Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Within the Wilderness... Lies a New Horizon

…going out ahead of everything you know and often those you love, is like going into the wilderness, a vast nothingness of unchartered territory. You are alone within whatever surroundings you find yourself in. Things go bump in the night, you might get scratched and come out with a few scars, but it is a deliberate life, a choice of power versus a life chosen for you by known expectations and conditioned agendas. So many of the doors we open, lead to more doors, expectations and agendas. Yet, when courage meets the remembrance of one’s heart, the Spiritual Light shines ahead into a mystery few humans have passed through. It is then we are met with worlds within worlds that vibrate an invitation of pristine stillness, pure essence. And we become One, once again, with the wilderness; Existence; Love.

(c) The New Human

Q&A through the prism of the New Human Paradigm:

Yikes. Perhaps you can help me understand these energies. I am a marshmallow. No energy. Slug. Organs hurt sometimes. My body feels confused, my emotions on end.

Lower level thinking gives me the suggestion to go to the doctor because I am dying. L O L~ This is the third day of the above. Doesn't help that it is 100 degrees here and will be again tomorrow. Then cooler. Maybe grey clouds. They would be welcome.

Could use a word of wisdom from you, dear young and healthy starbeing athlete.

Kidding but concerned.


Well, we are dying in one sense.... that is VERY real!

Dying to CENTURIES of who we thought we were... dying to an attitude and perception and belief that has kept us in LOCK DOWN from feeling and being who we REALLY are. CAN YOU IMAGINE?? It would be idyllic to make this effortless pivot from old to new - no interference. And yet, the pivot is a movement through ALL that we have denied, been lied to about and LIED TO SELF about. It is NOT pretty and is NOT a party!! In vertical terms and understanding - we descended through the lightwaves - now we are ascending back up through them - and cannot take the things we have gathered with us as we meet each successive level of light: patterns of separation, fragments of unfinished business, unmet emotional and mental body dis-ease. All must be integrated into a new whole or left within the density of its resonance.

I have things going on ALL THE TIME with my body and self - yet I admittedly have a really strong mind. And for the most part - that is what stands most prominently between us, and being free. The mind! It is an opportunity - and necessarily so- to go to the Beloved! That we have no other viable option now - in this transition - but to go to the Beloved!!! Turn it all over. The fears - that we might be dying - and FEAR OF DYING - go into that void and emptiness and aloneness and helplessness - because that is EVERYTHING that we have been conditioned to believe of ourselves. These illusions and powerlessness has been LAYERED DEEP upon our psyches - old brains... that is the battle at hand.

Went to see Another Earth last night! Geesh is THAT a layered and deep "movie" - (or is our LIFE the real movie?) The premise is that there is an earth 2 - with another YOU - and life etc - and at one point - the question was asked - “If you met yourself - what would you say to you?” and I immediately, no thought- responded with, ‘you are free now!’

We are being asked to turn IN - to a completely different reference point and operation system! The tricky thing is - and you must really hear and discern this for yourself- but the mind CAN create havoc - very real health issues and dis-ease. We need only look at our history to recognize that. I know for myself - I am not looking back - no matter what the "consequence." I choose not to re-engage the fear, giving my power over to someone else that at best - can cut/stitch/medicate/or confine my life choices. At some point we must break free from that loop no matter what the cost. This is the path of remembrance. The mind sees a passage fraught with dangers and mini deaths - the Spirit only sees the Light beyond all the illusion.

Know that within the increased vibration and lift of the Ascension spiral, is a very real stripping away of those things we cling to the most; thoughtform and belief systems being strong attachments of the lower vibrating self. As thoughtform and belief structures are dismantled within your cellular composition, it can feel very much like death to the physical body and conditioned mind.

If it is your time to be physically dismantled, breathe, surrender and accept it As It Is Now. Be as Still as possible. You are going to be alright. Things will then progress in your life much easier.


Hi DeAnne

I understand that we are all one. So as we change then does everything else? I'm getting the impression that our free will zone here on Gaia is a one of a kind thing. Is that true? Are there no other free will zones(duality) in All That Is? So we are one very grand experiment? Amazing.( I went into my profession because I like doing scientific experiments (I'm a Clinical Laboratory Scientist). I've read that not every being is allowed to incarnate on Gaia. And that we are much admired for coming here. Why is this evolution to 5th dimension so important? I also get the impression that it could possibly go wrong. What forces are involved in that happening? I understand that one can be involved in Service to Self and reach the 5th dimension but cannot evolve any further. Are there enough of these types of beings that could interfer with our evolving to 5th dimension?

