Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Take Time To BE

There is such an incredible amount of energy moving and new swirling within the old of what is changing in our world, when it came to getting a energy post out to you I have felt like I’m in a game of double dutch and looking for a place to jump in! If you have felt the velocity and verity and at times volatility of the spaces we find ourselves in, take heart, reality as we know it is no more and profound acceleration is upon us. We are on a runway taxiing at a fairly quantum pace into a new horizon. It is both exhilarating and petrifying, depending on what lens of Self you are viewing this shifting paradigm through. Because every potential and dream we have dared to dream is suspended in that new horizon just ahead – yet every comfort of known and conditioning, the things and habits that have always been are slowly fading from sight and our control as we venture deeper into atmosphere of a very new light radiance.

And speaking of new light radiance – have you noticed the changes in the Sun’s energy and presence? No, it is not just you and it is not your imagination. There is a new light emanating from this star at the center of our Solar System. The rays of light streaming to Earth from the Sun are noticeably different, there seems to be a new clarity and radiance present and this light is serving to illumine new directions, portals of opportunity, inspiring very new levels of visibility for those ready to BE THEIR LIGHT and share the voice of their Spirit with the world.

A truly profound analogy of the invitation being extended to us at this time involves the largest crystal storefront in the entire southeast of the United States, which just happens to be located in Asheville. For decades these crystals had been in storage, graciously guarded in safekeeping by an individual entrusted with their care. Within the last few years it became clear to the individual it was time to distribute the crystals out onto the earth plane. Initially, she thought to put them in an on-line store. But the crystals told her in no uncertain terms, “no, we wish to be reunited with our human counterparts and must be made available where we can be seen and touched and known fully.”

This story of Light emerging into new spaces is a beautiful metaphor for where our energy, our love and strong wanting, our talents and strengths need to be focused at this time. There is something of value and wholly necessary for each of us to do, to give and to be in this NOW. And it need not be complicated. Being your Self is the easiest, most joyful and rewarding activity there is to experience in this reality. It is trying to fit in and follow arbitrary rules and please other at the expense of ourselves that leave us feeling exhausted and drained of inspiration. The energy and support of Truth is on the side of evolution. As you dare to bring consciousness and transparency to the wheel of your every day existence, allowing the light into your thoughts, your choices, your relationships and work environment, your care of the physical body and your spiritual identity, you will find any remaining shadows dissipating just by virtue of the high of living your Truth.

As we move into a new month with the promise of Spring just around the corner, the momentum of change and new life is proceeding at an unprecedented momentum. The weather phenomenon of the winter just passed is simply more evidence of the reboot, cleansing and balancing underway for planet and species. The energy of control must be extradited from the living expansion of earth and species. Cling to nothing, trust Existence and commit your Self to know the God of your being even as you acknowledge the very rudimentary understanding this humanity has of God. All the forces of Love and uncompromising Light are intent on unplugging us from the old paradigm. In many ways, people are reaching the bottom of emptiness now. 2013 was a real initiation for many and whether we choose to now unplug ourselves from the triviality of it all or whether society begins to experience the very real potential of an economic fall – the objective is all the same. We must become a more autonomous, more clever, more innovative, inspired and defiantly independent society and World Family.

April, May and June will be very much like the experience of watching a time-elapsed photo of a seed becoming the fullness and beauty of the flower itself. Are you ready for rapid acceleration and opportunities to live the greater Truth of who you are? Can you answer that without hesitation? without condition? Are you willing to give all that you have to all that you can be? Every individual that chooses the journey to the New Earth has a higher destiny to fulfill. This is a time of non-negotiable spirituality and accountability as an evolving race of beings. If we are to mature and take on the responsibility of this New Era, we must make entirely new use of our capacities as creationary beings of Light. And that means changing the pace and purpose of our lives to ongoing moments of conscious choice, meaningful action, inspired creations and devoted service. Can you imagine your life as a living devotion? Because the intention of devotion over duty, mindfulness over obligation, joy over expectation, love over fear and conscious life above all else will be your greatest assets in navigating the unknown of the very new realities we are embarking upon. We must be willing in each moment of every day of our lives to accept responsibility for our thoughts, our feelings, our habits and tendencies and even our imaginations! Which are unlimited!
Realities are created! We’re doing it all the time. We must raise our consciousness – that is why we are here. And love ourselves enough to pivot unconscious habits to new and inspired creations, everyday!! UNPLUG yourself from the wheel! Get out into nature, find time to be with your Self, do only that which you can do with the complete joy of who you are, rest, nurture your body with living food and drink, engage the breath consciously and often, discover your passion, create with abandon, cultivate stillness, surround yourself with those who see you clearly and honor the Light you are, observe your reality objectively and remind yourself 1,440 times a day that everything in your life is the answer to your prayers. In the days and months ahead, THE INTENTION IS LOVE and only Love.
DeAnne Hampton 2014 © Interiorjoy.com

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  1. Powerful, DeAnne. Looking forward to" DeAnne Live". I feel the acceleration. What a ride!