Wednesday, July 4, 2012

On Independence and Sovereignty~

The spiritual journey is often times a lonely one~
yet as I journey across the United States this week leading into the 1st full week of July, I feel the radical shifts of early Summer 2012 deeply in my being and heart. The earth mother is singing a new song, the atmosphere around us has a new gravity and from deep within the rhythm of these new planetary harmonics, I am reminded "there is no reason to carry any of the old layers unless you just want to." As greater numbers of humankind awaken to a more  sovereign vibration of consciousness, many are passing through what may seem like an endless hall of shadow mirrors. Everywhere you look you see another and another, the conditioned self is trying desperately to outwit the eternal one! At some point, (and sooner than later for those devoted to spiritual life) we will be whimsically amused at the horrors we put ourselves through. 

On this day that celebrates independence as a nation of peoples, I invite you to consider not only what it means to be free~ but also to reflect on this humanity's movement from independence as a form of separation to interdependence and the co-creation of a new earth reality. If you read these words and are intent on listening to the reverberations expanding in your heart-space, know there are beings waiting for you - ones that you've agreed to share joy and creation and passionate existence with. Each and every one of you. It is possible to know much love within the chaos and separation here. And from someone who has known both sides of this equation, I can say not only is it well worth enduring for the sake of - but it really is our only option when all is said and done! 

As you gaze into this beautiful sunset of a journey from Albuquerque to Asheville, Venus bright in a 4th of July hued sky - ask yourself; how can I engage and live a new level of independence this mid-summer holiday? Greater still, what small measure of my daily habits and perception might I shift from a conditioned exclusion to Universal inclusion and gratitude for ALL peoples, ALL experience and ALL existence? How may I know my Self as a Shining One and live free from the turmoils here while embodying my greater service to humankind?"

There is a new fullness in the in-between spaces of what we thought we knew about existence and love…the reality I see and the song our beloved Gaia vibrates communicates clearly that the end of 2012 for our species will be inspiring and peaceful as we truly lay down our attachments to the conditions that have sacrificed our earth and her sentient beings. There is a Guidance at work in Galactic terms, a Guidance I speak of often on the show each week as we re-member how to reside in this New Paradigm for humanity. A transformation of profound things is at work, unseen for many years, yet it is in play. As the sun sets on one history and the earth star repositions herself in an infinite Cosmos, may we all find the courage and conviction to move with her into a new possibility of interdependent Unity, Oneness and Peace for our world. 

And so it is!
The New Human Paradigm (c) 7/4/2012