Judy W.

Dear Judy,

First of all - thank you for honoring my time and in so doing, me!

WOW! this is a WHOLE LOTTA mind - mental body energy with some emotion (fear/doubt) thrown in for good measure! J Energetically, vibrationally - that is what is communicated here.

ok - so there are just many jumbled thoughts and notions here -

free will, as connected to Source and love - is not the same thing, does not mean duality. Free Will is a dispensation - a vibrational allowance given by Creator - that empowers us with CHOICE.

If you think about it - being given the choice in how and what experience we engage with, is a level of respect and great love of Creator, for Its creations. All of creation is empowered with this "choice". And implied within the free will dispensation - is that we must and will experience the consequence (not necessarily negative) of our choices. So Balance may be continually restored.

Duality implies there is more than one level of beingness - consciousness, awareness. And within that understanding, the 3D plane is not the only dual reality. 4th and 5th density are dual realities, as well. And yet, as we achieve greater levels of development, embody greater vibration within our physical capacities and move into higher levels of dimension in understanding and practice - there is no more separation. No more mental judgements that create the separation - just allowing and acceptance and cooperation of Unity Consciousness.

A scientific mind - especially a TRAINED scientific mind has intellectual capacity - but can be a deficit when re-membering to the unknown. I have an incredibly analytical mind - Aquarius - and had to really work to integrate that piece, learn to use it rightly and not in a way that separated me out!

I agree (and know) we are very admired for taking on the density here - as light beings. Agreeing to experience such separation with the Intention of Integrating once again - and thus lifting the whole planetary body with us.... a HUGE spiritual mission to say the least. Very much a gesture and understanding of the HIGHEST love.... and then we got dunked into the inkpot of forgetfulness - ;-) birthing into a VERY DENSE plane.

The understanding of energetic signatures is important to our development because it is a progression in the Cosmic Harmonic of Existence - it is a bridge on our return BACK to Oneness. The transition from this density and separation to Oneness is not possible or even logical - it would likely implode our biological system and cellular structure. And so, we move deliberately, with CHOICE, into increased levels of awareness, lifting our consciousness and energy with mindful choices to disengage - detach from one reality of being - WHILE STILL LIVING IN IT?? and simultaneously returning to practices and lifestyle that honor the eternal elements of existence: the earth, love, creation, joy, oneness, compassion, forgiveness, present moment attunements. We agreed to do this ascension WITH OUR BODIES - WITH a conscious thinking mind! Yet, develop that mind we must. To develop the mind, increase our vibration and lift our consciousness means we move through different dimensions AS WE ARE ABLE TO EMBODY THEM.

All of your questions are coming from LINEAR thought and influence - NOT from your heart, interior, instinct. So, just know that.

Of course "it" could all go wrong. (From my re-membrance and awareness - a lot already HAS gone wrong. We have just, unfortunately, gotten so use to the imbalance - we don't understand we are already in a "hell" of sorts to our spiritual joy and the freedom of our Light! ) It was not until I got into my power here (which is of course, ongoing)- that I could see it - not from the perspective of what is wrong and so sad - but what I can do!!!! to help restore balance.

A real acceptance of that power is the understanding that WE are creating it - by what we choose to focus on and believe in and give ourselves to. Free Will says we get to choose. There is nothing in yours or any beings reality, personal or global, that is not a part of your vibration and consciousness. As that changes - so does your experience of reality.

So, far, through our history here - we have been choosing through disbelief in God, ourselves, each other - distrusting and fearful of the control measures over our own Divinity and Authority. But as more wake up - we are tipping the balance of the energies present and of influence, away from FEAR - back to LOVE. Unity. Oneness. That is the evolutionary driver running/influencing at this time.

These new light waves are creating the new field - allowing for a new era of Transparency - so that the deception and those operating for self versus harmony, are exposed and people SEE CLEARLY the negative, anti-energy controlling our planet. That we have allowed!!! Yes, there are ET's, off worlders that have less than the highest intention, crave and seek power for powers sake, just as there are humans of the same intention. And those ET's are manipulating and influencing certain numbers on the planet BECAUSE there is a resonance. Those "working for" darkness are both IN body and non-physical, but they are governed by the same resonance.

