Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Thinking Bigger, Trusting More

“To awaken into enlightenment we must begin by letting go of our habitual certainties.”

Deepak Chopra

After a show, a listener writes:

This quote captures a fundamental pivot that awaits me yet I find myself confused by the process.

In today's show,(4/7/11) you mentioned responding without question (mind) to the promptings toward spirit. Last year, I felt an overwhelming urge to move me and my family to NZ. I shared that with my husband and he said, Yes. I had already said yes to spirit or Source and we started to make preparations without question. About two to three weeks into making preparations, the energy went away. I sat in silence and asked for direction, I was not to move but to send energy to NZ which I did whole heartedly.

It seems like most of the changes that I am undergoing are internal not external. I still own a house, raise a family in suburban neighborhood, have bank account, utilize credit cards....yet I am not tied to it. I am committed to being peace and listening to Source yet my external reality remains the same. We are not struggling and abundance continues to flow our way.

My question to you is based on your presentation of spirit and your path, which is beautiful. For you have mentioned not shopping at chain stores, and speak consistently about living a new way.

Q. Is the new way a universal expression of the New Human or is it the way spirit has directed you for your soul and unique expression?

Also, have you read or are familiar with Course in Miracles? If not, it states (I think) that Earth is an illusion, that we have never left God but for an instant, we dreamed the universe into being because we wanted to experience ourselves as separate.(ego)

Q. Based on this expression, what is your feeling about this statement or earth as an illusion?

thank you ~althea

Gratitude Althea - for your expression and support of the show. I honor the light within you and your experience of the path you are on.

I will state, briefly, that yes, I have read, studied and taught the tenants of A Course in Miracles almost 20 years ago, but cherish and very much embody them as part of the expansion and work of the New Human Paradigm today. I hear all of what you express and acknowledge that you are ON path and living your experience with the consciousness you bring.

All of what you bring up here is addressed within the structures and forward movement of this humanity - and within a show format that addresses 6000 listeners a week as individually as possible. I am implicitly guided and assured that this lifetime is not a Soul interval for the consciousness that is DeAnne, but a Cosmic Intention committed to the Collective, Global expansion of this species. With that, I speak a Universal Expression of the New Human and it is a multifaceted prism that holds each passage of the individual within the greater understanding that ultimately - we are all ascending to a new paradigm of Existence that holds little, if any, expression of the reality we have known.

The New Human Consciousness is an exacting, transparent, sovereign and vibrationally sound invitation, not of me, but via these new, exquisitely refined and unapologetically powerful new light waves now marinating our earth. The intensification of the energies on the planet at this time, are such that, all of humanity must necessarily step up in consciousness to flow with the lightwave of these new frequencies. To evolve, to understand ourselves and begin to live once again as Universal Beings of Light, to re-member ourselves as part of a vibrational continuum of ONE Love with its own sense of intelligence, we must continue to move into and live in more and more rarified spaces energetically. This is where the new age movement of what it means to be spiritual shifts to an embodied responsibility to live more harmoniously, in balance, with nature, with the non-physical worlds and the higher aspects and potential of who we are, as Light. We are here to evolve and grow! Now, what “growth” looks like to the egoic mind and what it looks like to your Soul are likely two entirely different things. The ego, personality aspect, illusory self wants comfort, it wants known and predictability and to feel itself in control. The ego is a consciousness that resides in sound reasoning and logic, and is adept at arguing for its limitations. I have countless listeners write in to me to share that they received really strong guidance to change locations, to sever a relationship or begin a new one, to leave a certain job or write a book or start a new movement in their town. The guidance was clear and strong, the energy undeniable. And then things happen, and they kinda sorta break up with a partner or they follow through with some measure and then drop the ball on the energy and DEVOTION it takes to stay focused on and committed to something, as yet, unrealized. Over the past decade especially so, we have each been visited by and given opportunity to get to know and live in the mystery. The Mystery is a Consciousness that completely dismantles the Ego – it means surrendering control, it requires deepening Trust in the God of your understanding. The new foundation of the New Earth is the vibrational embodiment of a magnitude of light the human species has not yet known or understood, much less embodied as a potential of expression. When you get a knowingness, an internal urge of instinct or intuition, know that regardless of outcome, ACTING UPON THAT INTERNAL VOICE is how you build your vibrational body and elevate your consciousness. It is you pulling your attention and the questioning mind out of linear influence and attuning to the vertical dispensation, which sees and knows infinitely more than the mind can reason with. Each time you move with the internal compass, again, surrendering the outcome but trusting that instinct, you will discover something new about yourself and the reality around you. You then become visible, as well, to a much different reality than you knew even moments before that will support you and feed you in a new way.

So, I return the question here back to you!, Althea. How sure are you that the gap between the guidance you received to move and the conclusion of a new interpretation of that guidance, was not ego related, a manipulation of the mental and emotional body? How are you perceiving the domino effect of the dismantling, the world over, as not affecting you and your reality, even if not for the moment? Is your suburban cocoon with plastic abundance (itself a reflection of the reality of illusion) serving to bridge to a plane of existence that has not only evolved beyond the construct of money, but vibrates with a consciousness and creative vision that never needed such a construct to survive and ultimately thrive?

You came here to share the frequency of your love and the wisdom you carry as a Soul. I can state to you unequivocally that the vibrational momentum necessary to live in the “gap” between a world that IS dying and a Consciousness that is awakening beyond it, will not be found or even visible within the small spaces of identity we occupy in the world of form. The egoic mind will justify to its last breath its needs and wants, yet when all the structures and thoughtforms and systems that have falsely supported its lifestyle fail, when the earth continues to disrupt reality and restructure land mass and create new continents with her shifts and movement, what then does the egoic mind, the personality aspect of identity have to say?? Everything is ok, until it's not.

As spiritual beings, WE WANT this reality to be COMPLETELY different! The structures we know as our bodies and the structures we live in and the societal ones we abide by pale in comparison to the capacity of our Light as Interdimensional Intelligence and Cosmic Beingness. You must continue to extend your reach, beyond the commitment to being peace and listening to Source, to the responsibility of living and demonstrating that peace, while being the expression of god in your world and the greater reality unfolding! Have you given yourself that permission? Can you walk away from your idea of who you are and into the Void of admitting we have only caught glimmers, at best, of the future we are evolving into. THINK BIGGER! TRUST MORE! Practice making your known identity uncomfortable, for that is when the voice of your Spirit will grow. Work with the Light Body and thus, consciousness, as your most important work, each day, as you continue to expand and activate DNA strands of re-membrance. Ask yourself ongoing, what does it look like to be a NEW RACE of beings? What constructs now in place are of the Light and which ones are of a consciousness of attachment and need and fear? Your Spirit is fearless, your Spirit thrives in movement, a life that is fluid, ever changing and engaging creative potential.

Because everything is vibration and ultimately, all love, you cannot make a wrong choice. But know that right now, in this instance, there are many probable realities suspended in wait all around you. Why not trust in, reach for and do the work of your greatest reach?

The true nature of reality exists outside of time, it is beyond opinion or any interpretation of the mind. It is unbound and formless. IT simply IS... and as a species, we have not begun to TRUST. I encourage you to hold that potential side by side with the reflection you ascribe yourself to in any moment and just allow that still, what you think you know and the story that you are living now, is but a glimmer of the world your Spirit is guiding you too. The unknown is making itself known through your willingness to surrender, again and again and again. Ultimately, it is all Light, it is all you – and we are all evolving back to the fullness of our Divinity. Everything is a multidimensional and multi-planed expression of One. That is the promise and gift of LOVE!!!

DeAnne Hamton © The New Human Paradigm 2011