Monday, March 7, 2011

Negotiating Mind, Moving From Resistance Into Trust, The Responsibility of Birthing New Dimensions

hey DeAnne,

I listened to the replay of your show today and felt the amazing vibration thank you...but its weird a certain part of the message leaves me puzzled...its almost like most of the message brings everything together..and i love and absorb that but then when you get into no mind, stop the mind, the mind is bad...Im like this message just feels really separate and divisive and, not really a reflection of the grand picture which is Everything really IS OK, and labelling and creating hierarchy to me doesnt feel right. The thing is I totally agree with the message about being in the heart and vibrationally feeling things ...its just hearing ideas about how our thoughts and mind are wrong just creates one more things we need to fight and reject....

Ive been feeling the message Panache Desai proposes (many of the radio recordings he does are soo amazing on his website), and the message is ...EVERYTHING really is ok, and we are experiencing -including our thoughts, difficult emotions etc. everything we need to think or experience--even the thoughts!...there is no work to do, or anything to fix...

what do you think about this? its so weird because coming from this place has created less resistance in me, more love for myself... in which I then CAN and have room to be in my heart and feel things out vibratioanally..

Anyway, I just wanted to share this with you..I think partly because im excited and freed by this message and maybe the other part is I just want to know how you feel about it...

X Tessa

Dear Tessa,

I appreciate the sharing and reflection. Clearly you are working through your own separatism, which we all have to do. The way you are interpreting what I shared is more interpretation through your own experience than accurate in assessment. I have never nor would I ever use the word BAD - just that slight pivot of a teaching that is moving, encouraging loving people back to a center of heart - away from the attachments of the egoic mind and that consciousness, greatly dilutes the Intention of the energy shared. If you were to really disengage your mind, the mental and emotional body, you would be able to hear and receive the expression as an energy versus mere words.

Words have to be engaged to a certain degree within this format - yet each word carriec a connotation that becomes what it becomes based on who is listening and with what consciousness. The mind I refer to is the consciousness of ego, and I say that often. The more you listen to these transmissions the more you began to feel the pivot of the energy away from that which judges and separates, which is mind - to that which is fluid and forgiving and all inclusive. None of it is BAD - all is choice. Yet, if EVERYTHING WERE PERFECT and there was nothing to learn and grow beyond - there would be no wars and divorces and painful deaths within a 3rd dimensional reality that very much thrives on separation and judgement and powerlessness. That illusion of power is run through the egoic mind - and where it is not bad or wrong, it does need to be disengaged and that energy redirected through the consciousness of heart! The prism shift is not denial or exclusion - it is the CHOICE to LIVE from the heart.

More than anything I strive to create an inclusive, YOU ARE THE MASTER setting that emphasizes the Truth that you and I are One - I am but a different expression of you and vice versa! Directing people to the possibility of hierarchy, WITHIN THE UNDERSTANDING of Oneness Consciousness is again - to take in and consider that we manifest within different timespace and densities by choice - to gather experience and the capacity to embody more energy, but that along the continuum of spiritual time, there are greater levels we can and do evolve to - - and lesser dimensions wherein we can only express so much consciousness - without needing to move to a new and more expansive level. AND YET - IT IS ALL US!!! If I have never said anything else, I have said that ongoing and unconditionally! YOU are the ascending and descending spiral of ONE Existence. You carry it all inside of you and by the power of the Light - God within you - and the will you are endowed with - you are choosing at any given moment which level/consciousness/dimension/frequency and vibration you are giving yourself to in experience. And it is ALL ok - ALL perfect - ALL part of the experience of One.

Again, I have never expressed or suggested or even used the words wrong or bad - that is your expression and interpreted through your consciousness. But we are an EVOLVING species, or what would be the point. There is a higher mind technology we are working our way to vibrationally - part of the spiral and continuum we are all apart of. I speak to the higher mind technology OFTEN as the fullness of what we are capable of as a species. It is a MOVEMENT - all life is FLUID and we can never be or be made - less than. That is the ego's trip. I can say that the egoic mind and ITS separative understanding cannot go with us into 5th World and Beyond - - - and as visionary creators, universal beings of Light - that is not a deficit or lack or exclusion! THAT is Liberation.

