Monday, May 16, 2011

Reflections from The New Human Consciousness

Hi DeAnne,

I wanted to ask you a question. Sometimes when I sleep I feel my feet and part of legs go paralysed, as if something is passing through them. Last night I got my right leg and knee going into cramp and it becomes unbearable. Is our DNA getting upgraded or what? It is really scary....on top of that I do have a bad knee already which I am getting physio for? Would luv to know your take on this? Thanks DeAnne. Love & Light Aniz

Hi Aniz!

Everyone's experience is going to be different because we are all vibrating differently! The fact that you have some fear around it is something for you to take into consideration because that will affect outcome greatly!

But I can SAY to you that I periodically have experiences with my hands and arms going numb - it ONLY happens in bed, which is information in itself. Always step back and FEEL INTO your experience so you can get a clear feel vs emotional distortion ie fear.

There is a lot of work occurring during dreamtime - the body is in ongoing cellular upgrade/repatterning - which sounds positive, yes. But it is also stress on the body, as well. Anytime we have symptoms that are uncomfortable, there is ALWAYS something that we can and could be doing to relieve the situation and "assist" the body in its restructuring. We are not passive observers of the ascension - we are to be co-creating WITH these energies. So I would definitely meditate on this experience when you are in CLEAR space - not the anxiety of it. Consciously working with the light body is critical at this time - you must have a discipline and support in doing so! Connect with and ask the earth for support as her body is undergoing the same transformation as ours!

Unusual activity with the feet and legs almost always has to do with grounding - are working to consciously ground the new light frequencies? We must be working with the light body consistently to integrate the higher dimensions of consciousness now grounding. Also, legs and feet are about mobility and forward movement - and if you are having symptoms of "paralysis", BE STILL and look at what you are afraid of about this Process and the mystery and who you will be as you step into your power and true purpose here. There is a lot of responsibility in that and the egoic aspect can and will create all sorts of diversion and distraction and fear to keep you in a cocoon of limitation!!

Hope that helps!! All love to you! ♥DeAnne


I need the wisdom bat swung up against my head! I'm up to my eyeballs in 3D crap confused w/ rolling over and letting someone take advantage of me/us. Where does valor cease and 'this is not my problem' kick in?

Another question that I've had for a while is the literal definition of "heart" in be in your heart, listen to your heart, open your heart chackra...I've never taken this to be my literal thump thump heart..but also don't really know what to visualize either.

And, a few times lately I have been looking at stuff w/ my eyes and it turns kind of 'pixel-y' as in reality sort of doesn't 'look' 'right', do ya know what I mean?

Other than this, I am Good. I'm still riding the mystery as in I don't really know what I'll be doing and where I'll be in a months' time. This still excites me. Most of the time my focus is where it needs to be.

K. Johnsen, Australia

Hi there!!! ♥♥♥

Who is taking advantage of you??? Sounds like you are taking something personally and wanting someone to "behave" J - conform to your ideals! Which is OF COURSE - ego!!

We have constant choices to flow WITH the environment and people around us - or move on! Butting heads and staying in resistance is ego - needing to be right. THINKING IT IS RIGHT!! Determined to conform the reality around it! The old consciousness no longer has a foundation, it is dismantling and quickly! It only exists as we perpetuate it. I encourage the many constantly on the show that we must step forward into new, create from stillness, move without thought or in reaction to what is. It is no longer our responsibility as evolving beings to “fix” things, correct, make right, justify or try to redeem the 3rd dimensional reality – that is a consciousness we no longer reside in if we are working with the Light and intending to move with the earth to new residency!

I am actually speaking a little to the heart question next show (5/19)- first I will say you are asking like you are in school - like there is something to learn or get that you don't yet comprehend. That is ego. And it blocks your remembrance of what is already YOU... instinctual - not foreign or difficult or illusive. Looking is counterintuitive to allowing. 5D is allowing. 3D is figuring things out - making things happen! Work with that, infuse that “seeing” into every moment of your shapeshifting reality! Your heart IS your feeling nature - your feeling nature IS a consciousness without emotion (stickiness) - it is Spiritual YOU: instinctual, intuitive, deciding/choosing anew in each moment. FEELING vs. judging the reality around you. The heart chakra is the physical hearts quantum equivalent. The energetic heart is the portal of the Soul’s Consciousness, the love of God, Spirit, 1st Source, Creation through you; a child of Oneness. It is the part of you that connects directly to Divine Light, vertical dispensation, the feminine instinct and your ability to see the future accurately! You understand then, that the new human of the new earth is in the inbetween space of you viewing an old reality, and responding differently!

