Wednesday, October 31, 2012

We Are Each Other's Keeper

Thank you for your teaching efforts ;your message is provocative, fascinating, and so far in my experience, frustrating as I attempt to expand my reality by integrating the info. you teach, into my life. I, no doubt am not a good student; but I keep "tuning" in, wk after wk for over a yr now. my intent is to pass on to my adult children, that which I learn from you. I would hope this to be my legacy to them. I suspect at this point ,the general 'reaction would be 'POPS' is into some new age weird stuff. They know I've  always felt we understand very little about the capacity of human consciousness. so, this is my goal, to learn through my personal experience and then pass it on to them. this is the context in which I return wk after wk. I'm afraid that if I was to be graded on my success at 'feeling' the growth or expansion of my consciousness ,or heart consciousness, it  wouldn't  be a passing grade; but I'm determined to keep on coming back, your message resonates.
you are what I consider one of of earths 'beautiful' people. admittedly, you blow my mind
thank you
JB from Maine

Dear JB,

I encourage you not to sell yourself short… look how brave and persistent you are, writing in to give voice to your experience and tuning into these new harmonics so consistently. You know, all that is really required of us is that we keep showing up! That we trust the process and greater mystery of existence beyond the endless reasons we have to doubt and settle and resign ourselves to complacency! Your intention to evolve and connect to expanded life is stronger than you might allow yourself to imagine. I feel it here and am getting affirmation from the higher realms as well, on your behalf. Your rudder is facing the new horizon, your sail is being guided by the winds of change and your "work" is to keep allowing the changes that are occurring, stepping out more and more with your voice and heart and desire to help humanity SEE. 

The shows engage energy in a new way - an expansive way really. I purposefully leave a lot of space around certain points and information streams - because true teaching is not a directive  - it primes the pump and leaves room for gathering/ gaining personal insight. There is a lot NOT SAID on the show - and filled in with Light codes and tones that remain working with your field ongoing. I know each person is affected differently with each show, receiving attunement and encoded information that meets each where they are. Certainly each show is an invitation to more, even as it creates bridges to walk out of old structures and into new ones. I trust the energy disseminated is interfacing with each person in the way that will allow energy to keep moving and expanding for each. Have you ever suggested listening (i.e. the show) to your children… not with any rhetoric that would raise their skepticism meters - just share from your heart the peace you find there - that it is something meaningful to you that you would love to share. Simple and sincere. 

I appreciate SO MUCH your kind and heartfelt words. I have the same fragility and challenge as the next person - that is our humanity. I am just choosing to live my divinity as out of the box and boldly as I can…. pretty soon the gifts of meaningful pursuit and authentic life far outweigh the sacrifices and fear. That's a promise! :-) Determination and devotion are the beginning seeds of our becoming. I'd say you are well on your way!

Gratitude, Joy, One Love,

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

In The Light of My Being, I AM.... on politics, diet and the pineal body

As many of those attuned to the New Human Paradigm are aware ~ I have been traveling a lot of late. I’ve shared on the shows that it very much feels that the movement and purpose and geographic design of these travels, as with the show itself, is serving to both anchor and connect new grid points of activation on our planet ~ not via DeAnne, but the intention of this New Paradigm of Consciousness and Energy for humanity. What I know for sure is that the Oneness Principle, reunions and recognition at a Soul level are being amplified through our willingness to step out of the old paradigm, comfort zones and knowns of a conditioned reality, and into creative purpose. And it is important to understand that creative purpose and expanded awareness of our new roles here cannot be accessed from the attachments and perceptions, beliefs and conditioning of the egoic aspect, the conscious thinking mind.

As we edge our way toward the culmination of spiritual thought and ancient prophecy with the turn of another calendar year on our planet – both sage and factory worker alike must ask; are we ready for an evolved world? Have we gathered enough and truly learned from the disharmony of a reality that functions and turns and thrives in separation? To what extent has it benefitted the whole of our world to amass material wealth and intellectual credibility when our “home”, the planet we collectively dwell upon, finds the greater majority suffering and in lack? As long as any portion of the “community” around us is still in shadow, lending their faith and trust, belief and understanding to a system that values prestige and profit over human beings, it is for each of us to continue disengaging that system. Maya Angelou reminds us, “when a person (entity) shows you who they are, believe them.” And so it is with the government and political system, so called leadership and overall agenda of the system that defines 3rd dimensional life on Earth…there is not a something or someone in this reality or any other that is going to help us out of the dilemmas we are faced with in our current world. We must learn from our history and take that wisdom to heart, literally! That means no longer giving our time, energy, hard earned monies and cultivated minds to a reality that is not now nor will it ever be conscious.

