Friday, April 19, 2013

Claiming The Self, Shifting The Authority In Our Lives

Authority Authority Authority – who do you answer to in your life and for what reason? We are in a Grand Shift that ultimately asks each of us to re-consider the idea of authority in our individual life and in our world. The structure of power is changing on our planet, a new grid is forming and humanity has the very real potential of reclaiming their sovereignty and freedom. I recently did a mini-reading for a listener to the New Human Paradigm that reflects the shift from mind to heart, from fear to trust and from victim to empowered creator; a pivot the whole of our species is confronted with at this time.  From the question to the spiraling wisdom within this New Paradigm response, there is something of value here for the many as we step up once again into new levels of authority and self-responsibility for our lives!

Question: Can I totally heal my health problems; skin, mental health. Also - insomnia - which I started taking sleeping pills for and the side effects are nearly as bad as the pills. I have been doing primal therapy for some years - it's about accessing early trauma and reliving it for health. I started accessing my birth and the feelings are horrendous and very difficult to feel. These feelings on the rise cause the insomnia and some panic attacks. I'm not sure I can go through with this therapy - it's extremely difficult and expensive. I am looking for a way to heal from another state of consciousness. I would like to know if that is possible.

New Consciousness reflection:

When you sent the first email with the question about your health~ I felt such a strong presence and authority around you~ guides, ascended masters and of course, your Soul. I got immediate feedback to reflect to you that your question sounds as if you are wanting "psychic" advice. That is the first place you are losing energy and power - which opens you up to dis-ease of body and mind - as well as attracting old paradigm healing methods? As a listener to the show, you are aware we are shifting to a New Paradigm of consciousness and energy as a new reality on Earth. Much of this phenomenon is happening via the earth's movement into a new solar system and alignment with the Galactic Center. New atmosphere for Gaia - new atmosphere for humanity - with is directly affecting DNA. BUT - and this is a significant BUT - this shift and upgrade of body, mind and spirit to a new humanity is a PARTNERSHIP - it is a co-creative process that we must give our conditioned selves over to, THAT is the way out of the illusion and back "home". Home is the remembrance of the True Self, Authentic Self - along with the mastery, wisdom and innate power of one who is whole and Eternal. 

The Old Paradigm is penance, struggle, suffering and fear. Panic attracts and even sleeplessness reflect attachment and fear. The therapy and "steps" to healing you described are in many ways - part of the Old Paradigm, as well. They have been around a long time - I've experienced them my self to a minimal degree and over 2 decades ago. That is because they reflect a time and phase of awaking that we have moved vibrationally beyond. These methods were important at one time because we did not have the light frequency or dimensional support system in place that we do now. A new grid is activating within our earth and in you! However, if your personal identity – Emma aspect has history or fear, memory or belief that are tethered to the past - if you continue sending energy OUT of your physical and light body, seeking the thing that will heal you and set you free - you are communicating to the UEF (Universal Energy Field) your guides and Higher Self that you are still attached to  - in belief of experiences and situations that render you powerless. 

Karma is no longer relevant nor present in the New Paradigm - the energies now anchoring as a new earth environment. To go into your past and dredge up horrendous events that took place when you were a different consciousness and with less awareness and light than who you are today - is not only not the best use of your time, it can be detrimental to your emotional, mental, physical and mental well being. It would be like pouring black ink into a glass of living waters. Whereas the New Paradigm discipline and intent is to begin with the glass of living water - your vessel as living light. And then to begin consciously and with intention and authority - shifting every facet of your 3D reality to reflect this LIGHT. Do you see the difference here - the different use and understanding of energy. The new human consciousness reflects - I AM only Light  - I am already whole, in perfect health, a powerful creator with a life that reflects joy and abundance. Then that same new consciousness looks honestly at every corner and pocket of the reality around it - job, relationships, diet and how the body is nurtured and cared for, how one's energy is invested in regards to biological family and social activities, time in nature and and stillness - running energy TOWARD service and away from past debts etc. Then the question becomes, “How can I keep the glass of living water clear - what needs to be LET GO and what can I pivot my time and energy toward to MAINTAIN LIGHT?” Because reaching BACK into old debt and belief and suggested karma  - is both exhaustive and cuts off the endless supply of these new light frequencies. One practice shows you more shadow - the other, more Light. 

I do not doubt this therapy you are doing is resulting in insomnia and very real physical dis-ease. Primarily because it is counter-intuitive to the light and activation and remembrance waking up in you!! You have already partly answered your own question - which you are always empowered to do!! People think they do not receive guidance - but the greater truth is that solutions are often being sought through the old consciousness and understanding - the belief that answers are out there or that there is someone wiser or that one must suffer and create more debt and be stressed. Old Old Old. That this therapy gives you panic attacks and insomnia and uncertainty is GUIDANCE to SHIFT  - pivot away from that direction and use of energy!

Is it possible to heal and return to well being while feeling peace and being supported? ABSOLUTELY! But YOU have to be willing to allow that and relax your current energetics of engrained thought and belief, (which is like depriving the body of oxygen!) the "BUT" the egoic self throws up and then points to OLD, PAST experience to validate its limitations. You must acknowledge your part in perpetuating the old experience - and determine to LET THE OLD GO!! The fact your consciousness pivoted here to THIS light and frequency - speaks to your readiness to walk a new path of Self and belief. 

Beyond the words and considerations here - there is a lot of energy running on your behalf. NEW energy and invitation. Spend some time  - go into stillness and walk in nature with what has been extended. I feel sure you will have new questions to counter the ones you came to this moment with. Often times it is not that our questions are not being answered - it is that we need to ask NEW ones. Trust your Self and FOLLOW THE ENERGY - there is new support and possibility all around you. Step in the new direction!! 

Holding the Light High on your behalf,