I know you are already aware that the first paragraph of your question is you out of center - you judging - you IN ego, not in heart. Heart consciousness is a vibration - a frequency - when you are there, there is not frustration. You see what is and you make a decision to allow - or remove yourself from that vibration and consciousness. It is not that you do not "know" the definition of heart - it is that you want to confine it. Why would one “need” to visualize it - - - that moves it back up to the head. You know this consciousness by how it FEELS - how it vibrates - when you are in it - there is peace, when you are in it - nothing is outside of you, you see ALL as you and then you go back inside and do the work to see where you are not "loving" and being peace. If visuals are what work for you - think of the heart as a room. The room is utter peace, peace in knowing or not knowing, peace in being who you are and allowing others to be who they are. When you start seeing where others fall short and asking why they cannot step up - you have stepped out of the room of the heart.

The pixel experience is likely frequency surges, assemblage point shifts, your vibrational body alternating between realities. You are changing interiorly - cellularly - and for a while - the 3D reality around you will morph and shapeshift - blur, get more vivid than 20/20!!! alternately, as you, your known identity aspect, adjusts and learns to live more in a higher frequency on a regular basis. Learning curves and growing pains!! Always feel free to run ascension symptoms by me.... it is good to get reference points!!


Below it the discussion I had with a mom of a teenager: The teen is going through typical mood swings and the mom goes back and forth between “losing it” and coddling the teen to make the “rough waters” more smooth.

New Human Paradigm: There is no should and no road map - it is about moving energy and each person has different programs and neurosis, interpretation systems and intentions involved. You say you know you are more than a mom and wife – you must start thinking and behaiving that way when you have these teachable moments. (teen rebellion, defiant behavior, slacker tactics and emotional meltdowns!) That day - you soothed and comforted - but I am betting that the discussion you had - you HAD before and will have again! For all parents/adults involved with teens, if there are ‘recurring’ episodes of any kind, then you know your interactions with the teen are emotionally invested, hasty and superficial. It is possible - real possible – to go deeper!! Move past the surface drivel of 3D and take on the RESPONSIBILITY of waking people up - shining light! Yes, even our kids! ESPECIALLY our kids! One of the greatest gifts that we can extend to self, family and the greater evolving world, is to begin seeing the things that steal our power and then either use the creative mind and instinct to recreate past scenarios in the moment, present, conscious to the now moment - - - or remove yourself from the drama quickly! In so doing, you are teaching others to see and bring consciousness to the things that steal their power, as well. ! So many parents do get caught up in teen drama and then upon seeing the situation more clearly after then fact, regret the lost and fractured moments. When you are awake, alert, approaching each day and experience as NEW – which they all are in present moment consciousness, then there are no regrets because it is no longer mind that defines the reality around you, but LOVE!

After almost a dozen years working with at-risk kids and a private practice working with the child/family dynamic… I can say to you that the number one struggle, challenge and crisis for our young people of ALL ages is that they do not feel seen! Now more than ever, in this current Transparency, the young ones are re-membering their sovereignty at much greater rates than the adult population! They instinctively know that the future rests on their independent movement, being able to create a future unique to their gifts and individuality

The greater pattern within humanity is that we are not interacting with them from the moment, but from expectation and conditioning and past experiences; theirs, ours and societal. Children are innately happy, content, inquisitive, curious, passionate and creative… with a desire to participate and contribute. They are much closer to their innate sensibility of Unity Consciousness than the adult population. If they have lost that connection and essence, we must help them to re-member. Our kids are the clearest reflection of who we are being, the adult care-givers, those closest to them. As children, we must see their imbalances and struggles as the very likely things/aspects we are not addressing and/or seeing within ourselves. The young people, any being under 20 in particular, will be increasingly pushed by these new light energies to break free from the imposed upon rules and expectations of the crazy system of 3D reality.

If you are at all awake and working your path as a spiritual adult, I encourage you to take your young ones under your wing and TALK TO THEM ABOUT THE LIGHT! Talk to them about our higher realms counterpart and the very pivotal time we are in as a species. It is a given that these moody, unruly, willful or obstinate teens came in knowing the critical role they will play in the leadership of future earth. You owe it to yourself and them to see them more clearly and give them lots of space to be something different than your offspring. In actuality, they are highly evolved beings of light in their own right. We must give them the space and support to explore themselves and experience their own peace beyond the confines of the grooves we so easily come to interact with them within. The next time your teen misses curfew or yells at you or conveniently forgets to do homework, STOP, breathe into your center and then imagine having a moment of presence with them that will leave them contemplating your exchange, feeling the new energy present and even dreaming about the event. Trust who they are.

