Tuesday, August 20, 2013

It Is Decision Time

       New minds, new bodies, new hearts~ everyday a choice, every day love. 
                                  The New Human Paradigm                            

Beyond all the details in individual lives -this now is a big WOW in how energy is moving in general, to what end and how it is affecting people from every walk of life! It is decision time for humanity! I was working with someone today and got into some really deep spaces of understanding and articulation around 2013 and what is happening in our world at this time. Up through the end of 2012 - the energies were really buoyant and there was a lot of additional lightness because of so many focused on 2012 and what changes it would bring. In a way, there was a false "sense of hope" because so many were projecting what they "HOPED" would happen and change… all the while, the majority not really changing lives and self, letting go and trusting to the degree that was/is necessary to step into the new atmosphere and reality. And now here we are in 2013 - and it is like the training wheels have come off the bike and who is really ready/capable of riding the bike and holding the energy of the higher spaces on their own?? 

The Old Paradigm energy matrix is really grungy, ghetto-ee like in nature right now and for those who are not reaching into and incorporating the spiritual into their lives, it is an even greater struggle to keep "up" and find balance - lots of reverted behavior and attitude. It is not surprising to me at all that many relationship issues are currently amplified because conscious or not, everyone’s energy matrix is speaking volumes about core intentions and beliefs at this time. I am seeing energy fields in a combative state as couples and various family relations attempt to go about “business as usual.” Wave upon wave of transparency is setting communication up for “near miss” scenarios  - imagine speaking directly to someone or they to you in the way you always have – expecting the moment to be the same as it has always been - and yet your energy shoots right past the intended recipient or vice versa because you are each in completely different streams of energy. Neither is right or wrong but it is for each to find a center in this now and truly see life for what it IS (not what it was) and what it is truly communicating to you. Because the new energy is increasingly loud and clear! It is important to understand and really take inward that much of what is going on in misfire communications and relationship challenges is not about the identities present but the ENERGY present! In one recent scenario with a client it was clear to me from a vibrational assessment that what was going on between she and her partner was way bigger than what each person was expressing and demanding. It is not uncommon, especially in long term relationships for one partner to begin to wake up and stretch the parameters of former agreements while the other is perfectly content to remain in the old story with everything staying as it has always been. And again, one is not better or lesser, right or wrong. But there is a very real lobby going on for energetic authority! Beyond ego and the need to be right or fear of not being seen and loved – this is a matter of bringing in the Light to every scenario or allow the shadow and density to remain.

So the position to view these instances from is whether or not new is being allowed in and the feminine balanced with the masculine dynamics. Be very discerning in your reality and relationships about what is amenable to change and what is unyielding! In many such scenarios I witness individuals still negotiating with their adult relationships the same container of energy that has influenced them since childhood! It is for each individual to decide to play a new role and when! It is for each of us in this expansive moment of human evolution to get off the fence of old identity and decide who we want to be and then STAND UP FOR THAT – BE VIGILANT about archetypal dynamics that are old and dark energy because relationships that remain in old agreements ultimately help to hold the old masculine/feminine suppression on the planet in place. This can absolutely be present even and especially so with those you hold most dear. Again, see your current interactions not as between identities but between ENERGIES and levels of consciousness. Consciousness that the Light has not come into will cling to old stereotypes and societal grooves as if life depended on it. And in a way, it does. Be fierce in your devotion to the evolution of your own Soul and you do much to assist in the evolution of the many. Only you can decide you are now ready and deserve more than what has been. Unchanging dynamics and the perpetuation of old roles and agreements will eventually create disease in individual and entire lineages! 

There is a lot of Guidance present all around and in each moment – energy beckoning us into new, into deeper trust and profound levels of intimacy with new and emerging tribes. There are many people at the same "go for it or stop playing at it" fork in the road so to speak. I have a single mom (about the most precarious and in need of safeguards predicament - egoically) who has been in a management position in retail for years and last month the owner of the company decided to do a complete overhaul of the business and fired everyone - including single mom!! (she has a 4 year old and the father has never been any support). Now, if ever the egoic, conscious thinking mind was gonna freak out - it would have been this scenario with every reason to justify it! But she is just NO LONGER THERE, consciously! I have worked with her for 2 years now through a lot of growth, upheaval and admirable transformation and she did not miss a beat! She said to me that clearly it was time for her to move on - and she had known this on some level… yet where she was had been easy and known and a paycheck she had gotten use to. She understood this latest tumult in her reality as the Universe doing for her what she couldn't do for herself and jumped right into creating her “what next!” She made business cards and a website around this really unique idea and niche and is COMPLETELY high on life. The majority of people do not realize that the greatest security and extended life measuring stick there is - is to be high on life! Love what you do - do what you love. She had NO IDEA what was coming or a plan about what next - but when the space appeared - a new part of the brain kicked in that includes the imagination and inspiration and passion. NONE of which are present when we wake up and go to bed each day with the gravity of a backdrop of sameness. What do the Shining Ones continually, with compassion, consistently remind - clear the way and the way will be made clear!

The old energy, old masculine paradigm is a very entrenched, regimented, uninspired and ultimately fearful expression of consciousness and energy. If it has any power at all it is its history in keeping humanity bound and disconnected from the Creative Heart. Make no apologies when you encounter this dense, stuck energy; neither judge it or try to change it for that is not your work to do! Your work is to shift forward in your desires for your Self and this world – your work is to discover your Soul and deepen that communion here on Earth. There will be those that will lash out at the Light you are stepping forth into, all the while entrenched in blame and the need to feel sorry for themselves. To wake up and grow and create new life in these times is to be really sober and honest about the immediate and long-term impact of these old agreements on the journey of your Soul. You can choose to remain in what is and has been or step out on behalf of the Light, of humanity and Earth and your SELF. IT IS DECISION TIME. Each person has free will to decide anything they want - but each MUST DECIDE. “Do I want my remaining days of life experience to be 3D - or am I ready to BE my 5D expression and Light?” The choice is NOW!

The New Human Paradigm 2013
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