation of this new wave of consciousness into minds, bodies and hearts of allowing and surrender – a species waking up to its innate capacity to love, co-create and find meaning not in things or a false use of power… but in joining together toward a shared purpose and goal; the commencement of a New Evolutionary Cycle.

The vision that I have shared often, especially so, the latter part of 2011 is that of intersecting horizontal and vertical lines. More than anything, this image conveys movement, two different energy flows, diversity, yin and yang, masculine and feminine, mind and heart. As we continue our ascent toward this new dispensation of beingness there is an extreme compression of energy, a new gravity is forming, the potential of which is anchoring us to a very new center.

This new center and gravitational pull is the return to zero point, the duality of a denser reality is collapsing into Unity Consciousness. No more separation, One Consciousness, One Light, One Intelligent Organism and World, One Love. Can you imagine? Because imagine we must, at least until we acquire the vision that accompanies our movement to a higher dimension, state of being, consciousness and reality.

There will continue to be as many interpretations of and experiences of this shift as there are levels of consciousness on our Planet, yet what is important here, is that you do have a choice, always, of the experience you desire to have. This New Human Paradigm is a decree of Intention aligned with the higher ends of consciousness and as such, is always going to depict and shine light on the highest probabilities before us in any moment. It is important that we not underestimate the habit of the conscious thinking, egoic mind to gravitate toward denser probabilities. That aspect, a small prism of the Multidimensional Self is characterized by fear, probabilities and influences of the conditioned mind. The disciplines of this new human consciousness are designed to disengage the habitual self, the habit of the conscious thinking mind to see the lower potentials, thus creating vibrational space to see higher probabilities within the old constructs. Each of us entered the earth experience with spiritual eyes, the ability always, to see and know what is true.

There are increasing fields of vibrational joy and very pure streams of Guidance disseminating on our behalf. Pain and suffering are optional, always. The Winter Solstice of 2011 emanated peace, a noticeable lift above the usual swirl of illusion around the holiday. And as I sit in the stillness of this Christmas Eve day, I feel a profound invitation to go deeper into Self and the intention to know Source more intimately.

We must bring care in taking on the experiences of others as a gage for how we are doing, for each individual is experiencing reality and these shifts through their own vibrational compass and harmonic resonance. Again, 2012 is a probability, nothing more and nothing less. There are increasingly so, two very distinct realities before us, one that is conditioned and known, another that lies in wait for our attunement to and re-membrance. More than at any other time in our history on this planet, each of us has the inner capacity to re-member ourselves to a greater template of lightcodes and energetic sustenance. Abundance is here, new possibilities are here, yet they’re flowing through new and very different channels attuned to an evolving world.

Your higher mind, consciousness of god light, Authentic Self and Spirit do not even know the vibrations of the dark forces, the agendas of those who manipulate and control from shadow. This is a simple yet profound Truth. When we consider and more importantly take to heart the tactics and threats of lower vibrating probabilities, we are aligning our consciousness and energy with that reality and therefore are subject to those influences. And yet, the aspect of Self that vibrates beyond the reach and resonant field of these persons, agendas, experiences and physical dis-ease are far greater in scope and power than anything that might defeat it. It is the beautiful analogy of the capacity of one candle to extinguish the dark. A single Light, in its power and understanding of Self, deftly and effortlessly transmutes any and all darkness.

The game of our Spiritual evolution is advancing even as the Light penetrates the last vestiges of separation, any and all things that would defy the Light. Those who have danced with the transmutation of the lower vibrating realms for decades and even lifetimes have done so on behalf of Self, of family lineages and the cellularly imprinted vision of a transformed future Earth. We are weary and the desire is strong for the Shift to find resolution, sooner than later. And it will.

Yet, as we move with and into the pure, rarified air of a New Feminine frequency and the consequent union of the divine masculine in balanced reciprocity, again, we must be willing to surrender the conscious thinking mind, old masculine, expectation, agenda, attachment and manipulation of outcome. In other words, stop playing, participating in the games of the lower consciousness reality. In fact, anything less than total surrender is the manipulation of outcome and a direct vibrational impact on whatever future we might have.

And what does this movement out of mind and into heart consciousness look like? The egoic mind has a need to know, the egoic mind wants to direct and teaches from a place of separation, ie there is a you and there is a me. The new consciousness is a new energy, in that all movement is vertical. We gather from the still mind and act from this wisdom, as well. Imagine Light pouring into your field, body and mind from a vertical energy flow, liquid light that behaves as water pouring into the top of your head and filling your whole being. As it does so, it alters the mechanics of your mind, body and heart. And because you are present to it rather than in the habitual self or a groove of conditioned consciousness, the reactive mind, you are informed anew, in each moment. A new partnership commences.

Stay with this image of liquid light filling your physical vessel, to eventually seep out at your feet and into your reality. These new light waves are creating the potential of new harmonics within, a new codex of being that will inform your reality, your experience and relationships, all inclusive. We are shifting from human doings who are conditioned to will our reality into place, to human beings who trust and allow our inner light, instinct and capacity for love to inform and redefine the existence around us. As you relearn your capacity to be still, to observe and move through your reality mindfully and from heart consciousness, you will be in a constant state of awe at how synchronized everything becomes. This movement from a construct of separation to one of Unity Consciousness is the embodied understanding that we alone create our reality and have the power to reinvent ourselves to a new level of the game.