Yet, equally and perhaps greater still - there are highly developed and benevolent ET's with super technologies that can and will help us to 'get stronger" and break with our past. And THEY are aligning with and influencing those who are in their heart, trust love, LIVE the light. And so the evolutionary potential continues to play itself out. Our trump card at this time - this humanity's GIFT and power is that as the earth - Gaia, the Mother (and this is DOCUMENTED scientifically) moves into a new galaxy - a new position in the atmosphere - she is moving into a hyperdimensional field of energy - rarified air - that is affecting/working with/activating dormant DNA within - the entire population - at this time.

Not going to answer the last question - not going to EVEN entertain it! It is NOT in resonance with Love, does not vibrate with THIS MOMENT!!! It is fear based and OLD PARADIGM. It is important that you understand that in just asking it - you open your field to beings and manipulations of lower form worlds. ANYTHING is possible - and Ultimately - there is only Love. All shall be returned to love. The question is - how much grief and pain and separation you want to put yourself through on the way back to that love!

As you change - absolutely - EVERYTHING changes! That is the way of evolution! We leave old experience and all that is associated with that experience/consciousness - and MOVE ON to a new level of understanding and ourselves. ALL of it continues to exist - within ITS dimension and level of development and understanding. It's ALL you - it's ALL God - it's ALL love.

DeAnne.... along with The Shining Ones and MANY realms of non-physical presence and influence! We all send our love!!

Hi DeAnne,

Can you provide some additional guidance on "breathe into your heart"… from the last show? What do i think about or visualize when I do this? I think in pictures…I know you say to FEEL, but pics still pop up. Is that slowing me down? Can you describe what "feel" is like for you?

Thanks, Scott

Hi there!!

The mind is a tricky thing....

though each of us tend to lean toward certain sensory modalities over others.... ultimately, an empty mind is the goal of transcending from mundane experience to mystical ones.

You want to NOT THINK!! To relax into a place of no need! And then focus your awareness and consciousness into the heart.

It sounds like practicing the EMPTY MIND is a first step for you to be able to tune into your feeling nature. Just noticing how the mind chatters and judges, the endless questions of the egoic aspect, is the beginning of true awareness - a pivot from conditioning into consciousness. BREATHE into the heart ie focus your awareness on the space of your heart and breathe into it. Don't make it complicated - the heart is a present moment consciousness. The wisdom and "instruction" of the heart are always right here - and by being "right here" - you create the space to feel without the mind, without expectation (equally important) - without need… just the desire and intention to surrender and know the Mystery; which IS love.


Hi Deanne,

I did the chakra balancing exercise you gave me this morning and it was great! I felt calm and stable and relaxed - then a couple hours after, I had a big emotional eruption about something that wasn't really worth a big eruption about. I totally overreacted and went into victim mode then blame mode and I was wondering if it was connected to the balancing exercise. It just seems strange because what I felt was so intense...short...but intense. Thoughts??


Hi Pattie,

I would say that shows clearly how important it was for you to bump up and integrate this step of grounding the higher vibrations into the body and 3D reality. The connection you were making and experiencing, the feelings of bliss and increase in orb activity, is powerful and wholly desirable to our emerging spiritual identity, but you were connecting and hanging out with those light waves in the higher chakras and realms. It is when we begin to bring that light down into the lower chakras - so oriented and connected to the 3rd dimensional plane - that the old beliefs and thoughtforms, fragments of identity can begin to rear their heads so to speak. It is all just an integration process. That "eruption" was always there - just hidden within your known patterns and coping skills! The light being brought in at a deeper level exposes more that has been hidden or tucked away. Does that make sense? It is all about you observing you - and getting off the density, reaction, emotional imbalance as soon as possible!

Having clarity from within the Collective unrest of a planetary reset and the massive confusion accompanying these necessary changes requires awareness of negative patterns and their attachments - and then the focused discipline of your Ego mind to clear them. This chakra exercise is just one of the new human disciplines that help to restore that clarity of mind and balance to your entire energetic system. This is the time to remove all attachments to the external outcome and personal results and deepen your connection to the frequency of devotion. Where you vibrate now is where you will vibrate to when you leave your body, this planet or transfigure into an Ascending entity. What you decide now will impact generations. As I ‘re-mind’ and encourage often on the show - invest in the permanent part of yourself, get into relationship with your inner core spirit. That is your most important work and evolutionary responsibility at this time.