With another political event on the near horizon, we must consider that in rallying around certain candidates, investing in their promises and even in the act of voting itself, we are aligning our intention and spiritual light with a dying system. I’ve asked countless beings from mainstream America and abroad… if we voted out every figure of authority in our government and voted in all new faces to the political arena near and far – would things be different? And from grandmothers to college students, blue-collar workers to those with advanced degrees all-inclusive, there was a unanimous and resounding NO! So why do we continue to support them? Why do we keep giving so much of our selves and lives, energy and hearts to a system so caught up in its own deception, it is increasingly consuming it’s own Soul, as well as deeming to take the Soul of our Country and world down with it. We must bring consciousness to each and every moment and ask, “Is this what I want for myself, my loved ones, the future of our planet?” The only thing the system is good at is protecting what it does wrong. Sadly, you cannot believe or trust anything anyone says within this system because they do not belong to themselves. Instead of depending on our Government to do the right thing and rescue the economy and working class, reform the financial, educational and healthcare institutions as we know them, perhaps it is the people who must rescue and restore the original declaration of We The People, For The People, By The People. And we do that one person making one conscious decision at a time to no longer play a game where a few will always win at the expense of the many.

The cadence and heart beat of an ancient wisdom echoes across the environment of our world, drumming out a new rhythm in alignment with the deep heart of a new human family. In the stillness of a free mind, you recognize the constant pulse of your own heart as part of the same pulse of every human on our planet. It is a steady and eternal pulse that hums in the rotation of the Earth; that prompts the seasons to change and the birds to migrate and the Sun to come up over the horizon each day. It’s ALL ONE Creation that we are each responsible to. It is for each of us to accept that responsibility and repurpose our lives to a greater meaning and participation at this time and that begins with the determination to live more consciously; each day to begin finding greater courage in refusing to participate in things or relationships or systems that disconnect us from inner wisdom, that bring harm to the earth or allow us to ignore the many and powerful ways we can and must be stepping up to effect change…. for the sake of all.

As we continue the migration of a species transitioning from a known and increasingly destructive reality (3D,) to the mystery and harmony of a 5th Dimensional World, it is ALL about inner you, knowing yourself truly and beginning to take seriously the attunement and maintenance of an aware and conscious being. Two topics that I have been posed often as I travel and in working with individuals from the awareness of consciousness and energy, concern the pineal body and diet.

The pineal gland or “3rd Eye” in metaphysical understanding, is the connecting link between the physical and spiritual worlds, a doorway to everything and the record keeper of one’s own inner akash. The pineal gland’s location is deep in the brain and seems to intimate hidden importance. Today it is widely accepted as the physical eye that can see beyond space-time, the single eye of the heart associated with the 6th chakra, but it was once considered a mystery (even to the sciences) and linked to superstition and mysticism. Understanding and learning to nurture the pineal gland is essential for those wishing to develop their multidimensional perception and re-member the wisdom of the ancients. The pineal gland will naturally make its own DMT when fully operational, enabling us to remain in a visionary state most of the time! An awakened pineal gland brings the ability to consciously astral travel, explore other dimensions, foresee the future and receive communications from advanced and loving dimensional beings. Consciously working to eliminate things from your diet will enhance your pineal capacities while simultaneously increasing the frequency of your Light-body and expanding consciousness. The Universe is an efficient organizing system that has in many ways provided for our movement into mastery, but it is for each individual to meet these innate capacities with spiritual action if we are to evolve to a higher dimensional potential. Human beings were intended to be visionary beings and able to tap into information in other realms and dimensions. This dimensional perception transcends the ego and rapidly heals our suffering, conflicts and thus, karma.

So, some basics for increased vibratory capacity and enhanced pineal activity are the necessity to rid the body of mercury, heavy metals, fluorides and foods containing preservatives and toxins. Mercury tooth fillings are toxic and should be either avoided or removed. There are holistic dentist out there that are helping to marry consciousness with traditional dental practices. All medical vaccines are also mercury tainted with critical consequences to brain activity, not to mention cellular function and intelligences. Mercury is in many commercial fish sources including tuna and shrimp. Mercury can be removed from the body by daily use of chlorella, wheatgrass and spirulina. Cilantro herb taken daily can help remove mercury from brain tissue. The eco- light bulbs? if smashed, release mercury vapor into a room, which is then inhaled. Take care with their disposal for your sake and that of our planet.

