Tuesday, October 15, 2013

The Higher Self and Consciousness

The Shift from a 3rd dimensional reality to a 5th dimensional experience is a consciousness pivot. It is possible be standing in the same place surrounded by the same things that have always been and come to experience a very different and potentially beautiful world. Everything seemingly the same, yet everything oh so very different. This remembrance and understanding begins with the awareness that you are a multidimensional being that has chosen the experience of Self you are currently encountering in order to better understand human nature and thus, assist with the expansion of the human Spirit and the healing of our world. 

A listener writes in... 

"What is the difference between the Higher Self and Consciousness - or even the 3rd Eye... are they all the same?

New Paradigm reflection~

Your Higher Self is your most Authentic Expression. The Higher Self, Soul, is ultimately One with the Universe, with all that is. It is the entirety of who you are. Once one connects with their Higher Self, they feel deeply that there is sacred purpose in being here and and life takes on a different meaning and focus. 

Consciousness is awareness - how present you are to the moment. To be conscious is to be awake. There is a 3rd dimensional consciousness and energy that the majority of people on the planet operate within as a Collective agreement. The 3D consciousness is dense and uniform - it is about conformity rather than uniqueness. The 3rd dimensional consciousness and energy does not allow for sovereignty or divine purpose because that is not the agreement in that zone. 

Every human has the capacity for many different levels of consciousness and energy - it is a choice and falls into the arena of Free Will. No matter how conscious or unconscious a person is being - no matter what energy they vibrate  - the Higher Self is present and a part of their experience. There is never judgment...

The 3rd Eye - 6th Chakra - Ajna - is a Stargate and catalyst to spiritual growth. One can actually travel from form to formlessness and back again through the 3rd Eye. It is your wisdom, your discernment, perspective and imagination. The 6th Chakra is what allows your human aspect to see what is true. To truly see is to view reality as it is versus through emotion and lens of the past. Those with a clear and open 3rd Eye will have a consciousness that vibrates at the higher end of the consciousness spectrum - where as those with a closed or imbalanced 3rd Eye will have a dense consciousness and see more flaws and negativity - the "what is wrong" with the world versus what is right. 3rd Eye is where insight and intuition reign supreme.

In our reach from the known reality into the unknown and mystery of greater worlds, vibration is key. There is nothing lacking in who you are and what you know, this is not possible for you are a child of God, a star in an Infinite Universe. But it is necessary that each individual, when ready, begin to peel away the layers of belief and conditioning accumulated in the reality of form - to once again know thy Self and live free within the density here. This transformation occurs by working with your energetic field and energy body, understanding yourself as energy and attuning to your reality via consciousness and energy versus emotion and attachment. To shift from 3rd dimensional reality to 5D, is to lighten up... physically emotionally, psychologically, spiritually and materially. From diet to relationships to things, the "remembrance" of our journey here is that we are fluid beings and we must develop new skills and habits of nurturing the Self in a way that feeds the known reality and physical you, energetically
vs emotionally. The old paradigm program we are conditioned with is survival - the never enough syndrome. The New Paradigm vibrational signature is expansion... to evolve into more and more and more. For we are unlimited beings. 

Whatever you think you know about yourself, it is only a smidgeon unless you truly understand your Self and reality as energy and begin to make decisions accordingly. To live in the world vibrationally is to begin the wondrous return to 5th Dimensional living. After years of sharing the consciousness and energy of this New Paradigm on World Puja and with two books offering insight into the tools and lifestyle changes that will assist in this transformation, there is a brand new opportunity for deepening your experience of knowing the Self as a multidimensional being with the on-line courses, The Science Of Consciousness, Living In 5D. You are a creationary being and this invitation is an opportunity for you to co-create your future within a 5D structure. This series will be presented in tiers, so if you missed the first wave there will be more opportunity - for those already in the course, there will be opportunity to keep moving up and forward. 

Everything new, everything different. All our conditioned understandings of how to be in the world must be upgraded and transformed to compliment the new energies present on and around our planet. We've waited lifetimes to be who we get to be now and truly, there is no limitation on that actualization if you are ready for big change and new levels of responsibility as a Spiritual being. Say YES! to what you do not yet know about yourself and Existence and then trust that commitment to lead you deeper and deeper into the mysteries of authentic life. 

The New Human Paradigm 2013
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