Imagine turning that emotional burst of imbalance to a life of dedicated service; you are the creator, you get to decide. When we really begin to uncover all the moments we have tucked away unfinished - unexpressed - unmet - we see a powerful potential of redirecting our lives from conscious awareness and service!


hi DeAnne,

Thank you for all you do ... the show is certainly getting expansive!! I love the way things feel...and i am 100% committed to my spiritual expansion first!! do you think the lower mind (ego) merges with the higher mind as we blend with our higher selves??


oh I absoLUTELY do!!! that is the process -

HOW LONG THAT TAKES and how arduous - THAT is the wild card!!

My Dear DeAnne

I would like to ask one favor from you my sweetheart you are so intuned with the energy these days can you help me discern something (listener provided a well known name and website here) he says first contact is coming soon and new governments and nesara announcements the reason why i asked you t0 check out this information because i know for a fact right away you will know if it is true or not and you can give me positive feedback on this information. I know you have been very busy and i don't mean to bother or intrude but i knew you could help me i love you so much you bring me so much joy every time I listen to the show i am so much in love with you you are wonderful i really mean it sincerely

joshua h.

Dear Joshua,

Thank you for the kind words and the "seeing" into the heart of this intention. I walked away and into nature after reading your email... and felt an effortless - no mind response from the Shining Ones and the Earth and the Highest realms of Intelligences.

"If you feel fear, are in fear, or are being given information that is fear based - you are out of the integrity of your center. It is this imbalance that can and will cause situations of fear and chaos to enter and influence your reality."

Yesterday, I was driving home and was flagged down by this woman who lives in my neighborhood. She is on the new human mailing list and so, shares in the energies and expressions I send out. She wanted to TELL me- all these things her mind was engaging with and get my response to them. She quoted a pleiadian channel that is on the web - cited the predictions of Richard Hoagland, brought in the fact that Dick Chaney has a new book.... and several other websites she gathers information from. Her "excitement" and amazement was how ALL THESE sources were saying the same thing - and that she had begun making an "exit plan" with food storage and what not - because something EPIC is going to happen before September 26th.

I listened, I smiled allowingly and held space for her - but I ALSO observed the energy of her mental body. All the energy - all the information she was accessing - was in the mental plane. I noted within me that not only did I not have any awareness of the information she was sharing.... but that she very much reflected a level of consciousness and participation of awareness that MANY are in at this time. And that by being there and expecting, vibrating as if it were true - it could very well be hers and the many's experience - but it will not be mine. And it is not the highest probability of Light for our planet or humanity - at this time.

The really important point to note here is that she was gathering correlating information- that it all said the same thing - because of where she is vibrating - - not because it is necessarily true! That is the tricky thing about the lower vibrating self – it does not comprehend that it not only creates its own worst case scenarios, but walks willingly right into them – thinking itself justified every step of the way. This is the very definition of what it is to live an unconscious life. It is not wrong or less than any other choice the human species can make. Yet, we are empowered now to choose differently, as empowered and potentially enlightened new humans, living from the awareness of the heart, chosing from the frequency of love.

I do feel disclosure is near.... but there is not fear around it. Humans will create the hysteria if there is any.... the drama, the chaos. It is a construct, thoughtform we seem so determined to perpetuate. I use to follow Nesara - years ago - but it just became another stagnant use of energy - because they are always on the edge of what “will” happen - with very little Consciousness directed to NOW. Spirit lives in the NOW!! Higher Consciousness communicates directly TO THE NOW MOMENT. Consequently, there will be people who experience the mayhem and dire predictions they believe in - BECAUSE that is their perception of truth. And yet, as the Guidance resoundingly expressed to you in the opening lines of this email - " if you are in FEAR of any kind - doubt, questions, etc - LEAVE that source of information and the individuals involved and begin to trust your own Soul. You must go within! Pull OUT of the linear influence and work to get your information direct from Source - VERTICALLY! You are empowered now to do so! Then you are always safe. Then no harm can come to you and you will ALWAYS be provided for and ALWAYS see clearly - the way ahead.

Trust in your heart. Befriend stillness. Cultivate Devotion and FEEL THE ENERGIES of the show Joshua - they ARE your own reflection and highest potential. We get to BE who we are now, eternally - which is POWER (right use of) Wisdom, Freedom and Eternal. You are the CREATOR!! Decide which dream experience you are ready to wake up from now.... and which level of remembrance you are ready to STEP INTO!!