Fluoride, though once advocated for prevention of cavities, is actually a heavy-duty toxin. Fluoride free toothpastes and water are essential for optimal health of cells, pineal gland and increased vibratory capacity. With all the traveling I have been doing I am asked what I do about water and diet when I am not at home. I ALWAYS have food stashes, healthy organic snacks and nuts and dried fruit with me in case there are not healthy options where I am. I avoid drinking water in restaurants, hotels, any public place I cannot verify the source. On my recent car travels I took gallons of water from home so I could refill my own bottle. Which in turn cuts down on waste. When I travel by air, Figi water is one of the best sources to buy and can be found fairly easily!

An organic diet is increasingly important! The SAD diet (Standard American Diet) is just that. Sadly, we cannot trust what we are eating or what is being put in foods when we eat in commercial chain restaurants and/or grocery stores. Non-organic meats, fruits and vegetables are being genetically modified, altered in ways we don’t want to imagine I am sure. The use of pesticides in making foods look good and last longer is an egregious act of an unconscious system that cares more about profit than human beings. Do not doubt that the pandemic of disease on our planet today is related to the food and toxins we consume. Please take care with what you are putting into your body. I enjoyed a childhood of going to Red Lobster or McDonalds after church on Sunday…. I also drank water from a water hose regularly. Unfortunately, we do not live in that world anymore! If a label has a LONG LIST of ingredients or anything you cannot pronounce… it is most likely toxic. Artificial sweeteners, white sugar, commercial deodorants, cleaning chemicals, dental mouthwashes, perfumes, air fresheners, etc. These products are not aligned with your innate health or wisdom. They destroy cell and pineal function and render the body incapable of healing itself. 

Educate yourself with the enthusiasm of one remembering Self Love on the many and marvelous super-foods on our planet. Raw chocolate, raw cacao, kelp, chlorophyll, bee pollen, food enzymes, goji berries, Acai, maca root, daily probiotics, Amazing Grass has a GREENS Superfood I just love as a quick and tasty supplement – just a few things that come easily to mind. If you are a coffee enthusiast and would like a fantastic supplement to appease the mental and emotional body around this stimulant, there is a product called Dandy Blend – that when mixed with a coconut milk creamer for instance, tastes just like a latte! Dairy is really hard for the body to digest, as well, so limiting or eliminating it from your diet will result in physical and psychological changes that will astound you! And your body will be grateful.

Think – PLANT BASED DIET! The more “raw” you incorporate into your lifestyle the better. It will restore your heath and energy and make you feel REALLY good! If we STOP FEEDING the old paradigm with our resources and monies – they will necessarily have to stop feeding society in a way that keeps them sick! Can you imagine your body communicating directly to your mind, everything it needs? Because that is what it is designed and capable of doing. The physical body is the container of your Soul. Treat it with care and reverence and it will remain whole and capable of sustaining longevity.

Alcohol and smoking are needs that go along with emotional attachments and addiction. We live in a very addictive world. Even shopping and the accumulation of things is a reflection of displaced need. I talked recently on the show about the rise of population in mental health facilities, the use of and dependency on medication and an increase in food addictions. We know in our heart how to heal our world and ourselves, to begin truly seeing each other anew and living in constant practice of loving-kindness. People are desperately grasping for something new. The more we turn inward and begin to engage heart consciousness in our choices versus an unconscious participation in the reality around us, the greater the energetic statement we are making to the Universe that we are ready for True Life, to live in harmony once again with Creation and one another. Ours is the power we step into. Ours is the power we take back from those who do not have nor understand the best interest of the “community” that is our world.

This is our time ~ choose wisely! The future starts now and is as different as we willing to create it: consciously and with love. Make the healing of your heart and reconciliation of your past a priority, among the things of greatest importance – so the things of lesser importance may fall away. This will go a long way to raising your overall vibration and opening the inner eye to see life as it really is; something wholly beautiful and truly special! Simplify, simplify, simplify! When we shift our needs and dependencies from an outer focused reality to an inner driven devotion, everything changes. Remind yourself often, “ In the Light of My Being, I AM.” Everything we need to begin anew and live consciously is present. We just need to trust ourselves to live from this inner awareness and Light and to do so, NOW!

The New Human Paradigm 2012