Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Conscious Choice

If each journey begins with a single step - this NOW for an evolving
humanity is a moment whereby we can choose to step in a new, conscious and empowered direction of existence. The new human prayer of a new earth is to the future I AM - that we may embody and begin to live our highest light, NOW. A future based not on hopes nor destiny nor miracle, but each of us agreeing to change the inner and outer structures of our conditioning. This prayer of remembrance is that every facet of our world be understood as a relative I AM - One with all that has been, so that we may now take the Light forward into all that can be; for you, for me, for our planet and the peoples of the earth. 

The New Human Paradigm

Question from a listener to The New Human on World Puja:

2. Is it possible that entities who originated in this solar system at it's creation have enslaved Mother Earth, and all beings living on or within her, in order to feed off the energy produced by these beings while in a lower vibratory state? (this would explain why we need to raise our vibration now, and always) 

Well I imagine anything is possible… only a fool would suggest an absolute about ANY thing! (or at least one who is still quite attached to ego!) The battle of Light and dark, good and evil, "who can get the most toys and gain ultimate power" has long been present within our solar system and beyond. What we see and can witness here - is present elsewhere, as the whole of creation is a hologram. But #1 - even if this were true (above) - I have no concern of them or for my well-being because these type of forces/entities would only have power over those who fear them, whose thoughts linger in the question, "what if it were true, what will become of me, what will become of the earth?" THAT is their entry point - IF "they" exist! 

The greater Truth, and you know this if you are PAYING ATTENTION to the transmissions each week :-) is that THERE IS ONLY LOVE - ONLY LIGHT. Anything other than that purest and most powerful frequency, exists in a vibratory realm that is held in place by belief, by thought form and/or ignorance i.e. - those perpetuating the illusion by their adherence and participation in it. What I KNOW is that if there is an aspect of the earth that is enslaved and being held captive - that force has no power over me - because I am not vibrating with or even visible to it. And that ultimately and always - Gaia IS in power. She IS in rebirth and she will achieve her new position in the galaxy. Please don't hear what I say as audacity so much as INFORMATION - that we have choice, there is ALWAYS choice. Nothing can enslave us, nothing has power over us unless we have lost our connection to Source and believe ourselves lost, less than. Your connection to Source, to the Shining Ones and even to this New Paradigm of Consciousness and Energy - IS protection from bottom feeders of a lesser intentionality. It matters not if you are Joe the Farmer or a inbred alien race, you have no power over someone that stands in the frequency of Love - that lives in devotion to the Light. Period. 

***We are not raising our vibratory rate because of impending consequences if we don't do so….. no no no no no! lol That speaks ultimatum, it vibrates separation, it is movement to GET AWAY FROM! Christopher - are you paying attention?? maybe you missed that class of New Human 101~ :-DD Anyway - we are raising our vibration out of LOVE - out of DEVOTION - because we are ready to return home - (home being alignment with SELF) this is a movement TO not away from!  It is implicated in our CELLS to EVOLVE - grow, expand. achieve greater and greater states of beingness. AT-ONE-MENT. The separation - duality - polarity consciousness - it all served its purpose. Imagine a god, creator, ultimate consciousness that not only empowered us with choice - but desired communion with all aspects of Itself - - - - from that very same power of choice. So we devolved into this experiential plane to learn and gather in an arena of EVERY POSSIBLE experience  - with the ultimate objective that when the time and possibility came once again - we would choose love. And we would believe in and trust and KNOW that love so completely - that the lesser intentions and beings would be stripped of their illusive power. The times of chaos on our planet - the "fall from grace" and devastation of Atlantis and even the disappearance of really advanced Mayan civilizations were each a result of the desire for power - over Unity. That one decision and vibration of consciousness - became a slippery slope of deception, greed, separation and tyranny. And humanity lost its way for a time. But the Light as ALWAYS been present. And you know what they say about one tiny candle in a very dark room? I'm all about - BE the candle!

in each moment. 
It is a simple yet essential pivot from the lure of those things the mind is entrained to -to what the interior life knows is true. We are EVERYTHING and nothing in EACH moment… when we can find peace in the center of that awareness - no harm can come to us - we are free!

LOVE and Gratitude for your support of the show… 
DeAnne ~