The new human symbol accompanying this note is a vibrational progression of the vertical and horizontal energy convergence I shared above. In it you will find the elements of God Technology, Christ Light, Heart Consciousness, New Earth and New Sun. A combined expression of sacred geometry and vibrational light, this symbol conveys the evolutionary means to our ascension as a new human race. I encourage you to just breathe that awareness in… place your hand over your heart, smile, let go of the need to understand with the mind and just feel. Allow. This moment within all time and space is a remembrance. Meditate on the harmonics within this symbol. Merge your consciousness with its frequency and light-codes. This will serve as a powerful attunement in the days ahead as we courageously step into a new future of human potential.

When I speak of technology such as god technology and higher mind technology, it is important to open your conscious thinking mind beyond primitive understandings and 3D definitions of technology, as in technical means, applied sciences and industry. An expanded understanding of technology as capacities of light, consciousness and energy, is the movement beyond linear definitions and constructs to vertical information and spiritual attunement.

If you meditate on God Technology, it is Infinite Capacity. To embody and reside in the frequency of God Technology is our innate, divine ability to communicate telepathically, to move objects with our minds, walk through walls, bi-locate, teleport, slow down the aging process and live hundreds of years in perfect health. It is the reservoir of Infinite Mind, the capacity to time travel and materialize whatever we need in an instance. This is the directional remembrance we are moving in and towards as new humans. We carry the codes for a new earth in our DNA and have the power, means and support now, in this moment in time, to activate them.

Christ energy is already in the DNA. Beyond the dogmas and religious distortion of Christ Consciousness, when we run this remembrance through our heart’s feeling nature, we recognize the Master Jesus as a representative of the future – a reflection of the highest potential of our humanity. In the Light of Christ Consciousness, there is no separation, no you, no me, no other, just One beautiful all inclusive and unconditional, Love.

This is a critical time for the human species. No longer can we afford to play at spirituality, we must truly begin our merging of consciousness to a higher octave of existence, expand our mind to the possibility of creating other actions and choices with different results. At the core of these new mind technologies for the human race is Unity Consciousness, the new human ability to think as One, move with the consciousness of One, act on behalf of Self, as if there is only One. Breathe into that energetic. It changes the whole movement of existence from a top down, linear mentality of separation, to a circular, spiritual relationship with time, each other and Cosmos. Within the Self of an in-dwelling Spirit lie DNA light strands that are waiting to be activated by your attunement to them. It is that simple and that profound. This is no longer a time of gathering and learning. This is a time of stilling the mind and remembering your devotion to Gaia and the great Mystery of worlds beyond this known.

The year ahead for humanity will be turbulent at best, environmentally, politically, financially, in resources and social uprising. For those operating within the old constructs and conditioning, still attached to the old paradigm and duality of form, there will be less and less security, less to find comfort in or derive meaning from. For those on the path of Light and following Spirit, IT must become your only devotion. This is the new spirituality of this final ascent into the gateway of 12/12/12. Either everything is spiritual or nothing is. This alone must be our motivation and intent.

2012 will be a huge disappointment for many, but the gift of many lifetimes for those in a perpetual state of surrender and attunement to the new human templates of a new earth. Just as with the 11/11/11 gateway, we will experience a reality ongoing aligned with our consciousness and energy. There is the reality around you at any given moment – and then there is a truer existence that is returning to a state of harmony and balance. Take care with expectations. Your whole being is best served by your efforts to redefine Self and the reality you live in now, not hanging expectations on some promise or prophesied event on the near or distant horizon. The future is woken up by the choices we make in the present. This is the power we bear as Light.

In my own dance of remembrance with the Light, especially so these last weeks of 2011, I have felt myself immersed in a sea of gardenias. Day and night, inside and out, in meditation or in moments of human doingness, I have been enveloped in the aroma and magnitude of thousands of gardenias. For the longest time, I was content to just be with this phenomenon – take it in, recognizing that this sweet element of smell was indeed connected to higher realms presence. But I was guided to explore it a bit more for the sake of sharing the significance and meaning connected to the greater passage we are in just now. Flowers, just as with animals, carry vibrational medicine, essence for our expanding consciousness and energy. Gardenias reflect refinement, pure vibration and the frequency of JOY! For you as an evolving consciousness and this reality as an evolving world, this is the gift there is to have in these times.

Everywhere, all around, in each moment, are worlds within worlds within worlds, vibrational expressions of an existence born out of love. Everything is here in this moment, a NOW orchestrated by you, of you, on your behalf; all dimensions, all possibilities, the Totality of Love, of God, of you as a Universal Being of Light.

Stay in your heart space and feel only Joy, connect with the earth as your most important work for this is her ascension. She will guide us safely to a new dimensional space, the frequency of home. The nature piece cannot be emphasized enough, everything in nature is amplified in tones and colors and harmonics, as is the presence of the Shining Ones. Take time to be with her, with Self, with the nothingness and the advancing Light of these Central Race Beings.

There is a new consciousness radiating as a spiraling light within and around the earth, within and around you. Breathe it in and take it into your heart space. Allow it to flow into your lives as a new energy of remembrance, reunion, Divine Feminine, Cosmic Destiny. All Creation travels together. As we move with new minds, new hearts and new bodies into a new possibility of existence, may we join together in the frequency of Love, for the sake of Love, empowered as One Intention, One World, One Being…One Love.

DeAnne Hampton © 2011