Monday, March 25, 2013

The New Human Paradigm

You are enlightened from the very beginning. Enlightenment is your nature. Enlightenment is not something that has to be achieved. It is not a goal. It is your Source. It is your very energy.

The March New Human show transmissions have carried a strong energetic and remembrance around instinct. Through metaphor and story, examples from day to day life and the shifting nature of reality itself – the Light of this New Paradigm emphasizes the importance of each individual going within and  trusting inner wisdom. This must be the first inclination and step if we are to expand in consciousness and energy to new existence and purpose.

I always appreciate the subtle yet powerful prism shift that occurs when viewing old belief through this New Paradigm. Here a few recent exchanges to share.

On Dis-ease and DNA!

Hi DeAnne

I’ve really been challenged by arthritis lately got it perhaps within the last five years, since she became a little more active. My younger sister got it around the same time as me, within the past year. DNA. I know there is the ability to correct this. I started drinking apple cider vinegar again and it has made a huge difference. Mom and sister don't get it that there are ways to help with this situation besides drugs and complaining ;-).

I have a lot of emotional baggage, self-image issues that at times seem to not want to go away. Yet, my spirit is up these days as my new motto is " this is the best day ever!" Sorta like Spongebob Squarepants.

I’ve also had the strong urge to channel. Reading a lot more,
about channeling and DNA. As always, I appreciate your insights.

Hi C.B.

You likely know the first thing I am going to say and that is your Arthritis has nothing to genetically do with your family's history - except in belief. DNA, as with all the functions of the physical vessel - are in perfect order. Without interference or alternate input from belief systems and foreign toxins - the physical body would not decay or age. What happens is that we observe and hear and make conclusions with the mind and it is the MIND that brings the faulty programming into the equation. This is why dis-ease seems to follow genetics - not because it is IN the DNA - the body and genes simply comply with thought and belief. This is REALLY important and something that there is no reason why you are not now TEACHING rather than being RE-MINDED of. As an evolving being - someone waking up to the illusion of the 3D reality - if your body manifests dis-ease - you are NOT someone's daughter or sister or granddaughter, etc - you are a spiritual being and your current vessel of transport is trying to get your attention so you can pull yourself out of a program and get back on course as conscious creator of your experience. Arthritis indicates imbalance around the vibration of blame, being a victim and feeling unloved. The physical body is communicating something that you - the identity aspect are not looking at or acknowledging and in this instance - it has something to do with the energies of resentment and criticism. 

And yet - you are NOT a victim. You did not inherent some genetic defect from your family history - your body is bringing attention to patterns that have, perhaps, been perpetuated in your lineage, with the potential of you stepping up from that bondage and owning your power as both healer and creator. 

It is wonderful that you are feeling inspired by channeled material - but there are 2 important points that as your vibrational coach - I am guided to shine light on here. First, to "channel" as it is understood in the New Age movement is to receive higher realms information, awareness and insight; it is to access, ground down and express wisdom that might not otherwise be accessible. In truth, all channeling is merely accessing your own higher mind, free from belief and conditioned thought. In other words, the egoic self, identity aspect cannot be present, the finite mind must be free - - - - and all former reference points of thought must be released. 

Secondly, you are one of THE MOST spiritually educated and certified people I know. Whatever challenges you have in advancing your light and or the fulfillment of your Authentic Self and life have nothing to do with the "something" you have not yet tried or acquired! So, when I hear from you specifically, knowing you as I do, that you are reading and getting excited about something "new" - there are concerns. The 3D activities and spiritual study you exhaust your body with and fill your time with are just more ways for the egoic self to hide and/or avoid creating real, lasting and meaningful change in your life. Once you trust yourself enough to STOP GATHERING - you and your reality will be SO FULL you won't have TIME to pursue the thing you haven't yet pursued. To honor the "light" you and and the gifts you already possess is to be always honest with you in this relationship. You just have to stop putting YOUR life on hold and get out into the new game of 5D manifestation and creation. Sure, it is unnerving (egocially) and there are no guarantees and no instruction manuals - but that is because YOU ARE THE ONE WRITING THE SCRIPT in this new reality. It is "ok" if you are not ready to jump in and live the new reality yet - but an important pivot piece is to at least get to the point where you can step outside of the veil enough to say –" NO MORE GATHERING - NO MORE SEEKING - I will be still and love the reality I am in and be fully present to it - until I am ready to accept full responsibility for my Self and the service I am here to step into!"

Be still and know. Be courageous and LIVE!! Truly live. You develop that skill as you go - it is an INSIDE JOB!! Nothing truly happens until you LET GO of the old and JUMP IN to the new!

With love,

On Healing the Earth:

{Note: the following is an email from a listener concerning the recent show about the water veins of the inner earth}

Dear DeAnne,

Thank you very much for your presentations on World Puja.
I listen to them often several times and have done for many years.

