Sunday, November 24, 2013

Commanding Your Energy Field

You are a sovereign being -
all energy begins and ends with you.
The New Human Paradigm

As the conscious thinking mind begins to awaken and reconsider itself in the surrounding environment, the 3rd dimensional reality will appear increasingly chaotic, disorienting and abrasive, at best. It is not uncommon as the human aspect "lightens up" to become progressively uncomfortable in certain social settings and to find activities that were once enjoyable and even sought after to become increasingly undesirable. The initial instinct is to retreat and it is important to listen to and honor these inner promptings, even as you recognize that nothing outside of you is any different. It is your own radiance and light body that is quickening and requiring different and new sustenance, stimulation if you will. Yet, this experience is a transitionary phase of the Ascension Process. As an evolving being you are always moving on a trajectory, ever expanding. The main objective of today's blog is to shine light on this current phase-time of humanity's growth and maturity as a species, which is all about integration and reunion! The 3rd dimensional consciousness will isolate and find clever ways to justify more separation. But, for the personality aspect to continue to merge, once again, with the Soul, all efforts and choices pertaining to one's personal and thus Collective Path, must rest in Unity Consciousness. 

The great thrust of this shift to 5D and new roles within the human dynamic is your ability to experience reality from the inside out versus the outside in. This shift requires your conscious awareness and participation. Our work at this time is to be a vessel, conduits for the Light, as it continues to anchor onto the Earth plane. We have spent the last 25 years as a species gathering tools and remembrances that have afforded us the opportunity to hone our skills in shapeshifting and becoming Light, once again. It is for each individual to work with the Light body from a level of personal responsibility through ongoing changes to diet, working with sound, deepening the human connection to nature, time in stillness and devotion, while simultaneously refining your choices in relationships, work and service to reflect Unity and transparency versus conformity and duty. Understanding and working with energy through the various aspects of your 3D reality will enable you to integrate and assimilate these new energies at a quickening rate. And this is important, because the light quotient you bring into your reality and experiences is what empowers you with the ability to command your environment versus being governed by it. 

The Shining Ones, Masters of cellular activation and heart consciousness, teach that we are powerful enough to stand in the midst of utter deconstruction on every level and remain unscathed, unaffected by what is dismantling and in dense vibration. So, discernment becomes a trusted companion in determining what experiences are no longer serving the trajectory of your personal reach - and which ones are for you to shine your light into versus retreat from. It is not the nature of the Light nor your Eternal Spirit to impose energy upon any circumstance. As consciousness and energy, we bring our Light with us into every circumstance with the intention of Love, not more will and conformity. And again, 5th World vibrates acceptance, allowing, an invitation extended without expectation. Take care that your decisions about your environment are not vibrating judgement or avoidance, for then that environment will simply recreate itself at other places and times for you until you feel the peace of your Light, Santi, with you no matter what the experience you find yourself in. As we grow into the highest expression of our Selves as Sovereign Beings of  Consciousness and Energy, we will increasingly choose experiences that lift our vibration while understanding that ultimately, it is we who define the space we are in, always, with our Light. 

We are a species on the move, a humanity in transition. Going inward and communing with higher realms energies is as natural to you as breathing and equally important. But that activity must be balanced with the original intention to contribute to and co-create with the vibrational world. If you have circumstances in your life that are less than ideal, experiences you find yourself in that do not necessarily bring you joy, it is a reflection of the energy you are vibrating and the belief generating that vibration. Your outer experience changes as you do. Always. No effort. Just allowing and ongoing conscious creation. The two variables to consider in your repatterning of body and reality to Light are: what am I hanging onto in my outer reality, relationships, habits, old beliefs, societal constructs and obligation etc? As well as, the ongoing attunement of your inner reality through diet, sound, meditation, stillness, nature, creativity, wonder and joy. In this way, with this conscious walk through your everyday experience, your Light and personal vibration will serve as a buffer, a light-shield emanating outward that automatically overrides the discord of an unconscious and imbalanced reality. 


  1. Love this post. Resonate with what vibrates through and between the words. Synchronicity is that changes are unfolding such that I am now living amidst a rainforest, connecting deeper with seen and unseen worlds than ever before. Infinite appreciation for all you do, all you are. I am you and you are me. No separation. One love.

    1. raising that beautiful young one in a rain forest IS a true alignment indeed, Liara. Thank you for taking the time to comment - I appreciate and honor your reflections!

      With love, DeAnne

    2. I love and resonate with this message. As I move thru this I feel a seperation to 3D and see changes to love all around me. You are right, what is in our reality is what is vibrating within us and this truth is anchoring and setting me free. Being conscious and commited to the New Paradigm, One Love

  2. It takes a lot of vigilance to maintain that commitment to the higher Truths when surrounded by so much mundane Jeff, but I see you stepping into greater responsibility and leadership within the New Paradigm… you are definitely ON THAT PATH!! Love xo