There is more that I could say - but the main objective is just to balance the energy that your email came in on, and I feel I have done that. There is more for you here, which I feel you know as well. Let us just let the energies work with what has been exchanged today, high mind to high mind - and be grateful for the influence of the egoic mind in bringing to Light that which needed to be lifted!

In Gratitude and Peace always,


Hello DeAnne

Thank you so much for your amazing work. I love The New Human show on Puja I listened to it diligently every week. Today I was sitting in the most beautiful church here in the city of Montreal, praying and giving thanks and meditating. I am not religious but I love the peacefulness and quiet in that space. I was prompted while meditating to send you an E-Mail.

It is to a point where eating is even "an issue". Well, I was coming along the street and this man that passed me had an orange in his hands. This had never happened to me, but I thought, "I'd love to steal his organge". Of course I didn't, but here's the magic. When I got home someone had dropped a perfectly good orange on the ground just beside my building. How more perfect can it get? It was delicious and I'm very grateful for that.

I seem to be wavering in and out of 5D: In grace, gratitude, peacefully loving and especially trusting and having tremendous Faith that everything is unfolding perfectly well, and 3D: Oh my God! How am I paying the rent next month and the food etc.etc.etc.?

Am I being totally crazy to keep believing and having Faith? In my 3D moments it feels that way. I do realize I must follow guidance and take action to get something moving.

The message I keep getting, that the show is helping me to deepen in is: Be still.

I suppose I'm just asking for reassurance.

Keep well and keep up your great work.

With love and gratitude

Morel D


Dear Morel,

Your expression is always welcome here... and you are part of the New Human Family of Light!I appreciate your support of the show and trust in the mystery!

I, too, love the feel and peace of certain churches, that song that I sing at the beginning and end of each show was actually recorded in a beautiful Gothic Cathedral in Germany!

Your world is beginning to mirror the synchronicities and manifestation wonders of a world and intelligence beyond form, always communicating with us. In moving into the deep heart of our identity as Light and re-membrance of greater worlds of possibility, we must also deepen our trust and faith in the Mystery of who we are and the Love that holds us always, in Oneness.

I will share with you in all sincerity that if we have not faith... and learn to LIVE in and ACT on that faith - who are we? And I can tell you without hesitation that the strongest foundation of the life I am now blessed to live is my Faith... in Love, in God, in Existence and in my Self! I have been where you are, known your experience deeply Morel... it is the path of the Initiate. All who truly want to be free must journey into the fears of the mind and lower realms of consciousness to dispel that fear and expand in power beyond the experience of limitation.

All of this humanity is walking a tight-rope - all of this humanity is negotiating brand new territory and all waver in and out of the new energy here to transport us! You are correct in that there is ACTION - work that must be done to free the mind and take back the power of our lives.... but unless we step out ahead and truly dare to live a different life, a free life, one of joy and harmony and trust... then we haven't really evolved at all. We must be willing to WALK THE TALK and live with the consequences of that action - whatever they may be. You are the foundation of the Mystery, it is you reaching into and creating from the unknown where the egoic mind has no footing. Then the vibrational reality can commune and dance with your Light, your vibrational body as you begin to co-create and see new potentials not visible to the known grooves and denser reality we've become accustomed to here.

Stillness is good! The shows have a GREAT DEAL of vibrational sustenance that is feeding you cellularly. This New Human Consciousness and energy works beyond mind, it uses a language and engages an understanding that is Light-encoded and serves to awaken the dormant potentials within you, your innate mastery and power, your intuited seeing and wisdom. I trust you have a support system there to help you hold center OUTSIDE of the expectations and demands of 3D! You need this and a daily devotion to keep you anchored within! I will continue to hold the Light high for your expansion and joy Morel!

Gratitude, Joy Wonder and LOVE!!!