For moms, housewives, females suddenly stepping into a new awareness of Self and the world around them:

From Carrie:

I have never really had to live on my own and support myself and and figure things out independently. When it comes to doing things for myself or making a decision based on just my needs, I am not so comfortable or even sure if that is right. My family needs me and depends on me… what are they to do if I start making decisions based on my needs, leaving them to do other things, travel, take classes or personal sojourns. Nothing is more important to me than my purpose and responsibility to the Light – yet I am the glue that holds 3D together and I must consider everyone else!!

New Human Paradigm:

I am sorry Carrie, but this is YOU arguing for your limitations – egoic chatter that is both contradictory and counterintuitive.

nothing is more important than my purpose and responsibility to the Light’ -

‘I am the glue that holds 3D together and I must consider EVERYONE else before me!!”

The egoic mind is an endless trap - keeps us in a loop of unconscious beliefs -and then we are not free - to be and feel and create a conscious reality! I imagine inside the typical human brain - everything is constantly cross firing in nonsensical circuitry! Victim Consciousness is a deep groove in human history and the egoic mind all too easily assigns much more importance to its perception of reality, which leads to thinking within a very limited box of the Finite Self! Shutting out, snuffing out, the Light of Spirit!!!

You have served ONE ROLE within the context of your family - how much can you imagine LOVING THEM..... in an Eternal way!!

The patterns we perpetuate with family members, the unconscious grooves and emotional “habits” reflect an understanding of reality that is dense –operating in duality rather than a transparent and Authentic community. I would ask you to contemplate what Spiritual Integrity is, because yours is PRIMED for you to get back in touch with it. We are a species of free will and choice. And where there are no right and wrongs in the ‘handbook’ of vibrational re-membrance, it is really important that we live consistent with our own beliefs and strive to be present in what we do rather than continue to perpetuate separation and emotional fragmentation. It is critical that we pivot, individually and collectively, from the focus of a reality “out there”, to begin once again, creating and living life from the inside out, the life of the Authentic Self. As quickly and with the Intention that the ascensions spiral is now moving, who am I is not only the most important focus of our lives, the response is changing everyday. Are we ready to begin the true work of creating lives of meaningful purpose for the sake of the Soul and an evolving world? Right now, right here, in this moment, is a potential frequency alignment with a world yet to come and a “you” yet to emerge! I encourage you to stay with the New Human disciplines that will serve to quiet the ego chatter, assisting you in building a new field of relevancy and purpose around you. Stay in the moment and feel into your heart. The new world must be born through us! That is your greatest responsibility!


Hi DeAnne!

So why is it that when I looked outside yesterday I saw what looked like lightening (but larger, thicker) come shooting up from the ground? what made it even more interesting was 2 white leopards leaped out of that light . Every window and door I looked out of those same two leopards looked in at me grinning. Sometimes I wonder at my own sanity. but then again. Ha... never a dull moment...

blessings of spring to you, fran/miaharte

Dear Fran/Miaharte!

You can always discern the validity and frequency/consciousness of your experience by how it "feels" to you. It matters not what the mind says or how the lower consciousness interprets.... but HOW DOES IT FEEL.

The Light, these higher light waves and advanced beings of Light are using our everyday experiences, our dreamtime, our nature /disposition and primary interpretation system to communicate with us. How we respond, what we are open to and what gives us pause or causes reaction... every experience and encounter is registered within our bioenergetic matrix.

We are known by our vibrational signatures interdimensionally, and as the veils continue to thin, we will have infinite and increased opportunity to "talk back to the Light" and show our willingness to move with and within the mystery!! The unknown is indeed, making itself known!♥

In Light, DeAnne

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Mystery of the Mountains Vortex Tours and Spiritual Renewal

The Earth has long been this humanity's vibrational mirror. At no other time in our history as a species has the Earth Mother offered the invitation and potential that she does now to the human family. All of her vortices around the world, known and unknown, are activating. Her chakras and light body are cleansing, restructuring and rebalancing as she moves into a new position in the Cosmos and we have the opportunity to move with her in a synchronized attunement of expansion. We are evolving with our Beloved Gaia to a new consciousness and energy, individually and as a New Earth Family.

The Appalachian Mountains are among the most ancient in the world. Their history, lore, and vibrational significance have captivated the human spirit for hundreds of millions of years. The heart of this majestic band of mountains is located in Asheville, NC, in itself, a spiritual vortex with very high light and crystalline energy.

