Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Transition Transition Transition

Transition Transition Transition

This Lunar Eclipse and Solstice of June 2011 are serving to re-order false realities into meaningful understandings and new creative purpose. All attachments must go. As one world dismantles and shapeshifts outside of us, a new world emerges from within. Be sure and catch the June transmissions of the New Human on World Puja where I address the passages and opportunities of a greater possibility for our lives and this world. Everything is changing and you are brand new in the choices of your becoming!

The following are a few of the familiar “transitions” the many are experiencing and shifting within. The answers here are purposefully open-ended to leave the reader room to feel into and attune from within their own circumstances. Each question can be taken into much greater depth and detail, which I am happy to do in personal sessions and attunements.

Listeners write in with passages that we can all relate to:


Dear DeAnne,

My beloved Jojo (dog) is not so good today. Can't stand up today but has been OK until now??? This is very hard and I am trying so hard, without a lot of success, not to freak out emotionally. Need help! I don't want to cry and scare him but I am kind of a mess this morning.

Dear D~,

There really is no greater "test" for you and your Center, than your beloved JoJo! I TOTALLY get it and SEE that, and I am the same way with Blue!! What came to me from a no thought place today is that Jo Jo is about your emotional body - getting you OUT OF and empowered beyond it!

One of the highest level lessons in shamanism that I had to pass through energetically was that of mastering the emotions. If you observe and spend time with true shamans, you would think they have NO EMOTIONS, are unfeeling, uncaring. But when you begin to embody the essence ( which is innate in all of us, this indigenous essence and connection with the natural world) of what it is to be a shaman.... you can literally see that their energy remains always in their center - no matter what is passing by in the outer world.

Yet when the average, cultured, educated, society bred and "evolved" human of the 20, 21st century experiences anything "of the emotions" - drama, trauma, shock, fear, anger, devastation, etc. - their energy immediately goes OUT of their body and merges with the "thing" of the emotion. And you can only imagine, see, understand, what happens then. A person is not able to steward, think clearly, trust, heal, minister or be of any service - - - because they are not in a state of calm and composed - which is spiritual mastery. They are in a state of imbalance.

When I thought I was to move, would be moving to Europe in 08 - there was a possibility that Samadhi Blue could not go with me. The details of all of that is a long story. But what happened that was such a gift that I got to experience.... is that I had to surrender her to a greater love. I knew I was on path, I knew I was following devotion and commitment to the Light above all else - and so if that meant the time and gift of Blue in my life was complete, I had to trust that there was a greater love than mine that would take care of her. And I did.

Jo Jo is a spiritual aspect of you - - -there is no separation, you are one, in different forms. What needs to happen for both of you to be at peace from this moment on until whatever..... is for you to trust that. You will never be separated, because you are of the same essence and love. You must trust his love for you as well, his wisdom to know when his job in this form, is complete. I had the great gift a few years ago, within my shaman family, of being with a 17 year old cat when she was ready to leave her form. We each took a last walk with the creature - I carried her in my arms into the nature to say good bye and tell her all the things that meant so much to me about her - back inside, we were all surrounding her as she lay in a bedding of crystals and sage and music playing, when she took her last breath. Of course there were tears, but they were not the ugly, devastated, emotional body tears - but tears of peace and trust and gratitude. NOW!!!! the really cool thing is that before Shanti left, we all communicated to each other, the "humans" to the "cat" and vice versa.... that Shanti would come back in within 6 months of her passing - to be part of this same family again... because we all still had a lot of work to do and felt she was to be part of that. And Dianne - - I kid you not - Shanti CAME BACK IN, in the body of a kitten, new and agile and sassy - but the EYES!!! and even some of the markings were her!!! This cat IS Shanti!!

So, see, life is not finite with sharp edges and abrupt endings. Life is a beautiful flowing spiral.... and we are all each others spiritual aspects within different expressions of consciousness and energy! We must increasingly, as an evolving species of Light and Mastery, move into the re-membrance that it is both limiting and defeating to live in the world of attachment - - because then we are not free to experience a deeper, cosmic, eternal love. I will be right here with you whenEVER Jo Jo decides to transition... and that is all that it will be, a transition.

When you are with him you must vibrate and share the energy with him of all that you have been to each other.... and by all mans, if it feels true - talk to him about returning. YOU WILL ABSOLUTELY know his plans, in his eyes! There is no sadness, no one is "dying or going anywhere" - yet we are all evolving and to evolve, is to go to continually higher spaces and expressions of existence!

