Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Reflections from The New Human Consciousness

Dear DeAnne,

I am experiencing "excitement" energy throughout my body. All the time. Kind of like that buzz you feel when you're about to jump off a cliff into the water (which I never do, by the way). A Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid kind of thing. Is that the vibrational frequency shift, do ya' think? I feel electric. So many "altered state" experiences in my sleep. I wake up s
ometimes wishing to go back where I was but can't quite "know" or remember where I was. It's all good - just asking for your illuminating feedback :))

Also - my body does not want the supplement DHEA which I "believe" to be a necessary hormone for me at my age. Remember - I am an ageless 69 year old. My blood reveals a very low level of all hormones although I do not look like what is typically the look of a woman who is out of hormones. Can you or the Shinning Ones give me a new way to relate to my feminine health?

BTW, I realized the Shinning Ones were all over my be
droom the other night - before the last show - and I was so happy to be aware of them.

Love, Love Love, DM San Diego!

So, the "excitement energy, I can feel it - - - the way it feels in your body and the distinct re-membrance of it when it first began to find center in me. That is the cells waking up to the light you are embodying.... think of a teenager going to a concert to see their idol - IN REAL LIFE. Well, "real life" is waking up in you - your cells and interior are recognizing
something familiar... a reminder that you are limitless and SO IN LOVE and eternal. The experience of it as your lower self matrix integrates with the higher self matrix is that of POWER and fearlessness. Just intend to proceed!! The greatest support is to continue to go inward, pull attachments and routines, habits within the linear IN to stillness and creationary space. You must get increasingly comfortable with the void because that is when new information will come in. BRAND NEW information. Staying with the practices of developing and increasing the light body as we have discussed ongoing is equally important. You are retraining yo
ur body temple away from dis-ease and limitation to the freedom of time/space/ability.
Know that the Shining Ones are part of your cellular repatterning, they will come to you more and more as you are in the heart and using discipline around working with the light body and disengaging the mind. Moving without thought is evolutionary power! The future, your future is a permanent NOW! Determine to BE NEW with your thoughts and actions and you align with the vertical intelligence!

We had a huge wave and shift come in this weekend (2/20/11) that brought with it a whole new level of Self. The vibration of the Authentic Self/Soul is hovering closer within the illusion than ever before. These are the new light waves, reflections of a time and space this humanity is re-membering once again. Dreamtime has been greatly amplified! Yes, we are going places in dreamtime- gathering sustenance to empower our connection and remembrance here - and with each shift and new wave of light that marinates the planet - we are remembering more across the dimensions, able to ACCESS and travel between dimensions more effortlessly. This too contributes to the giddiness of your self because your Eternal Self KNOWS this experience well and the dimensions are merging! THAT WILL CONTINUE FOR YOU. I have long had the awareness that I was going someplace in dreamtime - having reunions of sort in dreamtime - but that has been bumped up recently in that, I am remembering the decision to come back and then recall the wormhole that I ride/travel in, as I return to my body. So, imagine the spiral. There is only ONE spiral and we are waking up to different intensities/passages of it at different times in our 3D experience according to what we are able to assimilate and integrate, embody in our ever shifting physical form.

Ah yes... hormones. Just imagine that any processess and "transitions" that the body has acclimated to within 3D will now be, at least temporarily, heightened, seem worse! The consciousness we have long resided in has a history and expectation based on the dying process!!! AMAZING but yes, this humanity has built much belief and expectation around a finite understanding of our physicality, our minds are fed stereotypes/constructs/thoughtforms of health and dis-ease and aging... and then we follow the well worn grooves. When we seek "medical support/advice/opinion... they too are advising us NOT from their intuition and innate wisdom, but based on history and knowns and a herd mentality of who humanity is!! But the good news is, we can "have the experience", see it, identify and own it, and then move through it quickly - if we listen inward and do not give into the patterns of dis-ease. THAT expectation. It is only a groove. Your body knows better. Find time in your stillness to really go into the awareness that when you work to extract yourself from places and relationship and experiences in your known that are but conditioning, old habits that no longer really fulfill you and open your heart... that you are saying YES to a greater Consciousness of existence that is now accessible to this species. You are the repatterning and pivot to the new earth. As the great Mother ascends into new and rarified space, the Light you learn to and do the work of embodying becomes the foundation of the new earth. I will talk more about 5th World and the magnetics of change between Egypt, the earth quakes in New Zealand, the deceptions coming to light within our financial empires and the personal upheaval of individual emotions and physality etc etc etc on the 2/24/11 show... because in Truth, each of these events is related - all part of the same spiral of new consciousness evolving on our beloved planet!

One resource I use and recommend in helping the body adjust and shift its vibrational foundation is American Botanicals, Dr. Shultze on line Organic Herbs and Natural remedies. Great stuff! It is a pivot, prism shift of consciousness that the body recognizes, your body will recognize. ALL THE PRODUCTS there are superior quality - and they have hormone supplements among the many health care needs a body in transition can benefit from. Green super foods are especially important sustenance for the body temple at this time. The body is its own science, intelligence and miracle, capable of PERFECT BALANCE. The important thing to keep in mind when communicating mind to body is that no problem is in isolation. When health is addressed as an overall attention to well-being - a balance of healthy foods and environments and emotions and maintenance through exercise, sleep, meditation, time in nature, etc. then the body is better able to acclimate and adjust through various "transitional" stages such as the one you find yourself in.

And yet!!!! I hear and want to lift up to you that the way you refer, describe and "vibrate" around the "phase/passage" you are in... has a lot of "expectation" as to what you are bound to experience. ( Where did that thoughtstream come from about "women who lack hormones" appearing a certain way?) I can say to you that is not a Spirit Guided awareness, it is a learned expectation. Consequently, you are programming your body to that expectation and will SEE women EVERYWHERE that validate that belief!! So, work on that mentally! When the mind is free, you are. You are in a tremendously important transition in the understanding of WHO YOU ARE, REALLY! If your body is TALKING to you... (defying the social norm and expectation and telling you it does not want something the world of form "advises") you just have to leap in and trust that and be willing to accept the consequences of that decision above all else! Your devotion to your own awakening is more important than the fear that comes via the chattering mind. I have worked with individuals around different natural, herbal products that support hormones.... everyone is going to be different. Depending on what your symptoms are, which is different than what the medical institution tells you is your experience, there are many alternatives. And the body WILL respond and you will gain vibrational momentum with each intuitive decision. But you must start listening and trusting and begin to start experimenting with your own inner physician.


Working with a student in the Walk the Path of Light Initiative around Abundance... here is a portion of the energy that was expressed to her:

Abundance is about energy flow... when you are on path, in Center and directing all thought to Spirit, you are in the flow of a completely different support system. It is about maturity and
spiritual integrity! The old structures of support are and will continue to fall, dismantle! EACH must be creating a new structure in their individual lives that is not dependent on the old system! This is a critical pivot! The higher realms consciousness and energy will always support you when you are moving with the organic flow vs. running your energy horizontally, with attachments and unclear Intention. You must be really honest with Self and fearless in stepping out of the grooves of a veiled matrix! Transp
arency is an vibrational intelligence that will serve as the foundation of a new existence. All must be brought into the Light and reflect our power as Visionary Creators!

LISTEN to your heart - what YOU really want. We must be really exacting about our path and intention and then FEARLESS in letting nothing limit that!

Reflection from the New Human Consciousness 2/22/11