Then don't look back!

With LOVE~


Hello Jessica,

As I tune into and hang out with you...

it comes to me that you have, indeed, done a lot of work. But you have done this work in isolation, which can then delegate the energy and information gained, to the mind. To know something intellectually does not necessarily transform personal experience and reality... unless there is an integration and ACTION PIECE.

After our connection earlier this week and the questions you have asked me ongoing~ I just encourage you to consider that you are still in seeking mode versus truly receiving and employing these new energies to CHANGE your environment; inner and outer. It is just not possible to learn a 'tool" for the mind and practice it in isolation, without actually bringing the INTENTION for real change into your daily reality.

There are significant changes occurring in your cellular matrix, energy field and new brain. Shifts and alterations that you understand... yet your voice is not strong in expressing the power you have to transform. You know in your heart that the current flow of your relationship is not really flow at all - you and Matt are living 2 different lives. The roles you are each engaging are not wrong or without merit - but they do not reflect the consciousness you are waking up to; that of Co-creative Union and a balanced partnership. Right now, your relationship is vibrating a lot of old paradigm. You must be able to trust your connection and love enough to set new perimeters around your family life. It will continue to drive a wedge between you and Matt if you do not share in the parenting of your children in a more balanced way - and continually find time for the two of you to deepen your connection... as we are all changing rapidly each day from within. You currently have a lot of old structures bouncing off of new ones. You and Matt have created a new family in a short amount of time. Equally so, you have big dreams about your future. Yet, there is only this moment, how are you cultivating your connection right here, right now? There are things you know, for you are wise and a seer - yet you get caught up in the PATTERNS that have formed out of separation versus connection. When we talked of new ways for you to communicate that are inclusive and without the need for either of you to get upset - YOU KNOW THESE SKILLS. You just need to bring more consistency and clarity, which is a discipline FOR YOU.... to the interactions and intentions of your daily reality.

My greater Intention and work with you at this time.... when we are communicating as Light versus mentally, with mind... is to expand the space around you, encourage you to give more time and stillness to Jessica - so that you can feel into your wisdom better and feel the power you have to create harmony and join everyone together in peaceful co-existence. It does not serve to practice techniques if you have chaos and disconnection happening in your daily reality between family members. All must be brought into the Light of Transparency. You must be transparent in who you are, thus giving others permission to do the same. All focus must be on COMMUNICATION - expressing what you feel and NEED - time for deep breaths - and then recognizing the patterns that no longer serve you or your family dynamic.

The drive to read and gather and learn, learn, learn intellectually is a very deep groove in the Collective psyche - that there is something to 'achieve' - and we must work very hard to get there! Waking up and ascending IS our natural state, it absolutely does and will come naturally - AS WE create the space to disengage the consciousness that covers it up! The light, love, our Soul, the subtle worlds.... these things never leave us, are not lost to us. We are just entrained to the conditioning and focus of the conscious thinking mind - which then over-rides the true awareness.

You say that you don’t have time to meditate yet you feel the longing for it???

Well - I rest my case! J About the power of the egoic mind to keep you in the loop of insanity - in busyness! Meditation - a state of no mind, stillness, is as natural to you as the breath. That statement is your ego saying - I AM IN CHARGE! The egoic mind is dependent on the material world - that is where it gets its power and validation. Stillness is VERY SCARY to the conscious thinking mind - your personality aspect - because stillness helps you to remember and peels back the veils of separation! That is a HUGE threat to the ego's world! Listening to your inner desires is an essential step in realizing the mystery - shining light into the void. To stand outside of a desire and see it as "other" or not possible??? is to deny the Light ITS expression in you.

Focus your intention and decide on a time that both feels good - and is "doable" within the context of your reality! If you choose a time that is too much of a stretch or that you cannot be consistent with - the ego will sabotage your efforts. Which then deflates your confidence and resolve! The mind will keep you in separation, yet if you put these disciplines to practice – ACTION - the –re-membrance will open your field once again to receive what is already yours… peace, power, light, love and a bright service to gift to this now.

Again Jessica - your egoic mind will keep you going round and round - thinking that peace and abundance is outside of you and something you have not yet achieved. The conscious thinking mind is lazy, makes excuses and basically is never satisfied. That is its role - and it plays that VERY well! The key to receiving, is being present. Being present is a state of no mind! A state of no mind is the discipline and devotion of SETTING ASIDE time for that which is Eternal and sustains you! If that simple task cannot be accomplished - then we are really not ready to let go of attachments and be responsible to our Spiritual destiny!

