Wednesday, August 17, 2011

A New Earth Harmonic, The Shining Ones Speak

The ascension energies coming to our beautiful blue planet at this time are awe-inspiring and profound. Everyday, I feel the something wonderful that is happening for all of humanity - if we only have the clear sight and open hearts to receive. This NOW is about a new dispensation of beingness, where we all dare to step out into a light that defies all that has been in shadow. Moving out of duality and into Oneness means living a life true to your heart, true to the purpose you came to fulfill, true to a Love that far exceeds the perimeters of the mind. The Vibrational World is a Presence that has an Eternal Rhythm and Intelligence. Only when we are willing to let it all go, whatever it is…. concern for our safety, fear of lack, questions about family and loved ones, attachments to things, allegiances to false structures and misconceptions of the bodies innate design - it is in the willingness to surrender the consciousness and belief structure of an old reality that a new reality of existence comes in and supports us as new Life. Trust is a direct realization that comes when we are truly ready to know and be a new people, co-creating a new world, as One.

Everything that speaks from the subtle worlds at this time vibrates Unity, reconciliation, a return of all opposites, to One Organism of Light. If you have been following the New Human Paradigm in its weekly transmissions, we have seen truly how everything from the dates of Disclosure to the increasingly intelligent design of Crop Circles, the return of Jaycee Dugard and the energetic significance of the Caycee Anthony drama – Solar Flare activity, droughts and floods, new deceptions ongoing connected to our politicians - and a Financial Crisis that will not get better within the consciousness that created it!!!! All these things and themes and facets within the 3rd Dimensional realm have been looked at and restructured within the higher mind template of The New Human Paradigm. All seeming reflections of separation, returned to balance through a Consciousness and Energy that is both future oriented and ancient in design. This New Paradigm is a genetic re-membrance, and the Shining Ones are the Extraterrestrial Race committed to activating the individual and Collective Codex of both a new humanity and New Earth!

The Shining Ones gather in the Ancient Sites around the earth at this time. They have intimate connection with the Earth’s mutating energetics and commune on the planet’s surface where the vibrations are refined, pure and of the highest sustained frequencies. I have been working with an area of nature here in the Carolinas for a dozen years now where I am able to commune freely and often with the Shining Ones. Though these beings have been with me in awareness and heart consciousness my entire life and are as near as the breath, to all ready to re-member them…it is in pristine nature, ancient and sacred vortices around the earth, that they can be visibly seen and interacted with. They carry the genetic codes of every race and star system that has ever existed because they are Central Race Beings. I know that when I connect with and hold counsel with the Shining Ones, I am holding counsel with every other intelligence, Culture, civilization and realm that has or will ever exist. Every opposite corrects itself and returns to its true origin within the frequency of these Advanced Light Race beings. All that has been sleeping awakens and all that has been forgotten comes necessarily into a New Light, with the attunement to and invitation of the deep heart, to their vibrational Light.

I was hanging out in the Blue Light of one of the sacred vortices in the Shining Ones Woods last week, and had an experience that was meant to be shared; must be shared. I admit I had to step back a bit and just let it marinate, vibrate and attune to my own vibrational structure. I easily embodied it and understood from the level of my high mind, yet there was a certain degree of grounding down of its essence and implication that needed to happen for me to express it into words. I was quite high up, at the top of the highest mountain range within hundreds of miles of National Forest land. I had both dogs with me and was taking a moment to just be deeply immersed in the harmonics present - the tones of the earth and sacred geometry surrounding me like a mother’s womb.

Suddenly, my awareness became astutely poised on a looming sound I could not readily identify. The dogs nudged in closer to me, sidled right up against me and fidgety with uncertainty. They too, could hear the sound. As the intensity and decibel grew, there was nothing more I could do than surrender to the moment, be in the experience with all my being and TRUST the existence I have come to know as only Love. There was no fear, though there easily could have been! I was aware that “this is a moment that could be interpreted fearfully.” Yet, I do not entertain that consciousness anymore. It is just not on my radar or in my energy field because in entertaining the possibility of a fear based reality, I negate the Presence of Love.