Tell me more about the water veins under the earth that are toxic. You need technical support. What about connecting with many groups all over the world who are concerned with water. 

I did a course in psychotronics, recently water divining included. I saw photos of the power of people praying. So groups have power. One person on our course, put hands around some ordinary water - after five minutes or so the energy of the water increased about a metre and a half. Apart from water, what about the electrosmog? Anyway I am here for service and I love nature. This means living simply in practice not theory.  

Above all this is huge thanks for all the energy you transmit, the work to prepare it, the sounds of the birds in the background, the music. I am Alex T. a small village in the Czech Republic

Dear Alex,

I have had an increasingly close connection with the waters on our planet for nearly the entire decade of 2000 - they have played a huge role in my own transformation and expansion, right down to a cellular level - and it has been several years now that I have felt the surface waters of the earth communicating  - for example being able to hear the consciousness of the pacific ocean in a small stream in the mountains of NC. What this is, of course, primarily communicating is that the water is all connected everywhere - that it is a consciousness and very much a part of us right down to the subatomic level. 

This latest awareness that I shared on the show came to me visually first - being shown the underground streams - but additionally I feel/hear Guidance around this concern as a gentle wisdom interceding with an opportunity for us to participate further in our own healing. As with all the new teachings and consciousness of this new paradigm - there is no alarm or concern we could mess up or get it wrong. It is about intention first and foremost. And then trust! Trust that even as the Mother or Shining Ones or higher realms communicate with me and I disseminate certain information or streams of light - so too is this happening with other individuals and groups all over the planet. It is not for us to get ahead of ourselves with concern over what is not being done - but for each to do what is ours to do - what the Guidance gives us with integrity, impeccable intent and love. Our intentions are uniting and will meet like the many streams connecting and intersecting all over the planet. 

Another piece that is important here is that the teachings of the new paradigm are not about instructing so much as opening a window or door, turning on the light in an otherwise dimly lit room. EVERY HUMAN on the planet at this time is endowed with immeasurable power, wisdom and intuitive gifts. No exception. We are all capable of truly seeing. As we let go of and stop living in the expectation of the old belief systems and conditioning - and step fully into our own light and responsibility as evolving beings - we begin to recognize that we have just what we need when we need it to transmute density to Light once again; be that in our individual lives or on the scale of the earth's waters. In many ways - each show I am anchoring a steam of Light and extending it to you, and you and you - to then go and extend and anchor via your own Guidance and intuition. 

I know the audience is vast in scope and reach and also consciousness levels - yet trust that each person receiving this guidance on the show will activate from their current level - and be guided as to where to take their individual piece in 
participation. "Start where you are with the consciousness of love and the intention of returning everything to balance" - and then pay attention! - because more will be given and more will come. This is the journey to the new consciousness. We ARE the many, retuning to One. In divine timing and right alignment and the unseen measures happening in each moment of each day for our world and planet - all is being returned to balance once again, all IS being made whole - and humanity is remembering the Unity we once knew as Universal Beings of Eternal Light.

Shining light into the small village you call home and welcoming you into the heart of these ancient mountains
in NC - USA!

With Much Love,

Conscious Awareness and Choice as Evolutionary Power:

Hi DeAnne,

At your suggestion, I have been purchasing consciously more and more, but where gasoline is concerned I have not intuited what is best.  Do you have an answer?


Hi Teresa,

Unfortunately, gasoline is gasoline. The only way to balance that is to use less of it - ride bikes and walk and use public transportation - be conscious of taking the use of a car for granted and use local, independently run stations. Avoid at all costs - BP, Shell, EXXON/Mobile , Chevron and Amoco - which are all linked. Use intention and be in gratitude for all your practices and choices. Never doubt the difference seemingly small, individual efforts can make in healing the whole. Hope that is helpful!


We are the One Heart in a world remembering its way home!
We are all going through vast change and unique expressions of upheaval and repatterning in our lives. You are not alone, no matter what your circumstance. One of the most helpful and transformative understandings to embody in this NOW is to embrace your experience, whatever it is, with all that you are. The mind will tell you there is something else or that you belong some place else or that you could have a more fulfilling experience “if only.” And yet, that is just more story. When you follow the mind into illusions of what is missing or not yet perfect – your entire energy field contracts and you create resistance to the very thing you think you are missing. As you are able to LOVE WHAT IS – to LIVE THIS MOMENT as if it is
already perfect and with everything you need, you send out vibrations of gratitude and contentment to the reality around you, near and far. And nothing is more powerful than that posture and understanding. There is so much the mind, egoic aspect cannot know about the greater existence that is always in process in each moment. As you can allow, surrender, let go and give your whole self to the life that is before you, your greater desires and dreams will be revealed. It can be no
other way. This is the shift to the new consciousness.

The New Human Paradigm 2013