Trusting in Self, in what you feel and know to do comes from developing a relationship with Self! Developing a relationship with Self deepens with consistency! You will NOT DOUBT the voice of your Spirit - the feeling and knowingness is undeniable - powerful and DIVINE!!! But, that cannot be achieved with mind - and certainly not if there is no devotion to the very thing you say you want. You will know and come to trust your Higher Self and the communications from the subtle worlds.... when you create the space to do so! When you are ready to be in that space, there will not be excuses or justifications – your actions will effortlessly meet your intentions and desires.

It is time to get in touch once again, with Jessica - ALL that you are feeling, needing, experiencing - and be really honest with that!

Here is a little exercise you can work with that is really powerful!

Whatever the thought or emotion you are exeperiencing, you must first WELCOME IT, versus resisting. (not having time for Self is a form of resistance to the Light) Express - “you are welcome here thought… you are welcome here emotion, words, memories, you are welcome here fear” – and just be really present to what you are experiencing. Practice stepping into the Observer and into your Center, which are one in the same. You are welcome here. Watch it. Observe it. Now, allow yourself to get closer and embrace fear /anger/disappointment/sadness, etc in whatever expression it has chosen. Give it light and love, and allow it to exist. Thank it for whatever job it had for you, for being with you for however long. Now, release it into Oneness. Allow it to go free, back into Source. Then Breathe deeply... As you breathe in, breathe in light and love. And as you breathe out, allow that light and love to go to and fill the space where fear/emotion/thought used to be. Now, simply breathe deeply and slowly. Breathing in light and love, and as you breath out, allow that light and love to expand throughout your body and out into your environment. Next, scan your body from your toes to your head and see if there is any of that emotion is left. If so, repeat the exercise straight away. If not, you can use your list to repeat the exercise, or end now by opening your eyes and having a good stretch.

Your greatest discipline right now Jessica, is to develop a new relationship with time - - that is more CONSCIOUS. I honor that you and Matt are saving for a house and have wonderful dreams about your future.... but that is secondary to clearing and strengthening your family unit NOW!!! That you all feel safe. That you all feel peace. That you all feel as if you matter within the context of the Whole.

This is the energy of transformation you and I are taking on, together, each day. For the highest good of all!!

With Much Love, DeAnne

2 quick questions from listeners:

What are your feelings on dairy? I know they not the best for your body n there not very good for the animals but there a regular part of our diet n cheese is addictive!!


Dairy is VERY HARD FOR THE BODY TO DIGEST!!! in general - ESPECIALLY so for working with and attuning the light body! I eat no dairy - haven't for many many years! I LOVE all the "milk" alternatives there are... just so much delicious options that are good for the body, health and vibration! Coconut milk is a favorite - almond, rice, hemp - they even make a chocolate hemp that is divine, I bet the kids would like! There are some really good cheese alternatives as well - you just have to play around with them and MAKE A DECISION!!! to pivot away from the dense, energy clogging effects of cheese! I do not miss it really - and because my diet is fairly clean ongoing - if we go to my FAVORITE - REALLY QUALITY homemade pizza place once every month or two - I will get the Greek Pizza with spinach and goat cheese without guilt or protest from my body! It is all about balance!! Think on that!!! You KNOW THE THINGS that will bring balance and harmony to your reality - it is just a matter of the devotion and WILLINGNESS TO CHANGE!!

DeAnne, your connection to the earth seems so supreme and true – and you speak a lot of the oceans and the waters of the earth all being connected. How can I begin to make an energetic connection with that big chunk of water – what do you think is a good way of doing that!

Thanks! xx

Go and sit with her (the ocean) breathe into the heart and invite her in - run your hands ( feet, whole body!!) through the water and just imagine that your light body is the same liquid as her body! (If you do not live near a large body of water, you can connect with any water, a river, stream, lake - and instantly tune into and connect with the oceans of the Earth, as well.)

You take it from there.... Water is a living consciousness – an organism of intelligence we have only just begun to tap into as a resource of future earth communities and technologies!

Any question you can ask??? you know the answer to! Play around with that - it can be a real eye opener and mind expander!

The New Human (c) 2011