I have lived in Asheville for 16 years, called here myself by the ancient wisdom and vibrational potential of this mountain region. What I have learned from the Earth and the Ancients in my time with these mountains, is that every human being has an Galactic Earth Coordinate that is attuned to their highest vibrational potential and that the energies, the mystery and wisdom in Asheville and surrounding areas can facilitate your re-membrance of that Soul Signature! Once you are attuned to that inner harmonic, your path will greatly accelerate in synchronicities and Guidance to get you on purpose and in your power. I bring a synthesized background of sound healing, intuitional psychology, music and sacred geometry to Activate DNA and facilitate the embodiment of energy consciousness!

Vortexes are places on the land where the electromagnetic energy is strong and brought to the surface. They both intersect and follow lay lines of the earth's meridians, or grid systems: active, flowing, spiraling patterns of distinct healing force, subtle, yet powerful. Having worked with the Earth Grid and the ancients of these mountains since 1995, I am able to attune to individuals and groups through the energies of the earth and engage vortex energy in helping a person to heal their body, mind and spirit. This serves to create a new spaciousness of being with which to connect with and discover the Authentic Self. The time spent in these spiritual immersions is a time for you to free the mind and clear the heart of perceptions, beliefs, limitations and history that no longer serves.

A Spiritual Vortex can be activated within each individual who journeys to them through intention and for some, a bit of guidance. I have been taking individuals, couples or group energy on customized vibrational excursions for over a decade and am guided ever deeper into relationship and mastery with these ancient mountains. Every experience is customized to the individual, the moment and intention... opportunity designed to meet the preparation and readiness of the Seeker. These on the land hiking adventures can be anywhere from 2 hours to full-day and weekend vortex tours of spiritual attunement!

Each of the 5 vortexes journeys offered has a unique energy signature.

Cathedral Rock vortex is the most popular with inspiring views. One can access their Higher Self Matrix or inner guides, view their life on the greater time/space continuum, travel to the heart of the earth mother and open the self to healing. This magnetic vortex grounds and supports an individual, strengthening the earth element while opening to the Cosmic Heart. You can actually see and feel the world grid here!

Interdimensional Canyon vortex is more electric in nature, showing one resolutions to challenges and new ideas, expanding the awareness of higher dimensional energies. Working with the Central Column of Light and the pristine consciousness of water. Interdimensional Canyon vortex opens and stimulates the chakra system while supporting finding clarity in one's life path. This experience gives the ability to intuitively alter and adjust any situation.

Altar of the Soul Vortex is an easy hike and requires limited hiking skills, yet is powerful in its pulsing resonance. Again, like Interdimensional Canyon vortex, it is electric, carrying energies upwards and creating new ways to view old problems. New ideas and thoughts can flood the consciousness in those wanting this experience.

Shining Ones Forest vortex is vast with strong harmonics and rich with sacred geometries. It is both grounding and uplifting, and works deftly with all chakras to restore balance. One feels nourished and strengthened, recharged, aligned and with renewed spiritual commitment. The trees are alive with essence that pulses and breathes with you, as a mirror. There is an ancient site that rests on lay lines with the Earth's more well know ancient sites, pristine water channels and significant extraterrestrial energy. The hikes here can be intense and the energy extremely transformative!

Enchanted Forest Sky Portal vortex is an awesomely beautiful hike up a rugged switchback trail. The climb is medium to strenuous but with the rewards of views that are phenomenal. Orb energy is especially high here as well as mirrors for the Authentic Self. One can step backward or forward through time to access other time lines and gather a new center and power of Self as a doorway to Divine Purpose.

Cascading Falls, Spiritual Re-union and JOY Vortex is an incredible hike east of Asheville. From pleasant strolls along the river on the lower tiers to fierce ascents on the upper falls, this experience is a compact vision quest you will not soon forget! The earth energy is strong, Gaia's heart, her elements and the devic kingdom all converge in this vortex, even as they engage the angelics and awaken the inner child - creating a power you can truly embody! Many dolphin memories and dreams are accessed through this area.

What Is Your Investment? If you want to experience a truly life-changing transformation, we recommend devoting 3 to 5 full days to your personalized spiritual retreat with Mystery of the Mountains Vortex Tours. Travel time and sightseeing can be added to either end of your stay in and around the mountains of Asheville, NC. Each spiritual adventure and nature attunement is designed and customized for the individual. You may choose anywhere from a 2 hour to 3 day tour of the magic and mystery that is this ancient mountain range. No matter how great or small the time you gift to this renewal and activation, you will enter into the experience as an identity you know yourself to be... and leave with greater connection to your multidimensionality, a new found joy and freedom.