Sunday, February 17, 2013

Reaching Beyond

                            If you go where few have gone, you will find what few have found.
                                                                                                          Gautama Buddha

I have had this quote simply framed on my wall for almost 20 years. No matter what direction my life has taken or how many times I've moved, it has always had a prominent place in my surroundings. When I first came upon in in my early 20's, I don't think I fully grasped the depth of its meaning. But it spoke to me and haunted my thoughts enough that I had to return to the place I had seen it and have it as my own. Now, as I look back and witness the changes in my life path and in my self, I believe it served as a kind of clarion call for my spirit. The biggest thing I have learned is that life doesn't always have to make sense for you to know that it is right. By following the voice of my spirit, change has become a constant companion; change that involved territory completely different than the path and even acceptance of my birth family, change that has transformed my life from one that was expected of me to one that I created, change that gave me the courage and wisdom to work with at-risk kids and empower them to make changes within themselves that many thought impossible. And most gratifying of all, change upon change that has taken my focus off the material world and on to how I can be of service and make a return for the gift of my life. This quote carries the message of the everyday sacredness and uniqueness of each moment - a message to stand strong in the face of conformity and what has always been while believing in the divine mission of your Soul coming to this life to make a difference. In many ways, the essence of this quote has shaped the way I view and interact with people, as well. Often times, what we we initially perceive of a person, it is not who they really are. It is the projection of their life and circumstances and how others have treated them... manifested as that person's persona. I have found that if I take the time to really get to know someone, be real with them and let them see that it is safe to be real with me, then the initial impression that is so often seen by others drops away and reveals someone that is just as in need of compassion and understanding as the next person.

"If you go where few have gone"... with your life and dreams and gratitude and belief in yourself and the human spirit, not only will you find the treasure you seek, you will be so full that your light will shine for others still searching for their own.