Monday, June 17, 2013

Indwelling Wisdom

How many of you can relate to the picture above? How many of you yearn for such moments, yet can't quite connect the dots between the yearning and the being? One of the things I love about this image is how much this simple moment reflects everyday life in the outer reality. At any given moment we are viewing both a true reality (in this picture, the actual landscape) and an illusion. (the sky reflected in the lake) Greater still, there is a you that gets swept up in the busyness of the illusion, the deadlines and fears, expectations and status quo... all the while a You that observes in stillness, that watches the movie in silence, free of emotion, free of thought, simply and wholly free. And too, the indigo hues and placid tones of this image reflect the subtle yet powerful invitation extended to all of humanity at this time: the journey into the deep heart of Self, of Existence, of God. It is time to enter in.

Indwelling Wisdom belongs to each and everyone equally. The question is, when some other is behaving out of accord with the essence in this picture, when your experience is fraught with resistance and your monies fall short of your expenses, still, can you emanate the peace of the one sitting in solitude on a dock in the quiet of a morning prayer? This is the seeker's greatest quest at this turn key of the Earth's evolution. When the mind perceives shortcomings and deficits in other, we heal that same fragment in ourselves when we are able to be completely still in response, taking ourselves out of the illusion that yet dwells there and redirecting the mind to the heart, to stillness, to no need, to peace.

One of the questions I have both experienced personally in my journey and hear often over the years is beautifully and sincerely reflected in the exchange below. A listener and follower of the New Human Paradigm recently wrote in... may you find his sincerity and the response of this New Consciousness  helpful as you continue to deepen your own quest of Self and Enlightenment.


The hardest part about waking up and learning the true reality is how to convey it to family and friends. The husband of a friend crossed over yesterday after a terrible infection from a parasite ate away at his body. As I got the news I could not help responding internally, that he's ok he's just not in the physical with us anymore but he's alive. But his wife, a friend of mine for almost 27 yrs is in pain over the loss. I wanted to share what I know, but felt it was not the correct thing to do. I even want to teach how she can go into the spirit realm and connect with him if he hasn't returned. As you know I have been dealing with the physical death since I was 3yrs old and now I totally get it. What's your advice on how to comfort those who don't know the truth but you do? Thanks DeAnne...Geoff

New Paradigm:

The best thing we can do for each other, no matter what level of awareness one is in, is just be there in loving kindness. Not so much to fill the spaces with what we think they do not know or have - but be there. Oftentimes, even when we have the best of intentions, to bring the energy of what "we" think or know, can impose energy on someone who is already in a fragile place. One of the most important things I have learned in over 30 years of being on my path and a teacher of the higher realms is that I only offer, when I am asked. If I "think" someone would benefit from what I know - that is ego. But as I live my life and share my joy and hold spaces of Light for all - people come of their own accord, when they are ready. As a newly emerging human, you are the invitation to a remembrance each carries within. Additionally, they are not going to "hear" you if they are not ready. So, trust the energy you are vibrating as you continue to awaken and grow your Light Geoff... radiate your love and care to her without expectation that she be in any other place than where she is right now!

Additional reflection~ 

There is not a lot about this now that we can put words to, but the themes of this passage into a new cycle of humanity and Earth are Trust, Inner Authority, Deepening and Emergence. No matter what is out picturing, the greater truth of what is happening can be found in the wisdom of these evolutionary constructs. And so, whether a tornado levels a town or an aging parent passes or the body develops a disease or your financial world topples, the whole Universe is at hand and calling this species into deeper understanding and possibilities of Being. God Being: Unlimited Being: Intelligent, Evolved, Compassionate and Wise expressions of the Light of Infinite Realms. 

Trust~ Can you sit still and contemplate holiness in the most unsettling, unholiest of circumstances? Can you open your heart and breathe in magnified spaces of gratitude when all that surrounds you seems to fly in the face of peace? Can you see past the details of an experience, shining the light of who you are out in to~ until the illusion dematerializes and the greater reality reveals itself. These are the questions Trust poses! 

Inner Authority~ How forthcoming are you with your Spirituality? How confident are you with the idea of Self-Reliance, the ability to rely only on Self for all needs; emotional, spiritual, mental, physical, financial, creative, survival? How strong is your Center and Balance when it comes to commanding your reality from within, independent of outside approval, acceptance or permission?  

Deepening~ Again, there is a critical thrust into stillness; stilling the mind, quieting old belief and habits of thought, over-riding the tendency to rely on known routines, rituals and objectives to the detriment of hearing and feeling the Voice of Spirit within? Deepening is synonymous with devotion. How much of your day and time and moments do you give to the devotion of remembrance, to following the nothingness into the heart center without agenda or expectation? How deep is your devotion to both the Light and your own Spirituality?

Emergence~ This is the end result, the inevitable consequence of the preceding themes, the capacity to emerge as a fully awakened, aware, actualized and authentic expression of Self. With this emergence is complete joy, a sense of profound peace, the desire to create in all of your waking moments while sleep becomes a continual journey into dimensions of remembrance and renewal. To emerge in the true transparency and light of Self is to wear your body differently and effortlessly conspire with conscious acts of Self Love, understanding anew that it is only from the well-spring of Self Love and uncensored expressions of Spiritual Being, that one can truly love and be in service to another. 

Take a moment to contemplate the invitation here, to feel the vibrational essence extended to each. Stepping back from this ascending spiral of new thought and potential, it is no coincidence that acronym of this movement into a New Consciousness Spectrum, is TIDE. The energy and motion of waves, be they in the form of water, of light or of consciousness, is One with the rhythm of nature and all of Existence. The Ascension Wave is comprised of the ebb and flow of Creation: inflow and outflow, increasing and decreasing, rising and falling rhythm resulting in the waves of the tides of Evolution.

You have chosen a time to incarnate and be present on Earth during the single greatest flow, increase and rise of light frequency and consciousness ever available to humankind. You came here with power and strength and purpose beyond the thought-forms you have entertained and explored with the human mind, brain and intellect. You are a vibrational conduit for God Being, Source Energy, the All That Is.

As we move into the 2nd half of a New Earth year, imagine this new tide of being rising up from the inner wisdom and reservoir of Self. Commit sacred moments each day to your new levels of TRUST, INNER AUTHORITY and DEEPENING and you will be swept into the new currents of consciousness and energy now present to sustain the Awakening Self; aligning with your own EMERGENCE. These are the tools of the New Paradigm and the bridges to a New Human, New Earth, 5D World. 

Peace to All Beings and Earth Mother,
DeAnne and the Shining Ones