The sound grew in intensity, the ground actually vibrated as both a high piercing tone and a deeper roar combined to create a formidable sonic field that now practically enveloped the reality around me. The sound was so deafening, that it pushed everything else, all awareness outside of the moment, away. I was still. There was nothing for me to do but be in the experience. I was not the least bit uncomfortable. I was in what I consider to be one of the safest places on the earth. But the outcome was immensely uncertain, because all the variables were new. I looked up as the sound lined up with the space I was in, to see if I could see something - what? I was not sure. In a moment’s space of time, there was a vacuum and everything went still. Instantly, I could see, witnessed, experienced a vapor cloud/translucent, fluid field of energy between myself, and the sound now directly overhead. I thought, “is this a sonic boom”… it wasn’t a sonic boom, but then – was it? Utter silence! Imagine being in a vacuum? The forest around me, prolific with exquisite nature glowed, was lit up! Every tree and every leaf had a halo of Light, the same energy field that was pressing into the experience at hand. I then heard the most beautiful melody, a song from the mystery, clear and succinct like cathedral bells. And then voices - like a choir with beautiful harmony! Within fifteen minutes of first hearing the sound phenomenon, all went silent and I was back in the experience of the woods with the dogs! Peace.

Now, if I have learned anything about life here on earth, there are very few things we know for sure. Yet, within the vibrational world, existence communicates with you from a level beyond the mind’s understanding, to the knowingness and peace of the heart. This, truly, is the greatest Shift humanity is undergoing at this time, that of moving from the Consciousness of Ego to Heart Consciousness, once again. I know the ancient land of the Shining Ones Woods so intimately… I know the language of the Light and hear the voice of the Mystery with greater trust than the uncertainties of the world of form. So, I tuned in and felt the energy of this unlikely occurrence, knowing it was purposeful, understanding its significance within the current shift humanity is undergoing. I know these woods to be “protected”, their resonance creating a frequency band that holds it vibrationally suspended above the denser planes and intentions, not to mention that the entire woodland is blanketing a foundation of crystals.

What few may know is that there are underground bases in the mountains of the Western Carolinas… this area is both used and observed by the Government, as well as a vibrational reservoir for extraterrestrial activity! On the one hand, I have often witnessed black op/military aircraft canvassing these mountains and certain central locations seem to be of immense interest to the powers that be. The President himself has visited here many times since his inauguration, all the while our city is booming as roads and air port are upgraded, as if in preparation for unknown events and possible safe zones. Conversely, I have witnessed and commune with several ancient sites, all of which have ancient markings, symbols and codes in geometrically arranged stone structures. Further still, I have seen/been shown the energy field of ships around these ancient sites.

Now, I am not a suspicious person, I personally have little time for conspiracy theories and follow the practice of being present to what is right in front of me versus the many probable potentials that hover in the energetic pulse of a desperate, dismantling world. I simply wish to suss out the backdrop of my experience in the woods on this early August morning, 2011! “Something” invisible to the naked eye – passed over Asheville – something that broke the sound barrier and cloaked itself in mystery. But the greater impact that was made, gifted in this synchronistic moment of alignment – is that there was a visible confluence of two very different energy fields. I witnessed a transparent, electromagnetic wave, a liquid plane of harmonic oscillation between where I stood in the woods, blue light and nature all around me – and the activity and intention above it. I felt as if I was looking through an interdimensional looking glass, posing as an energy field that delineated two very different realities! All the while, there was peace. All the while, I felt grounded to an assured stillness that invited me to witness a phenomenon of the new energy present, a glimpse into how we will move forward into a new level of existence while the old reality and game plays itself out!

The 3rd Dimensional Earth is no longer present. She has completed her cosmetic and structural changes. This is not a fanciful ideal or information disseminated from the linear plane. 5th World is an experience and consciousness I personally experience every day. Yet the “echo” of the consciousness we once were as a Collective, lingers in shadowed operations and essentially ill-fated attempts to hold a species captive to its past. What this moment of High Magic communicated to me – visually, through sound and wave form and the vibrational mirror of my own heart, is that the new structures now in place on our earth, the fields of Light energy and harmonic resonance are capable of deflecting and even over-riding dissonance and negative forces of those still bound in denser planes. Even within this utterly defiant moment of deception and secrecy of a few acting on behalf of the many, there was an Intelligence present that vibrated with a profound stillness, exemplified peace~ and I heard within the convergence, new harmonics, tones and colors of Peace. The Light made visible what so many already know in their hearts and that is, what we as yet see with the naked eye are but illusions entrained to the egoic mind. A new Presence and New Earth is commanding a new center of authority and the whole Universe is expanding in response to this awakening.