This energetic was beautiful to experience..... I am in gratitude to the Shining Ones and higher love for this sharing that will benefit the many!!!


Hi DeAnne,

I am gifted with a family and husband that offer infinite in-the-moment homework opportunities. :) When I attempt to share something (nothing controversial) they walk away mid-sentence, start speaking to one of the dogs, or talk amongst themselves as if I don't exist. It's become comical to me. It's as if a switch has been flipped, their attention immediately is drawn somewhere else. I used to speak up as I thought they couldn't hear me, but haven't had that desire to further engage for a while now, instead I just walk away. As outside circumstances continue to amplify, they erupt in fear and anger and are very attracted to the news. I'm not and just walk away. I instinctively don't feel the need to participate anymore. I realized that I am disengaging more and more and turning inward. I spend a lot of time alone, although I don't feel lonely. Although it doesn't feel like it, and I'm not consciously doing it for the same reason, I wonder if it's similar to the man who dropped out of society in the 80's (you mentioned him on one of your shows). His reason - as not to be part of the problem. My reason - I'm attracted to go toward what feels better (more calm). Am I unintentionally creating separation?

Thank you in advance for any insight you can offer.


Dear CJ,

There is a chapter in The New Human called the Deepening. It very much vibrates in the same consciousness and paradigm of shift as this question. Though each Soul’s journey is different, there are certain phases in the path of the initiate that we all pass through - how you respond to this process is up to you, how quickly you want to move through the density and the determination of your interior to be the future now. We must understand that as we move through this quickening, each on our own level of the ascension spiral, that those who do not vibrate with us, cannot hear us and see us. It is not personal. They merely can only see the pattern and role of the person or experience they always new.

Often times when we are poised to make a leap, the familiar patterns get illumined in a new way - or some old energy shows up in our life, as if to say, you're not going anywhere until you are completely cleared of this piece. This comes in various forms from family members pulling, old dysfunctional friends reappearing, old patterns with new faces, body symptoms surfacing again, dark entity energy in our dreams, etc. It is almost like they ( as consciousness and energy) can sense the acceleration in you – which either demands they keep up or they will determine to hold you back. Because we have etheric threads that connect us, they pick up on it and want to tag along or simply say, "You're not going, if we can't come along". And yet, they cannot come unless they too, are doing the work and participating in the growth of their own awareness.

I remember in some of Jesus's teachings that he said at some point in your evolution, you will need to leave them behind, because they just cannot go where you are going. We talk a lot about this evolutionary pivot, self responsibility on the show, understanding that the new human consciousness of a new earth is a vibrational reality that not everyone will choose and come to know as home. Vibrationally and energetically it is impossible unless they have prepared the vehicle: new minds, new bodies and new hearts, all inclusive. The beloved master Jesus said it differently than that, but that was the point. It does take a lot of strength and courage to leave loved ones behind as you venture forth into unknown territory. Yet, this is Love, all the same; a free and evolved, unconditional love. When you follow Spirit first, turn to the Light and that devotion above all else, you are actually loving a higher expression of the very same person/persons that you perceive as separate from you. Love is a vast, infinitely more powerful frequency and force of transformation than we have begun to grasp at this level of the game.

We are still in a pack or a hive mentality and following a spiritual path is more of a seemingly alone direction, a return to the sovereignty of our being and mastery. We are moving, with courage and integrity, from lives where we follow footsteps to ones where we alone create them. This is the Template of a New Earth. There are always many factors to consider when choosing how to deal with these situations, our individual and collective karmic plate is pretty full and needs to be cleared so that it can lighten the load to make our ascension process possible. Not incurring new karma at this stage is much easier if one remains ever aware of their commitments and interactions with those around them. The vibration of LOVE that one carries is renewable moment to moment, so even if something or someone captures your attention for a while, at this stage you know that it can be the last time it does. Even with “family” contracts, we are often interacting with beings we have been in relationship with over many lifetimes and this is the lifetime wherein we have chosen, from a higher level of awareness and intention, to break the cycle.

