Tuesday, December 31, 2013

On Fire, Feathers and Freedom

In a few, much anticipated hours, I will be welcoming the New Year with my first experience of fire walking. Seems wildly fitting to me as I, along with the rest of the world, prepare to leave the old behind ~ even as we aspire to a year of new. I have no hesitation around this experience that has presented itself to me much like an unexpected gift someone leaves on your doorstep. “Fires of purification” has been my constant mantra for the last few weeks - ever since adding my name to the list of others daring to defy the voice of reason that constantly burdens the fearlessness and trust of the human spirit. I revel in experiences that push the boundaries of my mind and allow me to deepen my trust of an Existence and Self so much greater than the limitations we so easily lend ourselves to on a daily basis. The closing of one year and the beginning of another has long been the cause of celebrations and traditions, some healthy and many not so much. But for me, each new year is an opportunity to renew my commitment to Life, to a purpose greater than the expectation of what has always been and to truly embodying the gifts the Spirit; wisdom, knowledge, faith, healing, miracles, prophecy and discernment in all things. In walking across hot coals, as with all the really great decisions I make in my life, I am “letting go” of the beliefs and perceptions that limit my experience here and saying YES to the opportunity to live a life beyond.
Tuning into the year before us, 2014 is in invitation to new levels of trust. There is no greater peace than that of living in a perpetual state of trust. That is not how we are conditioned  in the everyday scheme of reality on the earth plane. And yet, to realize the potential of our spiritual capacities and know the freedom of a life that truly belongs to us, this brand New Year of 2014 is about allowing, relaxing into who we are and trusting Creation. How much can you let go and trust your dreams and your heart and your lives to a greater power, a greater vision that doesn’t belong to this world but lives in you? How difficult is it for you to turn it all over, (whatever that all is in your experience of reality), to lift up your dreams and LET GO? If you are truly ready for it and prepare to walk through this New Year without attachment, then it promises to be a year of a very new type of manifestation and creation for each individual and for a new community of human family.

Indeed, the old third dimensional paradigm of greed, self interest, control and manipulation will not be tolerated much longer. Throughout history, we have seen the power of the people rising up against it – and that remembrance will continue. Whether we are walking onto fire or away from experiences that no longer serve us, a new year signifies new beginnings, fresh starts and the chance to wipe the slate clean. This New Year in particular is the beginning of a 20 year arc of magnificence wherein the old paradigm will be replaced by community spirit, ecological awareness, abundance consciousness, working for the highest good, helping nature, children and creativity.

Light a candle and create a sacred space to welcome in the New Year – and as you do so, contemplate the understandings of a New Paradigm for this humanity and world. It is a time for you to speak the truth with Love, to make your true feelings and beliefs known, to be your most Authentic Self without apology and to consider all your actions within the expanded context of a greater family of Light; of which you are a part. There is a new energy unfolding now, a feminine energy that is truly helping us to change our destiny. Allowing, forgiving, helping, joining together in understanding and community, making a commitment to either deepen relationships or to set those relationships free… deciding once and for all to let go of the struggle, anger, judgments and resentments of the past - this is the intention and consciousness leading us into this brand new year on Earth. Know that everything is always in Divine and perfect order, even as you commit each day to a new level of trust and service. Intend everyday to get to that new level of trust and service, within you.

Fires of Purification, a phoenix rising from the ashes of what has been, living in the Light of a very pure Faith, trusting the mystery, daring to set your Self free. As we each contemplate the strength of our individual and Collective Spirit this New Years Day 2014, open your heart to what is around you: without exception. All that is - is vibrating a new energy. And it is for us to be new in it.

One Love, One Heart, One Intention, One World~
The New Human Paradigm 2014

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