What was impressed upon me that day is that the earth knows what is coming… and she is moving out ahead of whatever else must come to pass. I encourage you to really drink that awareness in, breathe into the deep heart of your own re-membrance. Truly, many prophecies are running, dates loom in possibility, as the minds and hearts of an evolving species peer into the unknown future of our world. We can look to these prophecies and dates in anticipation of what might happen… yet we must equally use care in recognizing our tendency as a species to be in the mind, which takes us out of the present moment and the power we have to change. The greater choice in interacting with and learning to embody these new waves of light is for each to truly look within, get in touch with your own hearts and begin to LIVE A LIFE that demonstrates a more conscious existence! You can change your world… I know people who have and reside, gratefully among them. It is so much easier to not change – yet then your world continues to belong to the consciousness of ego, mired in separation - versus the wisdom and desires of your heart.

We must begin to recognize that the vibrations of Duality are dense and heavy, leaving us exhausted and without inspiration. Habits, attachments and practices of the world of form are designed to drain us, distort the thinking process and hold us in fear. We can live without the attachments and ego comforts we have grown so accustomed to. So, many struggle and are clueless what to do as the reality they have known comes undone all around them. And yet, for those who are awake, we must begin to consciously and steadfastly be the open door for others to see, be shown, reminded of their spirit and that there is another level of power available to them! It is so important to share what you know and are feeling from the higher dimensions. The New Whole is comprised of us, each day, demonstrating the re-membrance of this LOVE and behaving as if we are already free. Because we are! Our freedom is our JOY! Our freedom is our ability to Create. Our freedom is the power of choice we have, in who we give our monies to and focus our minds on and invest our time in. Wonderful things will transpire according to how we handle or interpret what occurs daily. This Shift is happening NOW! The future is not something outside of us, some distant event. The future is who we are being in this moment! That is our greatest power!

The process of becoming a unique and sovereign individual is one of the greatest contributions that we can make to the world in which we live. Connect to what makes you feel good – to your Authentic Self which is motivated everyday by the gratitude of the deep heart, to special friends and those who see you as Light, to your creative nature, to the Earth and the Joy we share with the Mother…we must necessarily bring who we are, our Authentic heart, to the planet at this time. Life will no longer be a chore as we move with the new possibilities all around us. The New Earth vibrates in timelessness. As you release your dependency of schedules and timelines and perpetually unmet expectations of your personality construct, you will know the exuberance and wonder of having all the time you need to develop your creative nature and love unconditionally from a heart that is truly free. Life as you know it today bears little resemblance to one that has been reunited with the vibrational world. A new living language will soon be known to those devoted to the earth’s ascension. Loss is not possible within the new consciousness and understanding of your own spiritual light! Fear will return once again to love and the new human nature will be released from dependency on outmoded structures of social and global enterprise.

Something amazing is waiting to be found, within your re-membrance of Love. This new Light seeks a voice in you and expression through you. There is not a right or wrong way to evolve, but there is a choice of how the new earth comes to pass for you. Your belief in sacrifice and unworthiness is second only to fear of the unknown. Stay out of your minds beloveds, there is nothing you do not know. You are genetically linked to the greatest intelligences and wisdom of the Universe and there can be no comparison of the magnitude with which you are loved. Though much is dependent on the sentient beings of the little blue planet and your history runs deep in your data banks… a new crystalline structure is activating within your cellular bodies that will continue to nurture you toward conditions that reflect your Light versus those that seem determined to defeat you. Remember in each moment that the new earth is a co-creative environment that vibrates with your Divine nature. Dare to live that divine nature and you will receive all the Guidance and support necessary to transition to a new life. Know there is a general rising up of the Collective, which serves to balance every initiative you make toward designing new structures around being versus doing. You must create space each day to commune with the Mystery, to disengage mind and open your heart to what you love.

This New Light, the Consciousness and Energy of the New Earth now vibrating throughout a new galaxy for this humanity, it seeks expression – through you! That is the most important thing you need know and feel into. Step outside the perimeter of self you have known, each day, with the Intention to know the greater love of who you are. Listen for the generous ways in which the Light responds, the miracle of you responding to you from the highest expression of your own Light. The resonant frequency of the earth is lifting, as is your own unique vibrational signatures. Tune into and allow time for your heart space. Nothing can keep you from your actualization – you must trust that. There is a new harmonic on earth at this time and it is singing you home.

© The New Human

DeAnne Hampton August 2011