As you know I am a sound healer, and I often take this sort of thing to music and transform it all into energetics, letting the music shift it, swirl it, blend it, chop it up if necessary; at the end of that I find much clarity can surface beyond all the goo that is tied up in it. Always use intention when you meditate, and take your concerns and stickiness into the 3rd eye – the Ajna – seeing the situation or being in the Light of Love. Use color … also, your voice – TONE!! Our voice is a metaphorical gateway to unleashing a new level of our power – use it, stand in it – vibrate and speak with the Authority of One attuned to a consciousness of LOVE and only love; for yourself, your family and the world! I do have a link for powerful sound healing music on my site – of which I am a co creator. The new human is a vibrational being awakening to the harmonic of a new Light on Earth and within the Cosmos!

We can talk about this stuff until we are blue in the face, but ultimately, all energy is looking for a higher implicate order to rise to, and we can gift us and them, that opportunity by shifting out of the analytical, yadda-yadda of it and seeing the energy dynamics from a higher Light and then taking our next step from that place.

Second Chakra Reset:

Dear DeAnne,

This is kinda embarrassing, but I want to ask... Is there something going on that I get sort of aroused while meditating? Weird?

Dear M,

Nothing to be embarrassed about – better to ask a question than to stay in the mind, which can create all sorts of havoc and illusion! Nothing is embarrassing to Spirit - everything just is.... it is "us" the mind, who defines and judges.

Your experience is NOT AT ALL unusual - it is new frequency - higher level frequencies. Everything is energy and vibration - the new frequencies of light are especially refined, pure essence, the higher they vibrate, most especially the frequency of LOVE – they can be very orgasmic. The body is experiencing it SELF in a way it never has before. As the veils lift and the density clears from the outer world, our bodies are transmuting dis-ease and a numbed participation with the world around us. I would just "go with it" if you know what I mean. Be totally there and 'communicate back' with your body, thru your body. Don't think, don't censor and judge - just allow. This is ALL ABOUT returning to your feeling nature, the feeling body - coming alive again from the many ways the human/physical aspect has been suppressed and denied in the second chakra most especially - CREATIVE SENSUAL PLEASURE Center. I would say this is a VERY GOOD THING!!! Thanks for being ok with asking!! :-) The light is moving through your field!! yippeeeeeeeeeee!

Clearing Space:

Hi DeAnne,

You talk a lot on the show about clearing space – I walked through my house and smudged… is that good enough?



Prayer of Intention for Clearing:

White Ceremonial Sage carries the highest transmutative powers and is most often used in sacred ceremonies and ritual. Get a good portion of it going in a conch shell or something similar.... using a feather to fan and distribute smoke. If you do not have a feather - you could ask Gaia, the nature for one.... and begin reinforcing that partnership and connection. There can be instant manifestation from one world to the next - when you take time to re-develop this Oneness.

With the sage lit, smoking - take a deep breath and call upon all light and only light to bless and empower your intention to clear your dwelling from all dense and shadowy energy. Intend to be a clear vessel yourself in seeing clearly the interactions and forgetfulness that are present in the routine of your family's world. Invoke the Shining Ones? Ascended Masters? The Star Nations? the Angelics? all of the natural kingdoms? and/or any higher realms supports and Light that feel comfortable and natural to you.... State that you have a prayer to send up into the unknown world and then ask that the unknown worlds of Light and Love infuse their energy and wisdom into the space inbetween the prayer.

I then walk through every room with the sage and feather - smudging all spaces, while reciting the following prayer. ( Feel free to mix up the prayer to your comfort and liking. It is different each time I say it cause I am FEELING the moment of what is present.) I intuit each room and am called to where energy is hung up. But if you do this ritual weekly, your intention will clear what you do not see.... and you will ALSO begin to embody the RE-MEMBRANCE of this ability, wisdom in you!

INTENTION IS EVERYTHING DL!! That and DEVOTION - in making the practices of Spirit - what is the norm in your world.

Dear God,

May this place be a sacred dwelling for me and those who come after me. May I and those who visit feel the peace I have received from you. May darkness not enter here and any negative energy from the past dissolve into light - the light of god that I call upon to shield me and this place from harm. May the angels bring their peace here and use my home as a haven of light. May I continue to grow strong in this place of healing - my sanctuary from the loudness of the world. My intention and heart are to remember ME, know ME, Love Me and set my Spirit on the path of orienting all of my reality, to Light. In so doing, I become a mirror for all others, to do the same. May my home, a sacred space, be used by you forever. May I be used by you forever. Any darkness that is here, take it from this place now. Any shadow that is hidden in me, reveal it and heal it dear god. I expect a miracle and am filled with thanksgiving for your answer to my prayers.

So Be It!

Now and Forever, Amen.

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